Weird Dating Sites

Search of the partner in DNA, online rise to paradise and acquaintances for fat men. We collected the list of the weirdest dating sites in a world wide web.

Line for Heaven. Your way to Heaven online

If you believe in God and you want to get to paradise, it can be made at life and in a convenient online form now. Line for Heaven holds weekly competition for the users that in a digital format to bless each other with “karma points” (That is quite strange, considering that the concept “karma” was never inherent in avraamichny religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.) Weekly who has enough points, are accepted on “Heavens”.


When you join the site and you load the photo, the site generates to you “soul”. Then you gradually come nearer to God, scoring the “karma points” when “you admit sins, you participate in charity or you bless others”.

Thus “divine gate” on a portal are open for any religion, and the site positions itself as a portal for assistance of tolerance in all belief.

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Couple. Social network for two

Couple is weird dating site (and the app) are intended only for those who is in “the serious relations”. When you and your partner formed “couple” in the app, you are given opportunity to share memories, to plan the joint future by means of calendars, the list put, to look for restaurants and to stay in touch through “Thumbkiss” or “Live Sketch”.

Authors note that such social network really works only for those couples which are incredibly sentimental and like to participate in life of each other 24/7. According to information of the website, Couple during existence “tested” millions of users, but now popularity of service is doubtful.

Star Trek Dating. Search of the “space” interlocutor

If all terrestrial bothered you and people seem boring and primitive, or you simply the fan of “Star Trek”, can try to find to yourself the “space” interlocutor and the partner of any gender accessory on

The site in 2013 was created by the fan of the franchize Johnathan Byrd. Moreover, on this site the founder met the future wife. They got acquainted in 2 days after she was registered.

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Now the portal is part of group of the dating sites and services intended for admirers of comics and a fantasy. Similar dating services on the same subject of, Trek Passions and Trekkie Dating.

PheramorSearch of couple in DNA

It is the latest service in the list. In February of this year the American startup of Pheramor started a mobile application for search of couple on the basis of data of DNA. For $16 will send you a set for genetic material sampling of the house.


By means of the Pheramor test will analyse 11 genes connected with work of immune system. On the basis of these data the appendix will define a compatibility factor, however the crucial role will be played not by(with) similarity, but distinction of a genome.

Founders rely on a hypothesis according to which people prefer to meet partners, whose DNA considerably differ from their own. It is supposed that such union will give more healthy posterity.

The Pheramor app will also consider data from social networks and to select partners with similar interests. For the rest the program will work by the principle of the deytingovy Tinder service.

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Fat Bastard Dating. The site for those who has excess weight

If you already lost the last hope to find love, and you blame for it a body weight, even for such cases thought up a social network for acquaintances – Fat Bastard Dating. On an entrance it is possible to see quite primitive site of an old sample, however he still works.


“To be the fat freak doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely. It also doesn’t mean that you need to shape up to find the partner. If to you it is comfortable in your skin and you want to create the ideal union with the person who appreciates you the one who you are is, then be registered on “Fat Bastard Dating”. – it is told on the main page of the site. It is necessary to communicate there in English.

Mullet Pasions


You remember a hairdress, popular in the 70-80th years, “mallt”? Carriers of such beauty in the modern world even “awarded” with own social network. Therefore if you have such hairstyle, and you want to get acquainted with a man with a similar hairstyle, this site for you.

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