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The exclusive appointments web site for single men and women and single women in the ripeness

To find the love can be difficult from certain age, many solteros are scattered in an irregular way by different areas and perhaps never go so far as to find. The use of the on-line appointments also 50 have spread for the mature persons of more than 50, 60 years of the Solteros’ hand, a meetings network to be able to bring over the persons who look for an appointment in his ripeness.

Solteros-50 is the Spanish version of singles50, and it differs from others of appointments places in the profile of age on which it focuses. Here you won’t be able to register if you are a 40-year-old minor, therefore inside the platform you will only find men and women you mature how you.

Since it works

As in other places of appointments, Single 50 allows us to register a free profile, of easy form from the initial page, we will be following the steps across which we will refill a simple test on our personality and for what we look in a couple.


As soon as our profile of completely free form was created, we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the platform, raise a photo or complete more information on us to increase the possibilities of a contact. Since it usually happens in the appointments webs, to be able to the messages that we receive and uses all the functions of the platform read we will have to pay a subscription premium. The free profile will cost us like test to see the platform and to see the profiles of other persons to see if he convinces us and it is interesting to us to pass to the payment version.

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My Profile

Once inside the profile we can see the proposals of contact that suggests us the platform, visit the profiles that we are interested in where between another information we will be able to see the index of compatibility calculated from the test of personality, and if we wish it, send a message to the person that we are interested in


It is necessary to emphasize that solteros50 he takes very seriously our privacy and the information that appear. For example we can choose between showing our photo to all the users, or showing it blurry and we choose who we lead.

Solteros50 Gratis

Free functions

Since it is usual in the dating places, the free functions will allow us to know the platform and see that type of the people is inside but we won’t be able to reach the contacts. Principally we will be able:

  • To create a free profile
  • To realize the personality test
  • To raise a photo
  • To visit and to send messages to other profiles
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Account Premium

Payment functions

With the subscription premium we will be able to make use of the platform completely, between several options we will be able:

  • To see the clear photos
  • To send and to receive unlimited messages
  • To read unlimited messages
  • To see who to visited your profile
  • To add contacts proposals to favorites


Solteros 50 hasn’t of app in the strict sense since his adaptive design to mobile devices does that the web could be used perfectly from a smartphone or iphone.


Solteros 50 Prices

Prices subscription premium

  • Prove it: 3 months to 29,90€ the month
  • The most popular: 1 Month to 9,90€ with renewal of 3 months to 29,90€ the month
  • The Best Offer: 6 months to 19,90€ the month

last prices update June, 2018

Bear in mind that to give an uninterrupted service, the subscription premium is renewed automatically by what you will have to be attentive if you want to cancel your subscription to do it in the term before the automatic renewal takes place. Likewise bear in mind that the form of one month to 9,90€ includes the renewal of three months to 29,90€. The renewal period you will indicate the period on having subscribed according to the form that you choose.

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Solteros 50 Opinions

Solteros 50 is a simple web of interface and that centers on the profile of the mature people to whom it speaks. Of the creators of other places like Be2 or Solteros at Level and of other versions on a global scale, the functioning is quite similar to the same ones. As snag we are some paragraph without translating of English in the questions and answers of help, which is a detail of that they should take care. Otherwise the same record doesn’t allow to discharge the minors of certain age for what we mustn’t be afraid to find other profiles different from those that the web of mature solteros announces.

To the being the free record, you can create an account without worries simply to see as it is the platform and the profiles, they won’t ask you for any compromising fact. Later if you always like you can happen to premium or not, according to your criterion.

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