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Numerous users of apps and services for dating, such as Badoo, Grindr, OkCupid and Tinder, very rarely immediately and for certain are the goals and intentions of a person who has shown mutual sympathy andchosen as a partner. But for those who clearly know what they would like to get from a new dating, there are apps that allow you to agree on everything else “on the shore and positioned as sex search partner services”.

So, we will publish a list of one night dating apps where they meet looking for sex for one or several nights.

The app for an anonymous search for a sexual partner was developed by businessmen Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko and appeared in the AppStore as early as 2013 and a little later – on Google Play.

pure-appAt one time, much was written about Pure in the Russian and foreign press – at the time of its appearance, such an idea seemed to be a breakthrough one. It works like this: upload your photo, write a few words about yourself and wait until the service finds people who are looking for the same thing as you are right now. With mutual sympathy, it is possible to chat in a chat that self-destructs in an hour. And still Pure let out the amazing erotic digest!

Previously, this one nignt dating app was called Bang with Friends and worked on a different principle: it showed your friends from Facebook, and you had to mention those with whom you would like to mind.


If it was mutual, you received a notification, and then you yourself decided what to do with it. Today this app offers you to honestly choose what you want: sex (get down) or romance (get date), and based on your request, selects a pair among those who are close to you.

The creators of the app themselves describe it as a dating service for open-minded couples and singles.


A minimalist app uses, like many other similar apps, authorization through Facebook, however, if someone from your friends list also uses Feeld, it will never stumble on you there if you want to remain anonymous.

A little more than just a dating app for sex.


Available for registration for both couples and for singles, the app brings you to people who like the same thing as you: changing clothes, spanking, tying, group sex, high heels – for every taste. In a separate section, you can share (anonymously or not) your stories and fantasies and discuss them with other service users.

Another service for finding a partner in sexual fantasies. The list is extensive: from foot-fetish to electrical stimulation. The app supports not only correspondence, but also voice and video calls. In addition to dating, users can get together to discuss in group thematic chats or check with the schedule of kink events around the world.


In the case of these and other similar app, there is only one problem – a small user base. “There is no one to choose.” At the same time, the promotion continues to be almost entirely oriented towards the Western market: in our conservative country, such projects have many limitations in terms of PR and marketing.

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