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There are very good Community dating sites, allowing to find love, to organise a Muslim marriage or simply to converse with partners of the same religious confession as you. For the Muslims, several platforms argue the title of better Muslim dating site. They chose that three, who according to our criteria are widely situated in front of others!

Top 3 Muslim dating sites: what is the best?

There are very many sites devoted to the Muslim single men, but there are many people who go surfing only on this fashion of the Community sites. Fortunately, some more seriousplatforms and guarantors of the principles of religion give to their users of true solutions to find love.


If marriage is in general the objective of the registered students, you are going to see that it is also possible to make a little lighter meetings on some sites.

Here are our favourite Muslim dating sites!

#1 Muslima, The Best Muslim Dating Site

The Muslimdating site Muslima counts more than 5 million users across the world. United States is the first country with most active members and it is therefore possible to make there a heap of meetings. But be told that here, only serious relations are possible!

The Muslim single men who are connected on Muslima often have marriage in mind. Men or women, they search a partner who respects stocks of Islam and who wants to get involved on the way of marriage. The site and its 20 years of existence are at the origin of a very consequent number of religious union!


Of course, it is possible to make loving meetings without signing therefore immediately for a marriage! According to your age and your regions, results diffèreront a bit but this site is very competitive. How it is explained to you in this complete opinion, it is for us the best Muslim dating site of instant!

Inscription is quick and free, and allows you to achieve very many profiles. On these, religious criteria are emphasised. You will discover so the way of practicing the religion of every person, to know if she in keeping with your own practice.

Respect is of bet here! It is extremely agreeable to be able to discuss with courteous and educated Muslim single men. Every exchange is meant to be reassuring and even if the feeling doesn’t pass, they greet warmly. And in case of problem of language? No concern! Messages in Arabs are automatically translated into English language. A very good idea to make easier the putting in contact.

Among other good ideas of this Muslim dating site, the thumb-index correspondence which suggests you profiles compatible with your desires.

Muslima is №1 Muslim dating site and it isn’t a chance: between his seriousness, the importance of the place left in religion and respectful users, you should make very nice meetings on this platform.

#2 Inshallah, let God guide your destiny

A little less seen frequently than the previous site, Inshallah has however a community of younger Muslim single men. With an average of age which flirting with 25-35 years, it is a platform of Muslim meeting devoted to marriage and to distribution of religious stocks.

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There is more than 3 million registered students in the world, with a good part which is in France. So, to find an interlocutor won’t be well complicated. But where this Muslim dating site comes off clear, it is that it isn’t only dedicated to loving meeting!


Although his slogan is rather explicit (A marriage, God willing!), the site Inshallah grants a big place in religion. Suddenly, it will be possible to share with other members of doubts, to ask for advice even to recommend yourlself. They are on a very agreeable space of exchanges or each will be free to announce his religious stocks.

It is a very good way of making meetings, because the single men will display without shame their waitings and their criteria of selections of the good partner. The way to practice religion is key, and your profile will have to take into account of this. He will have to be detailed and complete, from the beginning! You will quickly realise that the profiles of the Muslim single men on Inshallah are filled well and that they allow to make a definite idea of a member even before starting a dialogue with him. It helps to make a first sorting.

It is necessary to note that quite a lot of solicitations on the site are received. According to your sex, you will be predominantly contacted by the opposite sex, hollowing-out, but sometimes also by members who simply want to share their vision of Islam. It is interesting for those and those who want to deepen their practice.

With her small prices which we detail in the complete test of Inshallah, and her promising results, it is a Muslim dating site which will enrapture just as much the single men who search a spouse or a wife that those who want to make more friendly meetings.

#3 Mektoube, meetings varied between Muslims

If Mektoube can be qualified as Muslim dating site, they quickly realise that religion isn’t willy-nilly the first criterion of choice. Contrary to both platforms introduced before in this beep, they register here to meet Maghrebi, more than Muslim church-goers.

This dating site allows to all single men to register. It means that besides Maghrebi single men who visit the platform, you will find men or women of other confessions or various origins which would like to find a Tunisian, Moroccan, Algerian partner.

Very quickly, they realise that marriage isn’t willy-nilly the final purpose of the single men. Without going to the point of saying that they come here to make ephemeral meetings, they are however surprised by the number of proposals of meeting of evening which is received. But all members aren’t just like that!


From the beginning, when you fill your form of free inscription, will be asked you the purpose of this inscription : marriage, friendship, meetings? Then, place in your waitings in partner. Physical appearance, hobbys and way to conceive the couple are important here, but religion is quasi invisible! If you search a good Muslim dating site first of all, favour Muslima and Inshallah.

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On the other hand, if you feel like meeting opened and interesting users, Mektoube is a good dating site magrébine. He is very seen frequently in France, with about 3000 members linked at every hour, and if all profiles aren’t perfectly supplemented, you should find easily more mischievous or serious partners!

Discover the results which allows to get Mektoube in this complete opinion.

Why to choose a Muslim dating site?

It isn’t a secret: meetings between persons having the same affinity take place better! That it is during initial written dialogue, during first appointment or during relation that is in order, the rate of success of a welded couple is widely superior to a couple who put on together only based on more trivial criteria (physical appearances, meetings in nightclub).

Besides, it is obvious that two single men sharing the same beliefs will go farther to their love life. It is the pledge of constructed future, or common decisions will be more numerous than disagreement which often fills the couples. For a church-goer, to have a Muslim woman is the challenge to have a marriage Halal. For a Muslim, it is opportunity to have a husband who wants to found a family, respecting the holy Koran.


For the single men of Muslim confessions, to choose a Muslim dating site allows to find easily one or several persons in stage with your ideals. On the best platforms of type, debates quickly turn around the way of educating the children, on marriage, on vision of the home life which is very important in Islam.

To choose a Muslim dating site, it is also a considerable saving of time. On the classical sites, you will first have to make sorting, before finding the person who to you plait AND who shares the same conviction as to you. And you aren’t even sure as this person pleases you in the final.

If your desires and your tastes in single men are definite, and that the fact that your partner is Muslim is important in your opinion, then favour dating sites devoted to the Muslims. We established a beep 3, which will allow you to make the good choice.

How well choose his Muslim dating site

They don’t choose a Muslim dating site as a non-specialised site is chosen. If you want to meet members of the same religious confession as to you, here is to what it is necessary to be attentive.

The importance of religion?

It seems to be an obviousness, but if your objective is to find a husband or a wife, who shares your beliefs, religion must hold the first place on the site.

Muslima and Inshallah grants a big importance in all religious criteria, that it is via the site and its forums or across descriptions of profiles of their members. It isn’t on the other hand the case on Mektoube, that bets on origins more than on religion.

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If you want to meet a person in stage with your ideals and your vision of life, perhaps it is necessary to favour sites Community which accept only the members of the same worship.

The quality of the members

When they speak about quality for a member, it is first of all of the way to act. It sometimes happens to be on sites or the single men (masculine for most) are aggressive, offending and vulgarities. In the slightest refusal, it is a torrent of insults that leaves and the only solution is to block the person. Hard and very tiring in the long.

It is for it that they grant that a big importance in the quality of the single men who visit the Muslim dating sites. They want to be possible exchange calmly, with the aim of potential one meeting. Because even if love isn’t in appointment, every debate can prove to be positive.

The control of profiles is therefore primordial and the platforms of meetings which we chose here know it. There are little wrong profiles and it is easy to make exile a member in case of disrespect!

The trumps of every site

The best Muslim dating site will distance itself from others, thanks to an idea or a definite functionality.

On Muslima, the automatic translation of the messages from Arabic to French (and vice versa) is a golden idea. You will so be able to communicate unlimited with church-goers who aren’t willy-nilly in your country and so to extend your perimetre of meeting.

Inshallah distances itself by devoting not only in a nuptial purpose, but also by allowing religious debate. Theological exchanges are allowed and it is therefore possible to make new meetings fast, even if they are there that friendly!


Finally, Mektoube forgets religion a bit but the site has the merit to open to other communities. Indeed, not need to be Muslim to see him frequently. At a time when the mixed couples are numerous more and more, it is possible only to appreciate this opening of mind!


A good Muslim dating site must be capable of putting you in contact fast with persons who correspond to you. It is going to depend on the quality of your profile, of course, and of your involvement.

But in 1 month, you should be capable of exchanging often with several members and why not to get your first appointments! If you search the same thing (a marriage under the sign of Islam?), things could go very quickly thanks to these quality platforms!


Sites chosen here offer to register you free, to create a profile then. It will be a chance to see results that you can gain permission and to consult the profiles of available single men. Then, a subscription is requested! The rates of the Muslim dating sites are very reasonable, with subscriptions that start unless 10 euro / month.

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