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A cougar is a mature woman, generally of at least 40 years, who loves the company of the younger men than her. Generally, an age difference included between 10 and 20 years will make a cougar of her. Interest to be next to this feminine type which gets bored in the bed with the men of their age (or their husband) is to use fancy and experience which they acquired during their sexual life. And to meet them easily, what of better than sites of meeting devoted to cougars?


We tested more than 30 sites and we chose for you the best cougar dating sites of instant!

#1 Cougar avenue

Actual Cougar is undoubtedly the site number 1 in France to make cougars meetings. It is anyway the one with which I had the best results since I could meet 7 cougars during my trial of 30 days! Since 2012, Cougar avenue objective settled to put in contact young and ardent men in search of adventure with cougars, and of cougars who waits only to be able to have a good time with men full of animation.

For it, the site puts in disposition of his members various functionality going of simple freight forwarding and dispatches of kiss in options webcam and videos X for most hot of his registered students.


The site is free for the women and, for the men, there is a trial option in 1 euro/month only which allows you to have an outline of the possibilities of the site. I deeply recommend it to you because it will allow you to test the site for next to nothing. To use the offer of month to 1 euro only, you only have to register in two minutes via the promotional page by clicking here.

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#2 Reserve Cougar

The site Reserve Cougar allows to find simple plans with cougars, but also to tie relations with more emotional cougars, who searches serious relations.

For it, the site offers a nice interface, and various options of contact going of freight forwarding and cats Webcam in the nice option Speedflirt which allows to be put in touch with profiles with which you will have matchés.


If you want to leave to the hunt for cougars from now, appointment on this page to perform a free inscription ! To know more about it, you can also consult our test of the site Reserve Cougar.

#3 Baise Des Milfs

It is about our youngest child arrived in the classification. And least that it is possible to say, it is because he made us strong impression. First of all, inscription is free, what is not negligible.

Then, the members in this site are  rather “efficient”. Here, they don’t turn around the pot, and sought-after purpose is rather apparently and quickly identified. And you will see that Milfs that you are going to meet is very opened and you will have no difficulty in arriving at your aims.

Free Cougar Dating Sites

And if really results aren’t in appointment, a guarantee kisses allows you to remedy it. Then if I too, you want to try your luck to get Milf, haven’t more than to register by returning you on the site.

#4 Cougar Rencontre

The site Cougar meets, who officiates since 2009, in knowing to use the phenomenon Cougar which pervaded France at the end of this period to make a place on the market of meeting cougar.

He has today a small community of 500 000 members in France and bets on a rather sexy interface in spite of functionality which remains rather basic. Freight forwarding, Cat in live with the linked cougars, and dispatch of virtual presents, between others. It is a pity that the site doesn’t have includes an option Webcam.

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A very good site to meet cougars, as we mentioned him in our test of the site. For 1.90 euro, you can try the site during 24 hours.

#5 Adopt Cougar

The site adopts Cougar takes back the principle of the famous Adopt a Guy by offering to men to come to make their shopping on the site.


Cougars waits for you, ready to be adopted and you will have only to contact them having made your choice among many profiles in the alluring photos. Speedflirt, cat or Webcam, choose the means of contact which you prefer and throw of hot dialogues easily. Here, only simple plans are possible.

The qualities of the sites of meeting Cougar which work

To choose the best cougar dating site, it was necessary to us to define quality criteriawhich these sites have to answer. Here are for us the most important points.

From delightful and interested Cougars

The women who come on this type of site are very often women who get bored in their sexual life, because of routine or of lack of affection, and who search entertainment therefore elsewhere. For her, “young” option is interesting since she allows them to find a lover with necessary enthusiasm to remind him his most of happy years.


These users aren’t willy-nilly accustomed to dating sites and some are therefore logically distrustful and show discreet. A good site will allow them to feel comfortable fast and therefore to be allowed to go to dialogue and to meeting more easily.

On a good cougar dating site, simple plans have to get organised fast, because it is your wish and that of active cougars.

Means of practical and play contacts

It is essential that you could get into contact fast with the cougars who interests you, and they must be able to communicate with you simply.

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If we appreciate options particularly Webcam, more direct, the most important is to be possible communicate there live with linked profiles. The mature women also like the exchange of classical messages, which lets them the time to write correctly and to prepare sometimes surprising mischievous messages!


It is important data also. It is necessary to know that the specialised sites, as cougars dating sites for example, are more expensive than the non-specialised sites. Reason is very simple, specialised sites make you win a lot by sorting out upstream the registered students.


You like cougars? Appointment on a site or the members are only cougars instead of wasting your time for making sorting on classical sites.

Some of the sites which we chose offer trial offer of 24h, and most have a system of subscription. In general, cougars dating sites are free for the women.

Meeting with cougars, experience and pleasures

You orientate to sites of meeting cougar, it is to have opportunity to meet women of the world who will make you share their knowledge in sex.

It is with pleasure that they will use your youth and your form, to reanimate the flame and the passion which goes out very often in the course of the years. So, if you agree to be their toyboy, you risk passing some mischievous instants which you won’t forget of soon!

Cougars dating sites are a medium ideal to meet mature women for the young men who appreciate them, and they allow the cougars who doesn’t dare to visit bars or to take entirely in true life to bloom via platforms which their are intended.

In the final, it is the pleasure which takes out again victor from it!

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