Fiesta by Tango



  • Get own questionnaire and regularly fill up it with content to become the most outstanding figure. Users who are near you, definitely will pay to you attention. Thus, it is possible to find a large number of candidates for creation of the serious relations;
  • As well as in any other program there is a chat here. However besides personal and public chats, there are also territorial chats which unite residents of one city or settlement. There it is possible to poflirtovat easily, and also will agree about joint plans for evening;
  • One more original option of dating are games. There is a set of small entertainments where to you your soulmate can meet. Between participants of games real-life communication which unites at once breaks out and allows to find the general subjects for conversation;
  • Service is available in many languages of the world, including in English as people use him worldwide. Thanks to an online translator, you will be able to communicate with foreigners, even without knowing their language.
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Mobile version of a Fiesta by Tango dating site allows to lead the real life in any time. Being in public transport, at work, on a trip, or anywhere, you can support communication with close people and bring new dating, even with bad Internet connection.


Pay careful attention to filling of the personal page, after installation of the app. It will attract participants and will lift your popularity in a network. If you have service suggestions for improvement, you can leave the response to a feedback form.

That will join 320 million lucky persons it is necessary to download Fiesta from Tango on the Android and the IPhone from official sources – the loading Google Play and App Store services. Thus, you subscribe for regular updatings, and you will always have the actual version of the program.

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