In France people still try to break a barrier of contempt for services online dating. In the Muslim countries where society blames chaotic dating, girls are registered under names of men, and then admit personal correspondence. And in India still nine of ten marriages are made by means of parents who place announcements for search of the partner.

The Urloveliness looked as dating services work in the different countries.


Alissa Shelaski described the experiment with Tinder in Paris: “I  don’t exaggerate — practically each guy to whom I sent like, agreed to a meeting. It means one or the other: French eternally are eager for love and such romantic what we also want them to see; or it simply whores who can’t pass any skirt”. The first partner told her: “All my friends sit in Tinder because want to meet interesting people”. The internal desire to communicate with nice girls at French infinitely and if there are relations, is simply additional bonus. Despite stereotypes about French as about passionate lovers, the majority of them are conservative: appointment is arranged in park or invited to sweep by bicycles. Americans describe behavior of French during appointments the word “old-fashioned”.

French say that don’t trust in the concept of appointments in principle. The foreigners coming to the country laugh: in France created the concept of anti-appointments. If French go for appointment, will always find the reason to call it somehow differently.

From the popular sites in France there is Badoo (according to MyWot, about 1,5 million users) and OkCupid. Local, and also has success. The first represents a virtual supermarket: women add to cart of purchases of men which were pleasant to them.


Recently French court found guilty of marriage destruction the woman who flirted online. The site Ashley Madison helping to find partners to married people more than once became the reason of disintegration of married couples.


When we speak about appointments in America,  we mean rather large cities like New York and San Francisco. Unlike French who keep regular life and are often ready to meetings, in New York acquaintance process more labor-consuming. Even if in  same “Tinder” it will be possible to come quickly to the agreement,  it will be difficult to agree about an exit in offline: it is necessary to be arranged long under the tough schedule.


According to Pew Research, today every fifth American at the age of 25−34 years uses dating services. A third from them never went to real meetings.

In 2007 in New York there was a law Internet Dating Safety Act urged to regulate work of services. Since then the sites are obliged to warn users about danger which can threaten if they transfer personal data to strangers.

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Long time were skeptical about dating sites because of problems of protection, spam and the hidden payments. Besides, many sites received charges of discrimination. Groups of gays complained that some services (for example, the popular site for the serious relations of eHarmony) don’t allow to choose the same-sex partner. Many sites still don’t give opportunity to specify search in both floors that limits bisexuals.

In New York there is a separate market of “gostrayter” — people who complete for the clients profiles on dating services and if necessary communicate with candidates until purpose of a meeting. For example, the Personal Dating Assistants company provides full maintenance in a month for 700 dollars.


On  the first appointment the Brazilian can  make a declaration of love and invite in marriage. And  next day — to disappear. Men are impulsive, and their words need to be perceived as emotional splash at the concrete moment — “now I felt that I love you”. Besides, Brazilians most often don’t plan appointment in advance. Be ready to what receive the message with the text it seems ” well, we will meet in an hour at this bar?”. And it doesn’t mean that you perceive somehow especially.

Brazilians, as well as other Latin Americans, are very jealous. Often stirs the relations with freedom-loving women their rigid principle of a possessiveness. For example, if the girl wants to go one to a party of friends, she should endure serious dismantling. It seems as it is considered that when she goes without couple, it is a signal for people around that she is lonely now. Brazilians, though are sure of themselves, are afraid that without them to the beloved right there will start sticking and she will give in. The boyfriend has to be near always to prevent such situation.

One more fact about which those who was influenced by the relations with Brazilians write — their serious relation to Facebook. When you start meeting, it is necessary to designate the status in the relations. Otherwise the Brazilian will think that to the girl is what to hide.


Thus one of the most popular sites here — Ashley Madison so it is possible to draw a conclusion that married people wishes to have a good time separately from the halves. Also Badoo,, Zoosk and have success.


Dating on the Internet here still seem something strange, the senior generation blames them. The main thing that it is necessary to remember appointments — it is impossible to be late for them. It is better not to come, than to be late.

The My-Qpit service which attracted 10 thousand users in a month after start has success. He allows to look for partners in age, an occupation and hobbies. The functionality is similar to Tinder: if two persons each other are pleasant, it is possible to begin discussion. Further their Facebook-profiles will open and it is possible to pass to communication there or to meet offline. Service belongs to group of companies who in Japan call “deai-kei” (a place for appointments), and he is forbidden to be used in the mobile phone.

Other popular project — MatchAlarm — offers every morning communication with the new person who chooses proceeding from the social count in a social network. Users love service that it carries out search itself. However,  it is necessary to pay about a dollar for each pressing of the I like you button.

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The word “omiai” means Japanese tradition when individuals are represented each other as the potential husband and the wife. — the most popular app in Facebook for forming of the relations. In him it is possible to choose the partner in 24 criteria, including age, a nationality, the income, personal qualities.

At the beginning of this year the tax administration declared closing of several services which hid the income in more than one billion yens. The authorities requested data on 140 companies in the country which belong to deai-kei, from them in 40 found violations.


One of the most popular sites in the large cities of the Republic of South Africa — The American Zoosk and eHarmony, and also service for search of girls from the former USSR have success.


The African men with pleasure go to meetings with foreigners or invite to themselves to show skills of cooking. If the meeting occurs at restaurant, it isn’t necessary to try to pay for himself: it can offend the man. To catch the African female, it is necessary to show persistence and to be ready to invite her several times before she agrees.

In the countries of North Africa, as well as in the majority of the countries of the Middle East, sex before marriage is forbidden. Generally dating happen through parents and the senior relatives.


Germans adore quoting famous philosophers on the pages on dating sites. One of the most popular sites — the German Many Germans can be met on Badoo,, In Germany there is Spin Kodex governing the relations of dating sites.


Feature of communication is that the first step is taken often by women, and men only answer. Even the simplest things Germans begin discussion with business. For example, ask: “Hi! What benefit managed to be derived from today’s sunny weather?” Germans prefer not to spend time for small talk. From the relations often wait for serious approach and  at the first meeting can already make long-term plans.


On Indian dating sites meet many counterfeit photos. It is easy to define these profiles — only one loaded picture with appearance of the top model which is easy for finding in Google.

The most popular service — (on Hindi “wedding” means). However, foreigners often show discontent with that on the site it is necessary to communicate with phone manager. Other known services —,, and OkCupid.


Indians look for on the sites of future wives and husbands. Often in an interval between the first appointment and a wedding the family employs the private detective to check reality of the data published in the announcement.

Publish a blood type, exact day and minute of the birth, a revenue, information on habits and answers to other important questions of the potential partner on the websites. For example, Shaadi offers such buttons of search: sex, age, religion, language and community (caste). Expanded search allows to choose a skin shade. Often relatives publish on dating sites of the announcement. For example, on such met: “My sister — the ordinary girl, and we look for the good person for her future life. She younger among seven brothers and sisters”.

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The most popular service the last ten years there is (in the foreign markets use the brand). The site was criticized often for presence of prostitutes, and in 2012 the company decided to clean the column “sex” from the purposes of dating. However after that outflow of users began, and in a year the column returned back. “It appeared, sex is necessary also to that audience which didn’t specify it. This column was a highlight without which became boringly and lusciously” — told the head of Mamba Andrey Bronetsky.


In spite of the fact that the interface of service looks outdated, the known brand attracts new users. It is difficult to young sites to rush on the market: it is necessary to collect considerable base of people, and it costs much.

The Topface project managed to attract audience at the expense of an opening in Facebook and “VKontakte” thanks to which it turned out to dispatch invitations to friends and to use viralny effect., one of leaders of the market by number of users, according to LiveInternet rating, uses game mechanics: girls come to feed the pet (like a tamagocha), and young men start meeting them.

Recently the Pure project suggesting not to hide the purposes was started, but it appeared that the girls ready frankly to agree to sex, there isn’t a lot of. “Any dating service — it about the serious relations. In any case we so speak when we bring into him women” — the head of service of anonymous calls of Zang Sergey Sigitov explains. “The man moves sexual interest, the woman — vitally cyclic”. The Russian online services draw attention — here Buzzfeed chose the most unexpected photos from dating sites, and here give advice on acquaintance to the Russian women, noting their infinite beauty.

Great Britain

The most popular services —,, and the site for acquaintances to Jews of In Britain ODA (Online Dating Association) regulating all controversial issues works. According to reports, in the country about 17 million singles, and a half of them look for on dating sites of the serious relations. A third of users lie in the profiles. The fifth part married between 19 and 25 years met the partner on the Internet.


Most of the British guys love three things: sport, beer and talk on sport behind a beer glass. Englishwomen already learned to support these conversations so, gathering for appointment to the British, it is worth looking who won the last football matches. Appearance is of great importance — most of British pay attention to style.

British often flirt with other women or men, but remain faithful to partners. Men like to meet foreigners because in the majority consider Englishwomen not too attractive. However, so far they prefer casual dating in night club, than on the sites.