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Among gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders dating sites are one of the most widespread ways to find to themselves couple and to find personal happiness. Many also resort to services of such resources for search of friends or an adventure for the evening. We prepared a selection of the sites of this segment popular among English LGBT audience.


The site propagandizing the traditional relations between men who love men”. The project created in 2002 by our compatriot originally was started in the USA in English. However the Russian-language version which opened in 2003 quickly overtook American, and as a result developers concentrated on development of the site in the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other countries with the Russian-speaking population.


Now on the site more than 70 thousand questionnaires of the Ukrainian users from which in day and an evening about one thousand are present online are registered. And the share of active Ukrainian audience of service only the little concedes to the Russian. The resource in addition to the fundamental obligations gives blogging opportunity, thereby executing also functions of social networks. By right it is considered one of the most reliable Internet services for male gays. It is characterized by the high level of social responsibility. It was noticed in many projects on protection of health and the rights of LGBT.

In spite of the fact that the site isn’t information resource, his administration quite often takes a certain position on significant events of the Russian and international policy, designating the point of view for users by means of internal mailings, through banners, and also by direct statements in mass media. The resource adheres to the accurate anti-Putin line, being on the side of opposition, and regularly gives support of LGBT movement.

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The information and entertaining portal for gays and bisexuals of BlueSystem meets the visitors by motley banners, among which, for example, and a banner of the site Xtube specializing on amateur pornorollers. The portal abounds with offers of underwear, poppers, dildos and other subjects of intimate appointment from what it is possible to draw a conclusion that the resource is intended for people that is called “without complexes”.

Erotic stories, photo galleries and “tricks” — all this here too are, as well as sections with topical news, publications on culture and art, councils for personal care and materials about various aspects of relationship.


Anyway, but the main goal employees of the site see “development and advance of Russian-speaking gay community in information space in the territory of Russia, the CIS and beyond their limits”. The team of the project hopes that her works “help society to become more open”, and also “do the world round us at least a little more kindly and are lighter”.

Some illegibility and excessiveness in selection of content aren’t in the best way reflected in reputation of the site, however don’t harm to his popularity at all. The project exists since 2004 and is one of the most visited entertaining gay sites of a RuNet. Including — and at the expense of the section of acquaintances. On a portal the filtration of questionnaires over the countries, only — on the cities isn’t provided.

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It is the dating service of a wide profile which, among other things, provides also opportunity for same-sex acquaintances: it is only enough to specify in settings that you the guy who looks for the guy, or the girl in search of the girl. The resource was created in 2002 and today represents the largest network of acquaintances in Russia and Eastern Europe by about tens of thousands of active users.

In 2012 Mamba was included into 20 best Internet companies of Russia according to the Forbes magazine. Among her partners such brands as MSN, Google and Apple appear. A third of actions of a portal belongs to Mail.Ru Group media holding. According to developers, in 2013 Mamba was translated into 20 languages and entered the international market. Now at the same time online communicate to 6 thousand people, and all in a day a resource is visited by about 120 thousand users.


Among gays there is a steady opinion as if exactly there is a high probability to meet the person “out of a party” with which for certain it won’t be traced any general doubtful communications. Besides the resource is preferred by “cupboard” gays who for some reason believe that, having wormed way among the lump of people, they thereby took away from themselves any suspicions. Meanwhile, just here the chance of “an exposing meeting” with conditional “Jehly” from the next department is high, as anywhere. Besides, a few years ago the site was caught in the history with a gomofobny musty smell: attentive users noticed that in the rating of guys of TOP 100 of Mamba doesn’t allow young people with other sexual orientation.

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It is the largest German international dating service for gays, bisexuals and transgenders. The system founded in 2002 at the moment supports 25 languages and totals around the world more than 1,4 million registered users. In Germany the site in the people is called “service of a registration for gays”. At us I was considered as a place of acquaintances for “advanced” in due time. The main lack of a resource consists that many habitual services, as, for example, storage of the read messages, the paid here.

“We gays are — gays and we cope!” — postulates PlanetRomeo. Almost all employees working in team of service are gays, bisexuals or transsexuals, and those from them who don’t correspond to these categories, possess “cheerful nature”. Main principles of the company: tolerance, respect, openness and freedom of expression.


The resource pays special attention to care about health of the visitors. Being the partner of the leading medical organizations providing councils and the help of experts in various countries, the site renders consultation on health issues. Besides, since 2009 the resource has own charity PlanetRomeo Foundation which is engaged in support of human rights projects in the countries with the high level of a homophobia.

And finally we want you to warn: cases of attacks on gays during appointments aren’t so rare “blindly” therefore, deciding on a meeting with the stranger, observe the minimum security measures.

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