Best Dating Sites For People over 50


There are more than 1000 Internet sites and apps to dating. Many people pretend to contact in most than 50 years and it is difficult to be there. Full Life wanted to make sorting and therefore tested someone for you of them.

We tested different sites in real conditions, before choosing 7 of them. Here are our impressions and our recommendations. Our inquiry doesn’t aspire of course to the exhaustiveness. She concentrates on reliable sites and which answer waitings of the persons over 50 years. We also wanted that this selection is various and representative of what is offered.


First official report: inscription is always free. If you don’t pay, you will receive surely a tremendous number of solicitations on behalf of other members whose photos, nor messages you will be able to see neither only they go addressed.

The majority of the sites offer personality tests. These are complete and definite but they ask of time and for seriousness to answer it. The more tests are long, the more sites are reputed serious and therefore expensive.



A month, subscription varies 50 euro for an inscription of 6 months in 20 euro if you decide to get involved 2 years.

Attendance: relatively low

Pros: The site has a nice easy interface of use. If you have questions or that you want to improve the attractivité of your profile a coach is so at your disposal, but you will again have to disburse 49 € at least. Parship contacts rather people who search lasting and serious relations, and it from 35 years.

Cons: It is necessary to get involved (very) for a long time to use an interesting rate and to subscribe 6 months minimum. If a report time/money is made, it is the most expensive site. Besides, there are sometimes few active members, because the site is less famous than others. If you live far from a big city, you risk perhaps being disappointed.

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Subscription varies 79,90 € for an inscription of month in 29,90 € for 6 months.

Attendance: high

Pros: Site serious and endowed with some notability which confers on it a big number of followers. If you take the time to fill tests, there is not enough chance so that you find nobody. As implied in its name, Elite Meeting contacts apparently a public of top executive, already old. It has the merit to be clear. The registered students show predominantly 45-50 years.

Cons: the test is definite but it takes time. It is necessary to envisage more than thirty minutes to answer it and to be inspired! Some questions are in numerous choices but others ask for an answer developed enough. The aimed public can be suitable for some but for all. If social position isn’t part of your criteria, it is better to go to search love elsewhere.



Subscription varies between 23,90 € a month during one year and 59 € for month.

Attendance: very high

Pros: It is one of the sites the most popular and of the most selective. After a first validation of the administrators, it is the users themselves who validate your “candidacy”. Once registered, the members are therefore more motivated on this site which on others and “sorting” allows to avoid doubtful profiles. It is translated by shorter delays of answer. The accepted persons search a serious relation. The site also offers exits organised in the big cities of France. Finally, there are dialogues of group (forums) around very various subjects. Attractive World is therefore a guarantee of security but…

Cons: some persons complain about a too hard selection and don’t understand why their profile was refused. As for inscription on Elite Meeting, the test takes time. Once ended, the users “study” the candidacy during almost week before deciding if profile is worth being on Attractive World, if you are in a hurry to find the soul mate, it is long. Finally, criteria of acceptance can be too subjective, or even bluntly unpredictable.

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Subscription begins in 9,99€ a month without commitment and goes 7,99€ a month during 6 months.

Attendance: rather high

Pros: very accessible rates in comparison with other sites. A lot of activities and exits are offered. The site is easy to understand and to use. Besides exits and forums, there are published articles (of recipes, advice, etc.). Quintonic makes think in Facebook, with requests of friend for example.

Cons: it is more a site to make friends. The moderators aren’t very strict concerning the photos of profile and they don’t know who visits our page.



Subscription varies between 14,55€ a month for one year and 29,95€ for month.

Attendance: rather high

Pros: Inscription is made in three clicks. There are a lot of forums, on all subjects. Different groups by region. A cat allows to the users to discuss between them. As on Quintonic, articles are published in the thumb-index “magazine”. True community, with members who often interact on the site.

ConsVery simple, oldish Interface. They have an impression that the site is less serious than Attractive World or Elite while it isn’t willy-nilly true. But profiles have no air to be watched, they register very – too much? – fast. The site also offers friendly meetings.



Safe for some very secondary functionality, Tinder is entirely free!

Attendance: high

Pros: once downloaded, Tinder is intuitive and very easy in use: you make slide the person to the right if her photo and her profile to you plait, to the left so this is not the case. If both persons like each other, they can discuss. You can also define application so that offered profiles are in an age group and a definite ray. As application is free, it is possible to make a meeting very fast. If you are attracted by online meetings, application is a good means to try.

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Cons: App is available only on smartphone. There is no filter to sort profiles out, you can therefore have bad surprises. It isn’t possible to sail between profiles as other sites, you have other choices than to make march to the point of finding the one who admits for you… Not the most serious, he is especially intended for the young people and for all those who search an adventure (or two) of evening.



Offer of launching from 13,99 € a month for a subscription of six months.

Attendance: high

Pros: DisonsDemain is a declension thrown by the giant Meetic. It can reassure the users most sensitive to the cold. Services are the same that on Meetic but adapted in most over 50 years, and they only! The moderators prove photos, accept only those where the face is well differentiated. The site offers profiles according to our criteria and also gives the number of common points. Created in May, 2017, exits and trips are already organised, and offer should quickly put on weight. If you search only persons of more than 50 years, as to you, DisonsDemain is very pointed out.

Cons: the site is still young, there aren’t perhaps any more users for the moment. Rates are rather high and it is difficult to know at the moment what marks him down of Elite Meeting and of Attractive World for example. Finally, if you are already registered on Meetic, you are obliged to re-pay a subscription.

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