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Most of all I do not want to see men below the belt! But this does not mean that I decided to give up the pleasure of flirting-flirting. And thank God, there are still men in the world who do not consider their reproductive organ to be the most important part of their existence. So…

So, this is another site that belongs to the network owned by the Passions Network. As we have said, this network consists of many, many sites focused on getting people to know their interests. So she does not have a common database, which means those who want to poke their member in the webcam are unlikely to get to those who refused sexual pleasures.


So, the main goal of Celibate Passions is to meet people who have refused sex for any reason and are looking for strictly platonic relationships. In the strict sense, this is a bulletin board about dating with its own mail service, forum and chat. You can upload up to 5 of your photos. In addition, after registering, you can listen to the local radio, read the horoscope and enjoy the news from the asexual world as you play.

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HOW MUCH: Absolutely free

This site is designed for men and women who have no or reduced sexual desire. It doesn’t matter why you don’t want to have sex, but if you are only looking for platonic relationships, then Asexual Pals is what you need.


Unlike other dating sites, you will not find a huge database here. This is a very chamber site, at the moment it has only 67 members, but the point is not in quantity, but in quality. So, you register on the site and further create your profile. The profile is pretty standard because admins have used the standard engine.

HOW MUCH: The site is fully paid, but rather cheap. For $ 5.95, you get all the benefits (the benefits, though not a lot): internal mail service and chat.

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The international message board about dating people seeking asexual relationships. Unlike previous sites, all ads are divided into the following categories: a man seeks a woman, a man seeks a man, a woman seeks a man, a woman seeks a woman, In order to place an ad, you will have to register, and if you want to place several ads in different categories, you will have to register again (for each category).


You have the right to stay only in category 5 at the same time. You can also subscribe to Bulletin, which usually prints articles and information about new registered members. You can also write for the newsletter yourself. On the site and in ads are prohibited any hints of sexuality and sexual relationships. If you break this rule, the administration will not only remove your ads, but also ban your IP address.

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Craigslist is generally a very interesting asexual dating site. Free bulletin board. Naturally, you can edit your ads, or even remove them altogether. In order to place an advertisement for an dating, you need to find in the right column of the site, a place on Earth where you live or where you would like to be in the future. Then in the upper left corner click on the link “post to classifieds” and then follow the instructions.


Since we have the theme of celibacy here, do not forget to click on strictly platonic. Your ad will be online for 45 days. Admins guarantee that your email address will not be visible in your ad, however, if you like someone with whom you would like to make contact, you can always click on the reply with an obscure email address and your desired partner will receive your message to your mailbox.


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