Weird Dating Sites. Chapter 2

Many people in search of the second half address to dating sites but what to do if your hobbies and addictions are too unusual? You shouldn’t despair, for unusual people there are weird dating sites.

By Day of love we prepared a selection of dating sites for people with high inquiries and unusual tastes.

Zombie Passions — the site for those who believes that love can’t die

If recently you caught a fatal virus, died, and some hours later woke up with feeling of slightly vague consciousness, but with huge desire to gobble up others brains, doubts can’t be — you turned into the zombie.


But it doesn’t mean that Day of love now not for you, and to you not on the cards to find the second half. The dating site of Zombie Passions is created for all types you indulge also those who likes to indulge. In principle, he can interest and the zombie hunters strenuously preparing for the Apocalypse.

Wealthy Men — the site for those who wants to find the millionaire of the dream


We will be honest, some girls in the man are interested only one — his bank account. And than the account is more, the man is more attractive by that. The whole class of female on hairpins from Gucci and with silicone in the most unexpected places looks for the man of the dream. And such men exist, but requirements at them too the quite high. Confident in the advantages it is worth risking and be registered, then there are chances in Day of love to receive as a gift … well at least the car of prestigious brand.

Sea Captain Date — yo-ho-ho and a rum bottle! (a dating site for sea captains)


The weird dating site for men and women who crazy about the sea also dream of the partner who would share their hobby and wasn’t subject to seasickness. Well or for the ladies dreaming of the man in a captain’s peak-cap with a white beard who is seldom staying at home.

Naturist Passions — a dating site for nudists and fans of all natural

All of us are born naked, and some prefer that all and remained. Long ago there are beaches for nudists and different associations which regularly leave on the nature to run about stark naked. And now there is also an Internet site to find the half with similar hobbies and outlooks on life.


The photos published on the website say that the main contingent — girls of model appearance (that hardly corresponds to their look in real) and men with an excess weight (all frankly here).

Women Behind Bars


Dating site for the men ready on the relations with the women serving prison sentences. On the site of the questionnaire of convicts from around the world which would like to correspond, get close relations, and in the long term, after release to meet the elects.

Marry Me Already “You marry me right now?”


There are people dreaming of marriage since the birth. They precisely know that want what has to be their wedding and they don’t intend to wait. “Appointment on Thursday? Perfectly! Means, a wedding it is appointed to Saturday!”. Interestingly, what percent got acquainted indeed marries this site?

Stache Passions — a dating site for those who crazy about moustaches

You are excited by Amir Perets’s type? Or perhaps Freddie Mercury (we will leave alone him sexual orientation)? Or perhaps you crazy about Maxim Gorky? Or to you Salvador Dalí is more to liking.


Anyway, to you here (if excite beards, to you on the site of captains about which we already spoke). You moustached man? Especially to you here! Here precisely there are no women who will immediately demand to shave your beauty.

Clown Dating — a dating site for clowns


Yes, happens also such. As Koulrofobiya — panic uncontrollable fear of clowns, this mental disorder it is known and recognized present long ago. But after all can be and vice versa? For certain there are those who from clowns without mind, and those who likes to fasten a red nose in a bed and to put on a red wig. For such this site is also created. Eventually, couple of clowns — it can be very cheerfully and precisely very unusually.

Diaper Mates — a dating site for fans of diapers and a lovely baby talk


Not all know, but there are people who like to imitate chest babies. Especially in a bed. And without pampers and a pacifier here, of course, anywhere. We will manage no comments, everyone in life happens.

Darwin Dating — chauvinism of the highest test

We will agree on that for many appearance today — this most important. There are also those to whom the ugliness causes literally physical sufferings. And for them there was a site — only those who is confident in the beauty can be registered there.


The author openly writes “A dating site where isn’t present fat”. That you had no doubts, for registration it is necessary to pass a test for compliance to a number of criteria. If you don’t correspond to them — the site not for you.