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Whether there is a sexless relationship between the guy and the girl? – Here the question which is for many years discussed in conversations “offline”, at forums on psychology and not only, but everything isn’t present the answer. Reflecting, whether there are sexless relations between the man and the woman, we will come to own answer, however we don’t apply for truth.

Yes, exists

Such option is possible and happens, however it is impossible to exclude that once communication of the man and woman will become something bigger. Psychology of the person such is that is imperceptible for itself his feelings start changing, often positive emotions and feelings from association can result in love.

There are also cases when the chance that the friendship remains forever, is rather great. Friends, for example, the actors or partners in dances connected with each other by common interests, won’t become lovers. If the guy and the girl keep the joint project on work, it too can lead to friendship because thus simpler to cope with tasks.


Though at the sexless relationship of chances to outgrow in something bigger is a little, all of them are. If both partners have a family, they won’t begin to approach. If both are lonely, someone from two can show an initiative. In this case there is a probability to transfer friendship of the guy with the girl to love.

“Psychology” of sexless relationship can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Companionship in which one sympathizes with another. In such couple one is in love, but he doesn’t give out himself, another doesn’t notice it. Thus the one who is in love, in every way tries not to show the feelings because they can lead to unpredictable consequences. The sympathy of one for another can eternally last though heart – not iron, sooner or later the lover admits feelings. And then the friendship will develop into mutual feelings, or will become something unusual. Most softly to resolve a situation, it is necessary to talk quietly with each other and to find the solution which will suit both.
  2. Mutual love. Both parties have to each other feelings, but consider that at rapprochement, transfer of friendship to love the companionship will collapse. Nevertheless, such communication can develop even into a family as in that case the girl is connected with the man common interests, that is to couple comfortably with each other – and this one of the main conditions for creation of a family in which there will be no misunderstanding, quarrels and, as a result, reasons for divorce.
  3. One of friends in marriage. In that case the friendship can destroy a family because the family relations sometimes seem to us heavy, and the friend always kind and “fluffy”. In this case it is necessary not to forget that the friend most often such good just because is further from you. In family life he can appear other person – his character and habits will begin to touch more you.
  4. Old friendship. It is possible to be on friendly terms since the childhood and to know each other thoroughly. Thus love won’t appear as too habitual friendly relations will be stronger than new feelings. However if it is possible to jump over a barrier of a habit, the relations will become the strongest!
  5. The friend – former “soulmate”. They say that such relations – good association, but in practice it can appear not so because the girl sometimes doesn’t forgive to the man the last sins which led to parting. In man’s psychology all differently: pulls guys to ex-girlfriends because many pleasant memories are connected with them.
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So, one is clear: the sexless relationship can become a love basis, and further succession of events can be any.


No, doesn’t exist

If the guy and the girl say that they communicate because it is interesting to them with each other and comfortably even if they simply fellow workers, between the man and the woman there can be something bigger, than usual friendship. At least sympathy. And she can turn into fire of feelings burning with the brightest flame. The friendship doesn’t happen and can’t be and between the guy and the girl who were couple earlier, loved each other. Usually it is some obligations, for example, the general child who needs attention from both parents. Also it can be attempt to return the former relations, but definitely not friendship.

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If the relations on interests, the same dances, go beyond walls of establishment where the guy and the woman are engaged in common cause, it not friendship of the guy with the girl any more. One shows attention to another, invites to walks. Usually the aspiration to transfer communication from the professional sphere moves the man.


Because of a libido the friendship between the guy and the girl practically always gravitates to the love relations. Only the relations checked by time, or in what nobody is interested in each other can be friendly. Owing to energy of love such occurs quite seldom.

One important aspect arises when your spouse or the spouse has a friend of an opposite sex: whether it should be taken into account such communication between floors as threat and why?

Friend of the family of an opposite gender

If the woman with the man have no families and soulmates, such friendship can’t do much harm. Even on the contrary: the friendly relations are capable to outgrow in love, and later, probably, and in new “a cell of society”. However if someone from couple has the soulmate, the jealousy from the spouse/spouse most often will appear by itself, such is psychology of the person. We don’t know, whether it is correct, but the love means jealousy therefore such friendship of the soulmate can seem to much a mean joke. As they say, the woman can be on friendly terms with the man, but “it is very careful”.

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So, whether the friendship between the guy and the girl is possible? From article it is visible that it is possible, but not always. There are exceptions which always arise unexpectedly and pleasantly surprise. The friendship between “floors” can arise from the kindergarten, then about each other you know everything: all secrets, all partners of the friend, and sometimes the reasons for transition of friendship to love don’t appear. The sympathy for an opposite gender can strengthen the relations, without being transformed to love. Human psychology and laws of society – continuously changing things, not subject for the analysis.


It is possible to call the recipe of friendship between genders. That she was “absolute”, without any hints on further transition to other stage of the relations, the guy and the girl have to be identical and equal in some common cause. If there is an equality, the friendship is possible. Why? In this case the man doesn’t pass a stage of courting and care, maybe, doesn’t pay for coffee and restaurant. The woman is the partner and the colleague, the friend, but not the ladylove.

So, if there is a motivation to the friendly relations between the man and the woman, circumstances develop so that two persons can’t approach to love degree, the probability of friendship of the guy with the girl – is great. In this case the main thing – to be credible and not to lose the friend because of desire to transfer the relations to the love plane. On the other hand, the love is too friendship.

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