Relationship Without Sex

relationship without sex

Accurate to determine what love — a difficult task. Many scientists believe that love is a state of euphoria in which the person is immersed in love completely. Love causes men and women to look at the world through different eyes. In modern life love has many different forms, and only loving people determine what kind of relationship suits them. Some prefer love without sex, that is in the distance. But does love without sex happiness and joy?

Virtual love

Virtual love

Age of technological progress has given man such a thing as the Internet. With it, we communicate, and communication is a friendship, and such an interesting form of love at a distance or relationship without sex. Different generations have a mixed opinion on this relationship. Some believe that this can not be, but the fact that as well as in everyday life, people from different countries meet in the vast world wide web and fall in love – the reality of our time. Emerging easy and relaxed communication, develops trust, able to engender the feeling of love. Lovers talk for hours, months, some years. If this isn’t love, then what?

Love on the phone

Love on the phone

Another form of relationship without sex a consequence of scientific and technological progress of modern times – the introduction of the mobile phone. The voice of the partner interlocutor, his manner of communication can engender a sense of love. Call waiting, call immerses in love with the feeling of euphoria. Practice proves that love without sex is more likely than not. For example, an unmarried woman fell in love on vacation in man, over the holidays, the couple left for their cities, but are unable to forget each other and the relationship remained, only now they communicate by phone, but also love each other.Such cases are not uncommon, and the distance is not a hindrance.

Love at a distance

Relationship Without Sex

In addition to the above forms of love relationships there are different situations, when the couples spend a long time without each other, in connection with travel, watches. The lack of sex in their relationship does not interfere: while in different areas, cities, countries, they think about each other constantly call back, love lives in their memories and thoughts.

Many people live in this mode for years keeping a warm and trusting relationship.This form of love without sex, satisfied with one because of their temperament, others sublimate their sexual desire into art or hard physical and intellectual work. Some families apart, but often love transcends all distance and wins. It’s safe to say that these families have, and this means love at a distance without sex exists.

Voluntary refusal of sex

Voluntary renunciation of sex

Some young people deliberately refuse to have sex at all, believing that an intimate relationship interfere with spiritual development and to know each other. In America and Russia there is a whole movement asexuals who have already entered into between marriages based on spiritual attraction to each other.

Can you have a good relationship without sex?

Possible lasting relationship without sex

Love is the emotional attraction, intimacy, empathy and respect to each other, the feeling of joy and complete happiness when communicating with loved ones, the desire to be with a loved one, every moment, to live his/her concerns, problems, ability and willingness to accept a loved one as he is with his positive and negative traits.

All of the above forms of relationship can be called love. And yet, love without sex is devoid of sensual relations. Emotions do not find their exit, and partners over time, possible nervous breakdowns that inevitably will provoke a showdown and quarrels. Love and sex are closely linked, and if the relationship has no sexual contacts, with time to cool and tender feelings.

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