Relationship Tarot


Divination by Tarot relationships helps to know the prospects of their development, to understand the situation, to choose the way forward. Below we will discuss the most popular scenario, rules of divination.

The rules of divination by Tarot cards on the relations


If you are a beginner, the next few paragraphs is for you. The first thing you need is the right attitude. With experience will need to be adjusted until use aromatherapy, relaxing music, clothing or jewelry, wearing which you will feel more confident. Helps special scrying cloth, and other attributes.

Do not take a card if you feel unwell. With a headache or temperature you will not be able to concentrate. You can’t work with the deck being in an altered state of consciousness, for example, in alcoholic intoxication.

Take the Tarot only with clean hands, the same applies to surfaces on which they are spread.

Not worth the few times to wonder the same question, hoping that the Tarot will tell a new, more pleasant. Trying to look ahead, be prepared to learn not only the good news.

Do not pick a card the person who you don’t like!

Remember that voiced the meaning of the cards, not their own opinion. Be emotionally neutral to what is happening. The more emotion, the less the accuracy of your interpretations.

Tarot divination on the attitude of the beloved


An important aspect of Tarot — the right question. It often happens that the questioner incorrectly formulated it. Below we present a list of options that reflect the essence of the desirable help to obtain a reliable answer.

  • As refers to me I’m interested in people?
  • He thinks about..?
  • What are the intentions (plans) to me the appropriate person?
  • How should I behave with this person?
  • What should I pay attention to in this situation?
  • What are the prospects of relationship?

In the scenario for the future relationship tarot maps show the most likely path of development of events, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. You can change the future, avoiding unwanted events.

Tarot is a tool for awakening our intuitive faculties, the bridge to our inner world. It’s a metaphorical system that leads us on a path of adventure, of knowledge itself. Anthony Lewis “Tarot. Simple and clear”.

Tarot readings on relationships and love


Option for guessing using one card when you need a definite answer without details.

Next, you can select a group of combinations where the number of cards ranges from three to seven. Simple — three, laid out in a row. They may be treated in several senses, all depends from the situation:

  • Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow.
  • I, We, He.
  • Situation, Action, Result.

Another way — “Work” known in the Internet Tarot reader Het Monster.

Six cards are laid out in two columns of three. The right column is male, left is female. Interpretation: the bottom row (1, 4 cards) indicates the physical line partners, the second (2, 5) about the emotional coincidence, feelings, and the third (3, 6) mental or intellectual relationship of the pair.

The version of “He’s under the gun” paints the whole picture.


It looks as follows: in the series are laid out face down eight cards. Interpretation:

  • What he thinks of me.
  • What he’s saying.
  • His feelings.
  • What he wants.
  • What I will do.
  • What I will do.
  • The purpose of it.
  • The purpose of it.

The following method can be used before the date. For it laid out six cards, which are treated:

  • What the querent expects from the upcoming meeting.
  • How will the date.
  • The meeting itself.
  • How comfortable will the querent.
  • What the querent can expect at best.
  • The result of rendezvous.

Do not forget to check the liner or the book that came with your deck. If you have a theme deck or Oracle, the authors offer classifications developed specifically for the topic of your Tarot. Divination for Tarot card decks a lot. Remember, the main thing how asked are interpreted the resulting Arcana. Tarot — a great help in understanding the world and others. Use it wisely.

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