The relationship between a man and a woman – an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative people of different professions. We fall in love, indulge in passions, friends, playing weddings, having children together, quarrel and divorce – and how much we have in common?! But we men and women are still from different planets: they are from Mars, we are from Venus.

To understand the intricacies of a relationship, it is better to know the psychology of the opposite sex and build the right communication will help relationship books that we picked up for you. These interesting books are worth a read because each of us, even the most wise and intelligent, sometimes lack the experience, to make the right decision at a particular stage of a relationship with a man, to learn to listen and hear his beloved and, eventually, be happy with him. Popular books about love and relationship between a man and a woman in front of you!

Oona and Salinger, Frederic Beigbeder

oona and salinger

This one of the best relationship books is very elegant, slightly ironic, and endlessly touching. Unlike many writers who undertake the history of famous people, Beigbeder managed to avoid dirt, vulgarity and cynicism, which was highly appreciated by the readership. However, the author remains true to his style: leisurely, although dynamic, harsh, but beautiful, lets enjoy the love story and makes the reader think.

Beigbeder describes the life of girls from high society who spend all their free time in expensive restaurants. They are the elite and always surrounded by rich handsome men. But, the main characters here Oona and Salinger is faith, hope and love. Their incredible love story will not leave you indifferent. In addition, Beigbeder proves to us that men also are able to love and ready to do big things!

The husband’s secret, Liane Moriarty

the husbands secret

Imagine that your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine that you came across this letter in a time when your husband was still alive. Imagine also that the letter contains his darkest secret can destroy not only your life but the lives of others. The main character has the perfect life – she’s a successful businessman, a devoted wife and mother. But this letter could change everything, and not just for her.

The husband`s secret is both entertaining and thought-provoking reading. Moriarty in a good way a challenge, as his characters and readers.

What French Women Know: About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind, Debra Ollivier

what french women know

For many centuries, French women are considered goddesses of love and sexuality. Some researchers suggest that this status they have received because of the so-called superficial glamour. Debra Olivier, author of “What French women know”, also tried to find out what determines the attractiveness of French women and their ability to seduce. She studied quite thoroughly and versatile, and now is convinced that French women can offer the world something more important than guidance on how best to present themselves than you can seduce how to cook a gourmet meal and what to do to not get fat.

Fates and furies, Lauren Groff

fates and furies

The plot revolves around the life of a successful playwright Lancelot “Lotto” and his beloved wife Matilda, who spent his whole life in the shadow of her husband. The novel is set in new York city for twenty-five years. But once it becomes clear that the narcissistic genius of Lotto is just a puppet in the hands of his wife. Outwardly perfect marriage is cracked: respect gives way to lies, love, intrigue.

Lady Chatterley’s lover, David Herbert Lawrence

Lady chatterleys lover

“Lady Chatterley’s lover” – a fusion of fiction and philosophy, the center of which female sensuality. A novel in which eroticism and sexuality exist on a par with a well written psychological nuances and analysis of the time.

Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

Mrs dalloway

The novel “Mrs. Dalloway” by British writer Virginia Woolf (1888-1942), which critics often compared with “Ulysses” by James Joyce, tells about one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, in love with life of a London lady from the highest echelons of British society. Wonderful June day puts her in the happy memories of young times. Clarissa reflects on your choice to get married reliable Richard Dalloway, denying the extravagant Peter Walsh, whom she dearly loved. Richard has been her support throughout all these years, and she lived with him a happy life, however, fluctuations still haunt her. If the decision was correct, why, then my heart aches from a single mention of those distant summer days?

Love, freedom, aloneness. The Koan of relationships, OSHO

Love freedom aloneness

How to love yourself and not be a narcissist? How to love the other without tying the knot? How to find among the false shadows of love – true love: one that can lead us to the grain of the divine in our nature? And how, left alone, never to know loneliness? On these and many other issues of our life, wonders Osho book “Love, freedom, aloneness”. The answers he offers are unusual, sometimes even provocative, but to talk with him consistently interesting. Accessible, witty and dynamic narrative Osho will impress a wide range of readers: there’s a reason he’s considered a true rock star of the modern esoteric philosophy.

A conversation between two famous people – writer and sexologist about the secret, that holds the Union of two loving hearts in the sea of life in harmony and love, or exposes the visible and invisible “underwater” barriers of misunderstanding, and then, and threaten the alienation … the authors of the dialogue do not elude the fact that concern people in the intimate sphere, without imposing their recipes, but only summing up how to achieve a General consensus in the relationship, keep the interest of the two lovers to each other for years…

Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love, Allan & Barbara Pease

why men want sex and women need love

What is the role of intimate relationships in a person’s life? What causes some men to constantly change partners for sex? What causes women to demand commitment from men? The authors of this book give detailed answers to questions about how there are love and romance, what really want men and women than is often the result of casual sex, why there is infidelity. Their insights and advice based on the results of numerous studies and scientific experiments.

Written in a lively language, full of interesting information and humor, this edition will take a worthy place on the bookshelf.