Lesbian Relationship


The origins of the intimate relationship between two women lie in Ancient Greece. In Greece it was believed that to engage in self-gratification, and lesbian sex is much more ethical, pleasant and nobly than to live with a man with a woman.

This moral system has led to a real flourishing of lesbian relationship among women, or sufismo (on behalf of poetess Sappho, who praised this kind of sexual love).

On the occurrence of lesbian relationship tells a beautiful legend. Zeus as a punishment for the fact that one lesbian had refused to become his mistress, condemned the island of Lesbos to a terrible fate. Four decades passed before Zeus broke the curse. When ships from the mainland landed on the island of Lesbos, they opened a terrible picture: on the island there was not a single sexually Mature males. The woman lived with the woman, and the affection that they gave, were called was a lesbian mixer.


In our world the percentage of lesbian women approximately in the range from 1% to 3%, although it is possible that this percentage is highly underestimated, since women are much easier than for a man to conceal his unusual sexual preferences. She may get married or live in civil marriage and give birth to not one child in order to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of society, which can not make a homosexual-male.


Fondling lesbian women are very diverse: from kissing to mutual Masturbation. In many countries, widespread strap-on Dildo or artificial penis. When a lesbian relationship due to external circumstances that limit women a long time to lead a traditional sex life, lesbian love can be considered as a substitute for coitus (sexual intercourse between a man and a woman).


Very often, these lesbian tendencies meet a family of women living with their husbands. A woman can get satisfaction from both partners (she’s bisexual), or if men unpleasant for her, and she has an orgasm only in a homosexual love, though not always so.

There are passive lesbians, they mostly retain their feminine appearance, femininity and behavior in everyday life. In childhood they were no different from other girls.


Active lesbians are usually different from the passive fact that they have a masculine built body, somewhat rough voice, some of them like to wear men’s clothes and men’s jobs, often showing his “male” behavior.

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