How to save a relationship?

            More recently, they loved and enjoyed each other’s company. But once there was one fight, then the second, and now formed a lump of unsaid and resentment. And unexpectedly for themselves, the pair found themselves on the verge of a breakup.
            Why did this happen? Why the once strong and happy relationship cracking at the seams? Is it possible to establish a relationship with your partner, if they are already on the verge of breaking? First we need to understand what is the cause of the disorder and why the couple was on the verge of breaking.

Most often men and women quarrel because of the fact that:

  • one partner simply ceases to hear the other;

  • they are not satisfied with something in each other;

  • one of them began to pay less attention to another;

  • man and woman ignoring each other’s opinions.

Do not blame your mate for all the ills and misfortunes. After all, fighting always to blame for both. Therefore, in order to rescue from the collapse of their relationship, the responsibility needs to take. It is important to honestly answer yourself the question, what on my part was wrong?


I contributed to the fact that the relationship went wrong? And what I did in order to save them? In order to answer these and other questions, can be a time to be alone. Perhaps, everything considered, one of the partners will understand where the mistake was made, and can start finding the right solutions.

It must be remembered that the conflict situation between a man and a woman is their relationship. And it can be solved only in the case when there is at least some mutual feelings and a shared desire to keep the family together. So to save the relationship, on the verge, should make every effort and use all methods.

Definitely need to sit down and talk about all that boiling. To clarify the situation, it is advisable to try to take the place of its second half. If you talk normally fails, but the desire to find out and understand your partner remains – you can enlist the help of a psychologist.


In addition, the return of old feelings can and various networking events – a romantic dinner, a trip on vacation or at a resort, going to the theater or the amusement Park. If a couple once dreamed to jump with a parachute or hot air balloon rides is now just that case when it can be done.

The man and the woman it is important to live these moments together, to feel the same positive emotions. They will become the necessary charge, which will give a boost to their rapprochement. To restore the former relations will also help the love, respect and patience to each other.

There are several useful tips that will help to establish relationships.

  1. You must be honest with your partner. This does not mean that you need to immediately tell all the secrets, hidden until that time. But a certain frankness will help to better understand each other.

  2. It is important to understand their relationship, and what they should be, and tell about it its second half.

  3. We need to be United! After all, the goal of the couple in this case is the same – to keep the relationship.

  4. It is important to accept your mate for who she is, respect each other’s opinions.

  5. To learn to solve problems peacefully, often to compromise.

  6. To solve problems as they arise. No need to provoke their occurrence or delay their decision.

  7. Listen to your companion and hear him!

  8. You must learn to ask for forgiveness for your mistakes and forgive your partner.

  9. Should not unreasonably refuse its second half in sex, because sex is one of the important components in the life of any couple.

  10. Definitely worth it to plan their future life together. After all, the belief that the pair have a future together, we will bring together the two people and will strengthen their relationship.

So, the relationship is on the verge of breakup is not a death sentence. You can still fix it and regain. The main thing – the belief and the desire of the two.

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