Double Your Dating

double your dating

David-d’angelo is an American writer, founder of “Double Your Dating”. “Double Your Dating” publishes literature and multimedia products for relations between the sexes, and “seduction”.


David-d’angelo — consultant relations, living in USA.

Originally a student of Ross Jeffrie Using the alias sysonpyh,- d’angelo published information on private research and innovation in underground publications devoted to the seduction of “Cliff’s List”

With the release of his first book “Double Your Dating” (2001) – d’angelo has gained prominence in broader circles. Subsequently, he published various other books including the second edition of “Double Your Dating”, a series of materials “Advanced Dating”, “77 Rules for Success With Women”, “Deep Inner Game”, as well as interactive workshops “Meeting Women Online”.

Among the most well-known “guru” in the field of relationship and seduction. among his students — Neil Strauss.

book double your dating


According to the argument, – d’angelo, a substantial part of social behavior somehow is related to reproduction and mating habits of a man is not different from the mating rituals of other species any significant way.

However, the “social conditioning” mindset common in modern society, leads men to develop a variety of counterproductive behaviours that increase the percentage of failures in relationships with the opposite sex and initially reducing the inherent quality, which in turn are the features that make them sexually attractive from the point of view of women.


According to-d’angelo taught in his seminars techniques and approaches serve different purposes, whether it is a one-time sexual relationship or long-term unions. Like other, less well-known members of the “seduction community”, – d’angelo often criticized by women and men who adhere to the philosophy in the style of “be yourself”, but has the unconditional support of their supporters, who consider criticisms a sign of ignorance.

– D’angelo, considers erroneous the assertion that physical attractiveness is the only way to a successful seduction. The expression “attraction is not a choice of the person” found in each publication by this author. A typical example of the incorrectness of the hypothesis about the importance of physical attractiveness, – d’angelo believes “memorized phrases”, which is often recommended to use of men (in fact, such ideas are highly inefficient because it is premature given the intentions of men, and demonstrate its low success with the opposite sex).

Similarly, gifts or romantic dinners, according to statistics, the accumulated d’angelo, usually completely ineffective and are seen by women as a kind of “bribes” almost did not affect the attractiveness of a man. Citing similar examples are common due to “social conditioning of the brain” wrong and counterproductive behavior, – d’angelo shows in its examples and its typical consequences: failure in the development of relations.

failure in relations

Alternatively, the-d’angelo offers the use of a technique of development of personal qualities that increase the demand by the opposite sex, as well as special techniques that improve certain technical aspects marpolbul interaction.

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