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In the world today the most acute issue of teenage pregnancy. The problem has been relevant for more than one year, although programs for the sexual education of adolescents are constantly being held. What is so dangerous pregnancy at an early age, what caused and how to act to change the situation.

Early Pregnancy Statistics


Most of these too early pregnancies are usually unplanned. This is the reason for such sad statistics: 70% of pregnancies are not hatched, resulting in abortions (very often late, on deadlines), 15% – miscarriages, and only 15% – childbirth. Moreover, only half of the children born to adolescents fall into the family, while the rest remain abandoned in the homes of the little ones.

What pregnancy is considered early?


Pregnancy is said to be “early” or “teenage” if it occurs in a teenage girl in the low age category from 13 to 18 years. Girls at this age very often begin to live an intimate life only in order to appear “no worse than others”, and not the last role is assigned to the widespread propaganda of sex. A survey showed that only a third of sexually active adolescents use a condom during intercourse, another third resort to interrupted sexual intercourse, and the rest are not protected at all. Approximately 5% of the surveyed schoolgirls had once had an early pregnancy.

What is the danger of teenage pregnancy


Psychological aspect

Often, adolescents do not notice early pregnancy itself. They learn about their position with great delay. Of course, the first reaction is a feeling of shame, a feeling of fear, shock, tremendous guilt, confusion. The girl does not want to accept what happened, she is afraid, panicking. At an early age, in fact still a child, it is difficult to cope with the surging problem and its emotional side. Here a lot depends on the nature of the teenager and his relationship with his parents. Some fall into a deep depression, others – are waiting for some “miracle” in which everything will be solved by itself.

The girl is not able to decide for herself what to do with this pregnancy. She faces a difficult and terrible question of choice – to terminate a pregnancy or save it? That is why it is so important that a person with understanding is able to support and help with a teenage girl. This is not always one of the parents (unfortunately) – it can be a favorite teacher or the mother of a best friend. Someone has to help her deal with hopelessness and make an adult decision.

Physiological aspect

The course of pregnancy at an early age does not differ in any significant moments from the pregnancy of an adult woman. And this is its danger. There is the following trend: the lower the age of the expectant mother, the greater the risk of complications and the presence of pathology in both the child and herself.

Risk to pregnant teenage girl:

1. The presence of anemia (decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood);
2. Hypertension (high blood pressure);
3. Early and most dangerous – late toxicosis;
4. Preeclampsia;
5. Lack of weight during pregnancy (due to poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle);
6. Placental presentation (due to a failure in the production of hormones);
7. The threat of miscarriage;
8. The threat of preterm birth;
9. The presence of complications in childbirth – obstruction of the fetus, the need for cesarean section (due to the clinical narrowness of the pelvis);


Risk for a child:

1. Pediatric prematurity (the earlier the childbirth occurs, the higher the risks of congenital problems with vision, respiration, digestion and the overall development of the body);
2. Low birth weight (2, 5-1, 5 kg);
3. The presence of intrauterine hypoxia;
4. The danger of birth trauma;
5. Inability to breastfeed (due to the lack of motivation of the teenage mother);
6. The threat of lag in physical and mental development.

Most of these problems stem from the fact that adolescents are still immature physically, their body is not fully formed and has not developed to the necessary degree. Very often, pregnancy between the ages of 13-17 is generally ignored, the correct diet and behavior is not observed, which leads to complications for the mother and baby.

Social aspect


A young and pregnant girl is very often confronted with condemnation and censure. Therefore, she is initially afraid to admit what happened to her parents in the first place, and is left alone with the problem. Because of early pregnancy, a girl is sometimes forced to drop out of school, thereby putting an end to our future education, the possibility of self-realization and career.

Prevention of early pregnancy complications


A young and pregnant girl is entitled and in her position to receive timely assistance from specialists (early registration with a gynecologist) and the support of others (father of the child, relatives, doctors, etc.). Only in this case significantly increases the chance to bear and give birth to a healthy child on their own.

Also for the prevention of possible complications during childbirth is considered advance (1-2 weeks before the deadline) hospitalization of a pregnant teenage girl in the pathology department at a local hospital. There will be a course of preparatory and restorative therapy, and the girl will receive timely assistance if the birth starts early.

Prevention of early pregnancy

1. Maintaining a trusting relationship with a teenage child, which includes frank conversations on “forbidden” topics,

2. Organization of sex education for adolescents at school, watching films, holding lectures on the topic of sexuality, methods of protection and early pregnancy,

3. Providing complete and varied information on modern methods of contraception (requires self-education of the parents themselves).

Remember that a teenage girl always has every chance to produce a healthy baby. Proper lifestyle and early observation with a doctor is the key to successful resolution of pregnancy.

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