How long does it take to get pregnant?


How long does it take to get pregnant? This question is asked by many couples who decide to conceive a child. After all, only 2 out of 10 pairs succeed in achieving the goal within a month from the moment of the decision to replenish the family. Other potential parents conceive over a longer period. In this article we will tell you how much time must pass to get pregnant, as well as give tips to speed up the process.

How long does it take to get pregnant?


The norm is conception within 12 months. According to studies, 84% of couples get to conceive a child during the year of regular sex.

For a woman to become pregnant, it is necessary that two conditions coincide:

  • ovulation period;
  • the presence of motile sperm that can fertilize an egg.

However, ovulation does not occur every cycle, not all sperm can reach the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg, not always the fertilized egg is able to attach to the uterine wall, etc.

Factors affecting the timing of conception


  1. Age. It is known that with age, the body loses its fertility. Up to 35 years old, the chances of conceiving are highest.After crossing this age limit, you need to put more effort into conceiving a child. Note that if both spouses are under 35 years old, but there is no conception for more than 12 months, then you should consult a doctor. If a woman is over 35 years old, and a man is over 40, a diagnosis of “infertility” is made if the pregnancy does not occur for longer than 6 months.
  2. Nutrition. Proper and balanced diet will significantly accelerate the onset of pregnancy. Couples who eat properly (eat vegetables and fruits, whole grain products, meat, fish, vitamins, minerals) can quickly conceive a child.
  3. Lifestyle. Harmful habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.) adversely affect reproductive health. The same goes for low physical activity and overweight. On the other hand, often conception occurs on vacation, when partners do not experience stress, enjoy life, get enough sleep. This can be considered when planning a child.
  4. Health problems. Hormonal disorders in women can cause anovulation (lack of ovulation), loss of endometrial capacity of the uterus to attach the egg, as well as thickening of the cervical mucus, which hinders the promotion of sperm. A disease such as endometriosis can interfere with egg implantation. In men, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system lead to a deterioration in sperm quality. In such cases, partners will need the help of doctors.
  5. The regularity of having sex. Naturally, to get pregnant you need to engage in unprotected sex. Once a week it may not be enough, however, it is not necessary to overdo it with love affairs either – daily sex can reduce the quality of sperm.

How to speed up the process?


To get pregnant faster, it is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. Have sex regularly. Just relaxing and enjoying intimacy is the best way to increase your chances of conceiving.Many recommend to monitor ovulation and increase sex life on days when the probability of conception is highest (about 4 days, during and within 2 days after the release of the egg). If you are inconvenient to plan sex life in this way, have unprotected sex once every 2-3 days.
  2. To refuse from bad habits. Future parents will have to give up alcohol and tobacco, which not only interfere with getting pregnant, but may also adversely affect the course of pregnancy and the health of the baby.
  3. Normalize weight. Excess weight leads to hormonal disorders in men and women. So if you need to lose weight – do it, but wisely. Keep in mind: too low weight also does not contribute to fertility.
  4. Eat right and eat vitamin-mineral complexes. To get the right amount of nutrients, you need to balance your diet.Special preparations with a complex of vitamins, minerals and other substances that increase fertility will be extremely useful for speeding up conception. Speroton improves the number of sperm cells that have normal mobility and are able to fertilize an egg, and Pregnoton increases the chances of conception (improves the condition of the endometrium, reduces the level of prolactin, a hormone, which increases the level of conception) and allows you to prepare the female body in a complex way to carry a child.

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