Homemade Pregnancy Test


The woman who expects the kid, can take various changes in an organism for the first signs of pregnancy: weakness emergence, headache, increase in allocations, change of tastes. And she wants confirmation that conception really happened. If it occurred “two hours ago”, the test for pregnancy won’t react yet. To check, whether really there was a desirable pregnancy, it is possible in house conditions to use some ways.


Pharmaceutical tests react to change of quantity of hormones as a part of urine. Most precisely the state is indicated by a morning portion.


House reagents react to acidity of urine – with approach of pregnancy is changed not only hormonal players. However some other factors have impact on the same parameter also therefore precisely to define pregnancy without gynecologic survey or, without getting the pharmaceutical test, it is impossible.Thanks to similar check modern adaptations not only fix origin of new life, but also can specify term to within 2 weeks.

The homemade pregnancy tes with soda

The most popular homemade method is definition of pregnancy by means of soda. For this purpose it is required to prepare usual baking soda in advance – a teaspoon, the pure container for urine, hygienic accessories – it is necessary to be prepared for procedure in advance.


How to check pregnancy by means of soda?

To be washed away, gather urine in the container – it isn’t less than 100 g, to fill there soda. Further it is necessary to watch chemical reaction which begins at once. If liquid in the container starts foaming and hissing, it is possible to draw a conclusion – pregnancies didn’t come. Soda at pregnancy drops out in a deposit, and no reaction happens, liquid remains transparent.

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Why so occurs, nobody knows – scientists-chemists consider that pregnancy directly doesn’t change acidity of urine. However as they directly didn’t ask this question, it is possible to assume that the changes beginning in an organism are directly reflected in a condition of kidneys and the biochemical players of urine are changed.

Acidity of urine

Acidity of urine – or ph – an indicator changeable. She can sourer or alkaline. In norm urine subacidic – her ph from 4,5 to 8.

Influences acidity:

  • Urine at increase in a diet of quantity of fresh vegetables and fruit is alkalized, at organism dehydration, during diseases of an urinary system, diseases of respiratory ways, the being able ambassador of alcoholic intoxication, at diseases of the haematogenic system, during reception of some medicines.nature of food;
  • state of health;
  • climatic factors.

The following factors have impact on increase of acidity of urine: the increased quantity of proteinaceous food in a diet, a feverish state, diseases of endocrine system – for example, diabetes, tuberculosis of kidneys, organism exhaustion – including a long diet, the use of a large number of a cranberry, lemons, black and red currant.


Introduction of pathogenic bacteria which cause infectious diseases of gynecologic bodies, also influence acidity of urine.

In connection with the above information, it isn’t necessary to hope that the indicator of house dough will be reliable for 100%.


How to define approach of pregnancy by soda, already clearly, but there are also different ways on which it is possible to learn that desirable changes in an organism began. Reliability their same, as well as in tests with soda.

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The test with iodine.

  1. It is possible to define conception approach in the old “grandmother’s” way. The assistant is for this purpose necessary.The drop of iodine is brought in the container with in advance collected urine. If iodine is dissolved, pregnancy is absent, the drop remains on a surface and gathers in a dense circle – it is possible to shout “Yeees!”, conception came;
  2. More convenient way – to moisten with urine a paper strip so that she completely became impregnated, and to drip on her iodine. If pregnancy is present, paper will turn blue.

It is necessary to remove a ring from a finger, it is better wedding, to pass through him a silk thread or a hair of “culprit” of the made ceremony. Then this thread is fixed on a stick – a pencil, the handle – it is unimportant, the main thing – as it is possible “to remove” a human factor further.

“Suspect” in pregnancy lays down on a back on a horizontal surface, the assistant takes in a hand a stick with the ring attached on a thread, raises him over a navel approximately by 2-3 cm. Wait for 15 seconds. If during this time the ring starts fluctuating with the increasing amplitude – the test showed positive result.


There is a set of the signs indicating approach of conception on early terms on which women understand about change of own state.


Some women learn about the pregnancy on change of a smell of sweat – he seems to them too sharp. Certainly, this indicator is reliable if sniffed to themselves all life. In certain cases it is possible to judge emergence of a new state on allergic reactions which weren’t shown earlier.Change of a smell of sweat;

  • Flavoring addictions change. Not necessarily pulls on “solty” or “spicy”, some suddenly want to suck a nail, to bite off a piece of soap, to eat strawberry with meat;
  • The increase and consolidation of chest glands which take for the beginning of periods which doesn’t come or passes with changes – bloody allocations poor;
  • The pulling short-term feelings in the lower part of a stomach;
  • The increased number of the mucous allocations which don’t have any smell or slightly sweetish with quite pleasant aroma;
  • Increase in a sexual inclination or on the contrary, absence to interest in sex;
  • The speeded-up urination at which there are no painful symptoms, and portions of urine are changed slightly.
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There are especially sensitive women who from the first days after conception test weakness, drowsiness and a subconscious state. But nevertheless you shouldn’t rely on national methods and own feelings. Weakness and change of quality and number of allocations, as well as other signs, can be symptoms of some diseases which need to be eliminated.

Therefore for exact diagnostics of own state – even if the medical test showed positive result – it is worth passing additional inspections. 100% the confidence in pregnancy is given by the test for a horionichesky gonadotrophin. For this purpose within 2 days in at one time 2 times take blood from a vein and allocate from her this hormone which quantity when fixing fetal egg in a uterus has to increase each 48 hours twice.

For an exception of extra-uterine pregnancy it is necessary to pass ultrasonography survey. Only after complex inspection it is possible to define precisely that conception happened and as pregnancy proceeds.

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