Cryptic Pregnancy


For everything primary signs of pregnancy where enter are almost known: sharp differences of mood, toxicosis, stay of a menstrual cycle, swelling of mammary glands, weight set, etc. But there are cases when such signs are absent and the woman to the last doesn’t know that is pregnant. And it not a rarity, about 20% of girls even on the 4th month didn’t suspect about the pregnancy.

Cryptic pregnancy: what is it?

The cryptic pregnancy implies the asymptomatic course of this situation. In ancient times was considered that such state at God’s will who decided to hide to the last future hero, the prophet or the tsar.


In the modern world, it can really be considered as “God’s favor” because of big distribution of abortions as in this case, the child is under bigger protection, after all on late terms, to get rid of a fruit happens it is impossible.

It would seem that reliable signs and natural manifestations at pregnancy have to be identical at all women, but not everything is so simple as can seem at first sight, after all there is rather large number of kinds of this state:

  • hidden and false;
  • stood and extra-uterine;
  • biochemical and color;
  • late and early;
  • complicated and normal;
  • undesirable and planned;
  • polycarpous and normal.

Important! Insidiousness of the cryptic pregnancy is that the woman without knowing about her continues to function in the usual mode, experiencing big strain, without filling up or giving in to addictions that can negatively affect on health of future child.

Reasons of the cryptic pregnancy


As an explanation of the reasons of development of the cryptic pregnancy, some psychological and physiological theoretical reflections are offered. In spite of the fact that such phenomenon is more possible to be shown at women with the available mental disorders, just the bigger quantity of similar situations is observed at mentally healthy future mothers. Ask a question about the reasons of such phenomenon not only many women, but also men, and also physicians. However anybody can’t give the authentic answer.

Important! All experts agree in opinion that the hidden pregnancy doesn’t bear for itself any risks. It is very important to try to distinguish her as soon as possible and to get registered at the doctor for supervision over development of a fruit.

Symptoms of the cryptic pregnancy

The cryptic pregnancy is called so because passes asymptomatic. However it is possible to characterize such situation nevertheless in spite of the fact that symptoms aren’t characteristic and can change in each individual case:

  • the periods proceed within several months during pregnancy, but intensity and color of allocations have to change;
  • there is a weight set that can be not noticeable in case the woman is inclined to completeness or doesn’t watch weight;
  • in a case when the fruit is fixed unstably, the organism can teeter on the brink of pregnancy failure, thus go plentiful monthly, but the woman can perceive it, as an unstable hormonal background.

Important! Quite often the hidden pregnancy without existence of toxicosis meets.

Much worse if all symptoms of pregnancy are present, but the fetus in a uterus is absent, and instead tumoral process takes place. In certain cases even ultrasonic research can be mistaken.

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There is a certain type of women who can recover by winter to 15 kg, and by the summer period again to come to an initial form. As for pregnancy, during this period on average girls are capable to gain about 12 kg. And even sportswomen and those who watch the food and lead a healthy lifestyle, the minimum is gathered by 5-6 kg.

It is necessary to understand that the norm of a seasonal set in weight shouldn’t exceed 4 kg therefore excess of this border can signal about asymptomatic pregnancy. However it is difficult to distinguish the completeness reason in case the woman incorrectly eats, eats at night, leads a sedentary life, isn’t engaged in physical exercises, etc. In this case, only the first movements of a fetus will be able to let know about pregnancy.

Attention! To define existence of a small fruit at the large woman at asymptomatic pregnancy without the assistance of physicians – it won’t turn out.

How to check, whether there is a pregnancy at doubtful signs?

To be the pregnancy assured available, the woman needs to pass standard inspection that all pass future mothers, before registration. Before it it is possible to use the ordinary test for pregnancy bought in the next pharmaceutical point.

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Reception in female consultation will look as follows:

  1. Primary survey at the attending physician.
  2. Delivery of dab on flora.
  3. The general blood test and test on HGCh.
  4. Ultrasonic research.
  5. General analysis of urine.
  6. The expert can appoint and other additional researches in case of need.

Attention! If there were any changes of a cycle, but the full confidence in pregnancy isn’t present – it is necessary to address to the expert in female consultation. Regular visit of the gynecologist – normal situation for any woman who has intimate relations.

Whether ultrasonography will show the hidden pregnancy? In case of suspicion on the hidden pregnancy, any expert has to send the patient for ultrasonic research. Naturally, even classical pregnancy can be not distinguished but if the device for carrying out ultrasonography modern, and his operator – skilled, then fetal egg “does not disappear” from his look. In case there were any suspicions, it is possible to go on ultrasonography and on blood test. In case of the normal course of pregnancy, it will manage to be distinguished in a month of a delay of a menstrual cycle. The woman always has to show consideration for the health and regularly visit the expert. Only in this case the hidden pregnancy won’t become for it surprise and she will manage to be prepared for safe families of the healthy child.

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