Can you get pregnant from precum


The interrupted sexual intercourse – the most ancient, though an unreliable way of contraception. The probability of conception at such method of protection makes 25–30%. Even if the man made everything correctly, a quantity of his greasing remains in the woman’s vagina. In the people there is an opinion what to become pregnant from greasing (allocations) rather simply. In turn, one physicians adhere to this point of view, others – absolutely reject it.

Greasing origin. At the time of sexual excitement the man from the urethral channel has viscous transparent allocations (greasing, predeyakulit, preseed, Kuperova liquid). The volume of greasing depends on specific features of the person and makes from 0,01 to 5 ml.

Precum represents a secret the bulbouretralnykh of glands (Cooper’s glands) to whom a few releases of glands of Littre are added. Pair glands of Cooper are between bunches of muscles of an urinogenital diaphragm (in forward part of a bottom of a small pelvis), numerous glands of Littre settle down on all length of an urethra.

Kuperova liquid:

  • alkalizes environment in the man’s urethral channel and a female vagina as high acidity is pernicious for spermatozoa;
  • envelops a mucous membrane of a male urethra thanks to what sperm move quicker and stick to walls of the urethral channel less;
  • carries out a greasing role at sexual intercourse;
  • contains the immunoglobulins interfering penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into a seed and clearing of them an urethra (slime doesn’t rescue from venereal diseases).

Cooper and Littre’s glands have no relation to formation of spermatozoa therefore initially at development of a predeyakulyat of a seed in him isn’t present and can’t be.

The reasons of hit of sperm in precum

The reasons_of_hit_of_spermatozoa_in_presemen

And nevertheless it is possible to become pregnant from the man’s greasing. Passing across the urethral canal, presemen washes away and carries away with itself his contents. Spermatozoa can get to greasing, if for 2–3 hours before sexual intercourse:

  • the man had an unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • the man masturbated;
  • he had morning pollyution.
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Scientists came to a conclusion that the spermatozoa getting to a vagina together with greasing don’t pose big threat:

  • because of long stay in the sour environment of the urethral channel they weaken that is confirmed with researches of a precum under a microscope;
  • spermatozoa are especially active when them much and they move a stream. Single man’s gametes are less mobile.

But possibility of conception depends on quality of sperm and day of an ovulation of the woman. Though probability of approach of pregnancy from allocations it is insignificant it is small, nevertheless she is. Theoretically the sperm which got into uterine tubes are capable to wait an ovum and to keep ability to fertilization from one to three days.

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How to reduce probability of conception because of hit of greasing in a vagina

Female syringing in such cases is absolutely useless. Spermatozoa move quickly and in order that “to wash up” them from a vagina, it is necessary to carry out syringing within one and a half minutes after sexual intercourse. Popular antiquated means: syringing by solution of lemon juice, lemon acid or vinegar, – if it is wrong to proportion of ingredients to pick up, provokes a uterus neck erosion.

You shouldn’t rely too and on a calendar method. He works only with the constant duration of a menstrual cycle. But because of a stress, change of climate, an illness, fatigue the ovulation can always come much more sooner or later the middle of a cycle.

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How_to_reduce_probability of_conception_because_of_hit_of_greasing_in_a_vagina

If the monthly last 5–7 days, the ovulation is capable to occur in the last days of female allocations. Also conception time happens at the end of a cycle. Physicians fixed even the rare occurences of conception in the first 3 days of a cycle which many consider absolutely safe.

Spermatozoa perish in the sour environment quicker. Them will be much less in presemen if the man after sexual intercourse makes an urination. Also hygienic procedures with soap help.

But completely it is impossible to guarantee lack of spermatozoa in a precum. Therefore the man and the woman have to agree about contraception methods in advance. The way of the interrupted sexual intercourse helps not everyone and not always. Besides this method negatively influences nervous system of the man and at long use promotes fading of a sexual inclination.

For those men and women who are afraid of conception, but can’t or don’t want to use condoms or oral contraceptives, there is one more exit: spermicidal gels, skins, candles. They are less effective, than tablets, nevertheless considerably reduce probability to become pregnant because of the spermatozoa which got to greasing.

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