Can pregnant women eat shrimp?


When the woman expects a baby, it is very important to it to observe good and healthy nutrition. All used products have to be under her control. Various groups of products contain a different set of useful nutrients. So, it is impossible to replace with anything seafood, only if synthetic vitamins. But it is much simpler to eat them in the natural form.

For example, shrimps at pregnancy will sate an organism with necessary amount of proteins. But there is a question – and whether it is possible to eat them, whether it is harmful?

Whether shrimps during pregnancy are useful?


Before pregnancy you, for certain, using shrimps and other seafood, didn’t worry about any consequences at all. But with approach of “interesting situation” everything changed. And before to send something to a mouth, you ten times will think: and whether costs, whether it will do much harm to the kid?

If earlier you had no negative reactions on a shrimp, don’t doubt, anything supernatural won’t be and now. Safely eat, but, certainly, moderately, listening to the organism and feelings. Shrimps it is possible for pregnancy in time. Any doctor will tell you too most – food of future mother has to be various and saturated.

In what the advantage of this product consists?

  • Shrimps are rich in proteins, iron and various acids, and also contain many useful microcells;
  • Their use positively influences formation of stones of future kid, does them strong and flexible, positively influences and formation of nervous system, a brain.
  • At all the advantage the product quickly is digested, is easy food and thus still sates with iodine that is so good in ours, not absolutely favorable ecological situation;
  • Seafood in an urban environment where shortage of oxygen and great negative influence of the industrial environment is always observed is especially useful.

Attention! The advantage of shrimps at pregnancy will be actual only if you correctly prepare them. The half-baked dish, insufficient heat treatment can lead to poisoning.

Whether it is authorized to pregnant women to eat shrimps?

Whether_it_is_authorized_to pregnant_women_to_eat_shrimps

It is possible in case you tried earlier and regaled on them. But follow sense of proportion. If you could eat any sea products without measure and without concern for the state earlier, that, during expectation of the child, we don’t advise you strongly to lean on exotic dishes.

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And what to do in case before a shrimp never tried, and there is a strong wish? Then eat very little, see to the reaction. To avoid troubles, simply don’t abuse.

It is quite admissible is on 100-150 grams a week to be sated and to do much harm to themselves and the kid. In case you don’t want shrimps, you shouldn’t eat them then in general. It is quite possible to manage other food which will be able to provide you with all necessary useful substances. About what it is useful and it is safe to eat during this important period.

Violently you shouldn’t stuff yourself with shrimps, you can achieve only disgust at best, in the worst – receive an indigestion and poisoning.

Squids, and also shrimps have in structure not only such iodine necessary for us, but also the haematogenic elements very useful to the woman bearing the child, after all against pregnancy, at some also anemia which is very dangerous to the weakened organism can develop.

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Whether shrimps can do harm at pregnancy?


Very important point is the place where you bought shrimps. Be surely convinced of quality of a product, of his freshness and the correct storage conditions. On a question: Whether “It is possible shrimps at pregnancy?”, we received the answer – “yes” but if shrimps are bought stale, unpleasant feelings won’t manage to be avoided.

  1. Refuse flatly purchase of seafood in the spontaneous markets where sellers have neither references from a sanepidstantion, nor certificates of quality, especially any information on terms and storage conditions of goods;
  2. If you take already ready dish, attentively read structure which is written on a label. Vinegar, abundance of spices and preservatives can lead to irritation mucous a stomach, and cause heartburn. Buy seafood in large supermarkets and prepare their houses;
  3. Separately about potential harm of a product. Both lobsters, and squids, and shrimps – all this can have the increased level of such dangerous substance as mercury in structure. And mercury — is pernicious for the adult, it is deadly to the newborn!

In small quantities she can cause violations in formation of nervous system of future child. Also it is powerful argument in favor of purchase of ready-made products in shop where they are checked carefully, analyze on compliance to the declared state standard specifications parameters.

  1. Besides, danger of shrimps can be in and that this simple sea inhabitant quite easily accumulates heavy metal in the organism. It can be, including arsenic;
  2. In shrimps there is a lot of cholesterol, and it is harmful not only to pregnant women, but also everything who watches over the health and monitors health.
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It is possible to use quietly shrimps at pregnancy, the advantage and harm of them are obvious and simple therefore simply it is worth choosing carefully a product, it is correct to prepare it and to watch the health.


Now some simple councils that who nevertheless very much wants to take pleasure in taste of shrimps:

  • They have to boil in water not less, than 6-7 minutes. You watch that at the end of preparation they found a uniform dairy white shade;
  • Don’t eat a shrimp if they cause in you feeling of hostility if you don’t like a smell of a ready dish, or taste doesn’t make due impression;
  • It is strictly forbidden to eat finished goods from cans if packing was broken and I stood in the refrigerator more long than three days;
  • Shrimps at pregnancy on early terms — correctly prepared and bought in the place which isn’t causing suspicion can become an ideal dish in the various menu of young future mummy who cares of that her kid received all necessary nutrients, both grew and developed fully.

Unfortunately, the real, safe shrimps it is quite difficult to meet today, after all producers learned to grow up them in the artificial way, on the basis of synthetic additives for a long time. Antibiotics and hormones are the safest that can meet as a part of these small organisms. Therefore be careful, and you watch for quality of the chosen food.

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