4 Months Pregnant


From this month started the second trimester of pregnancy – the quietest and easy for the pregnant woman begins. Toxicosis already receded, the majority of necessary analyses and researches behind. The hormonal background was more or less stabilized and the pregnant woman got used to a role of future mother. Also the embryogenesis – development of an embryo ended. All important bodies of the kid are created and continue active development. Now he settled down in a fetal bubble headfirst. The 4 months pregnant – time when the woman can feel happiness of future motherhood and inflow of energy fully to take pleasure in joyful excitement of expectation of the birth of the kid.

Changes in an organism

The sizes of a uterus continue to increase, and sprain can cause pain in an inguinal zone. They have the sharp and fast-passing character. The uterus grows and goes beyond a small pelvis.

Allocations from a vagina increase, the volume of the circulating blood and liquid increases in an organism that becomes the reason of intensive sweating. This unpleasant, but normal phenomenon, is necessary only more carefully, than usually, to follow rules of personal hygiene.

Blood vessels sometimes don’t maintain the raised loading – there can be nasal bleedings, appear bruises even from a minor injury. It is recommended to take care of sufficient moistening of air in the house. It is necessary to notify on bleedings also the doctor observing pregnancy.


Quiet 4th month of pregnancy quite often is followed by such trouble as emergence of locks. Work of intestines slows down under the influence of pregnancy hormones a little, as a result kalovy masses accumulates and condensed. Owing to a long lock hemorrhoids – varicosity of veins of a rectum develop. At a natuzhivaniye these “small knots” drop out of an anus, bleed or inflame. Varicosity is shown and on a body surface – the venous grid usually appears standing or external genitals, on a breast. It is recommended to carry the correct underwear and compression stockings.

By the end of the fourth month the woman can feel easy stirs of the kid. It is considered that women thin, and also pregnant not for the first time feel them before the others, approximately on the 16th week of incubation.

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Features of food

Not to allow deficiency of any microcells in food of the pregnant woman, experts recommend to accept vitamins for future mothers. For the best assimilation it is worth accepting them after or during food or for the night. Thus it isn’t excluded possibly allergies to vitamins. Then it is necessary to stop reception of a concrete preparation and to try other vitamin complex. If in the fourth month of pregnancy you had symptoms of anemia, additional administration of drugs of iron is required. Vitamin C is especially actual at problems with vessels – it promotes their strengthening.


Diet caloric content on the 4 months pregnant has to be increased approximately by 300 kcal a day. More energy for the intensive growth of cages and fabrics is required. If it isn’t enough calories, the organism of the pregnant woman will be compelled to involve protein which could be spent for growth and development of a fruit. It is necessary to increase a corridor of calories at the expense of proteinaceous products, but not the carbohydrate. Increase consumption of meat, fish, cottage cheese, grain. Daily use also fresh fruit and vegetables, vegetable oils, fermented milk products. Avoid suppers, try to eat properly various, but healthy food.

Development of the kid on the 4th month of pregnancy


On the fourth month of pregnancy the placenta is created and carries out the functions fully – she not only provides food of a fruit, but also removes waste products of the kid, protects him from viruses and bacteria, oxygenates. The placenta serves as a peculiar converter of nutrients for fast assimilation by a fruit.

The fruit in a womb finds glotatelny and sosatelny reflexes: sucks a finger and swallows amniotic liquid. At the kid hair, eyelashes and eyebrows already grow, there are nails. Kidneys already work, the bladder functions – removes urine in amniotic waters. The composition of amniotic waters is completely updated within several hours that provides their sterility.

By the end 4 months the baby will open eyes and will find light sensitivity. Growth of the kid already reaches 20 cm, and the mass of a fetus makes about 200 g. Stirs of a fetus in a uterus are still hardly notable. On ultrasonography it is already possible to define a sex of future kid.

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On this term a number of the researches and analyses necessary for detection of congenital defects and anomalies of a fetus is conducted. The following tests are carried out:

  • on an alpha fetoprotein (AFP);
  • on the horionichesky gonadotrophin (HG);
  • on not the conjugated estriol (CE).

In the presence of deviations in results from norm, it will be required to repeat them. If suspicions of pathology are confirmed, it will be required to pass additional researches, for example, amnio-tsentez. Procedure consists in a capture of test of amniotic waters for carrying out additional analyses. If the worst fears of physicians are confirmed, to the pregnant woman can offer pregnancy interruption.

Stomach on the 4th month

At last the external sign of pregnancy is shown. The waist of future mother smoothes out a little, and the stomach is rounded. If at the beginning of a month the bottom of a uterus was over a lonny joint, now gets a navel.


The period of toxicosis remained behind, so, appetite of the pregnant woman considerably improved. The optimum increase in weight in 4 months of incubation makes 2-4 kg. Change of clothes isn’t required yet, but the tummy was already shown, and things which were before “in tight” can become absolutely close. At desire the woman still can quite conceal the tummy from foreign eyes, having avoided “exposure”, but every day it becomes more noticeable. Avoid too close, squeezing clothes. Give preference to clothes from natural fabrics of a free cut.

In certain cases skin of your stomach can scratch and be too dry. It is caused by the increasing volume of a stomach and in a consequence can lead to formation of extensions. It is already worth applying now the moisturizing creams to pregnant women not to allow their emergence.


Future mother needs to listen to own feelings. Someone from women seeks to avoid sexual contact with the partner, being afraid of complications, and someone, on the contrary has sex with even great pleasure, than before pregnancy. Can serve as contraindications to sex:

  • pregnancy complications;
  • low provision of a placenta;
  • threat of an abortion;
  • dribble of amniotic waters;
  • polycarpous pregnancy.
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In general, in the absence of possible problems with a fetus, sex in the second trimester of pregnancy isn’t forbidden. The health of the woman improves, there comes the time of relaxation and enthusiasm. Future mother wants to be attractive and to feel the desired. The strengthened vaginal allocations thus promote hypersensibility of sexual ways of the woman.


You shouldn’t force your man to sex if he is afraid to do much harm to the kid. It is necessary to explain in an intimate conversation to the spouse physiology of your state and to let know that pleasant feelings of mother will bring to development of the kid only benefit.


4 month the most suitable for visit of the stomatologist. At this stage of pregnancy use of some anesthetics is possible, so, treatment of teeth won’t bring negative emotions.

Modern doctors don’t forbid future mothers to play sports if pregnancy proceeds without complications. On the contrary, moderate physical activities promote strengthening of muscles and improvement of health. However you remember that loading for pregnant women has to be limited. “Quiet” types of physical exercises – walking, swimming are recommended. Extreme occupations under a ban – the bicycle, riding, the skates should be postponed for later.

It is a high time to get a pillow for pregnant women. It is worth choosing the model which is transformed to a pillow for feeding of babies, then she is useful to you and in the future. It is recommended to sleep on the left side, then the uterus presses less on the most significant vessels, without interfering with blood circulation in a placenta.


Traditionally, to future mother don’t recommend to dye hair, nails. However if you pay to the appearance much attention, you shouldn’t go on the victims. Pick up paint with the smallest side effects or use coloring shampoo without aggressive chemistry.

To cope with locks, increase liquid consumption – not less than 1,5 liters per day. Move more, walk in the fresh air. Reconsider a diet in favor of the products rich with cellulose are a bran, fruit and vegetables, prunes. Avoid the products causing a meteorizm – bean, cabbage, pears, bakery products.

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