35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks pregnant is the time when you need to be very careful about your well-being. If you do not like something, it is better to postpone shopping or meeting with girlfriends the next day.
Your baby size as:
Baby weight:
2 kg 400 g
Baby Growth:
47 cm

What happens in the thirty fifth week of pregnancy?


The uterus is so enlarged that it weighs heavily on the lungs, stomach and other organs. But it remains to suffer quite a bit: by the end of the 35 weeks pregnant, the baby will begin to sink into the pelvis. Then you will feel a little easier. Due to the fact that the crumb began to grow more intensively, it needs more calcium. Add dairy products to your diet: hard cheese, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese.

What does the baby look like on the 35th week of pregnancy?


In the 35 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown another 3 cm, now its growth is about 47 cm. He also recovered and now weighs 2,400 g. He is already the size of a sunflower. Under the skin of the baby continues to be deposited fatty tissue. At this time, it fills the shoulder area, so his shoulders become more rounded. Also, babies finish their formation of marigolds and we can safely say that a baby will be born with a manicure.In the intestines meconium begins to accumulate – the original feces, which stand out in the first few hours after the birth of the babies.

At the thirty-fifth weeks pregnant, the baby takes the final position.And it depends on how your birth will take place. If the crumb is not in a physiological position (head down), then this can cause a cesarean section. But remember that children are so unpredictable that they can change their position almost on the eve of birth. So – do not rush to get upset.

What are your feelings on the thirty-fifth week of pregnancy?


At the 35th week of pregnancy, the baby is already fully mature and ready to live outside of her mother. Sometimes it happens that especially fast bits rush to be born at this time. If you are one of the mothers of these babies, then you should not worry. Periodically began to occur back pain, there were heavy discharge, and the stomach seemed to stone? Tell your feelings to the doctor.

Council 35 weeks


If you still have not collected things for the hospital, then it’s time to do it urgently. Most conveniently, if you have three packages. In one place your things, in the other – things for the little ones, and in the third – the medications necessary for the maternity hospital list. Put the bags in a prominent place. Believe me, when there are fights, you will not have to charges.


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