3 months pregnant


The 3 months pregnant — the most difficult for the woman. At this stage storming toxicosis and psychoemotional “disbalance” reach the peak therefore the health of future mother worsens. Don’t despair! There were only some weeks on which expiration unpleasant symptoms completely will disappear, and appetite and tranquillity will return to you.

3 months – how many weeks of pregnancy?

The third month, on obstetric indicators, begins with the 9th and comes to an end 13th week. It is border between I and II trimesters.

On calendar values, “age” of a fruit will reach three months in 13 weeks and 2 days. By this moment his embryonal development will come to the end and the period of active growth will begin.

Pregnancy signs on the 3rd month

On 9-13 weeks at future mummy all signs of early term still remain. As the heaviest of them are considered: the nausea, vomiting and emotional splashes developing into unstable mood.


The following symptoms join them:

  1. breast augmentation;
  2. big drowsiness and fatigue;
  3. frequent urination;
  4. swelling of veins on a stomach and feet;
  5. insignificant set of weight;
  6. heartburn, locks and headaches.

But it isn’t necessary to wait for manifestation of all these symptoms at himself — cases when the woman is painless the first stage of term of incubation of the child are frequent, without feeling neither irritability, nor disgust from food.

That occurs on the 3rd month of pregnancy

At the end of the first trimester in an organism of future mother the important changes connected with completion of formation of the placenta which is a link between the woman and the child continue to happen. These changes involve serious hormonal reorganizations behind which the unstable condition of the pregnant woman is covered.

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At once you want to cry, but right there tears are replaced by a fun attack — this normal phenomenon of the third month. Urge members of household to treat with understanding to your state that as it is possible to endure easier the difficult pregnant period on which end there will come the most fertile trimester of absolute tranquillity.


On this term in an organism of the woman the volume of the circulating blood that allows to provide delivery to the kid of all nutrients and oxygen increases. Under skin of mummy swelling of veins can result that not esthetically looks on the woman’s body. You shouldn’t be upset about it — after all, the main thing that the child didn’t experience starvation and correctly I developed, and veins “will surely be blown off” after the delivery.

It becomes frequent on 9-11 weeks toxicosis at pregnant women the intolerable — feels sick women not only in the mornings, but also at any mention of food. Recommendations of doctors in this case say: escape from toxicosis walks in the fresh air, fractionally eat, trying “to jam” a nausea attack though small cookies or sour apple.

Stomach on the 3rd month of pregnancy

At the end of the first trimester the stomach at pregnant women begins vaguely, but to be shown. On this term it increases at thin, than at stout women which size of a small pelvis much wider and can contain more long in itself the increasing uterus quicker.

In general, describing as the stomach at the end of the first trimester looks, it is possible to note that he grows from below up, i.e. starts being rounded with a nadlobkovy zone. At this stage the sizes of a uterus border only on area of a small pelvis therefore to expect that the tummy will start growing at once from a breast and quickly will become big, isn’t necessary.

Development of a fetus on the 3rd month of pregnancy

On the 9th week the embryo is similar to cherry — it weighs about 4-5 g, reaching 30 mm in length. By the end of the third month his parameters cardinally change. By the sizes the fetus reminds an apricot – his weight increases almost by 5 times (to 20 g), and growth reaches 7,5-8 cm.

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As the child on the third month looks:

  • he is able to move handles and legs, to turn a head, to open a mouth and to swallow;
  • at the kid eyes are already completely open;
  • his endocrine gland starts working for full power;
  • in his organism there are first lymphatic vessels;
  • he completely created fingers of hands and feet, teeth, elbow joints, auricles and lips.

By the end of the first trimester the kid also “finds” a floor. And though it was defined even at the time of fertilization of an ovum, but only 11 weeks later at the baby external genitals start being formed.

Because the end of the first stage of pregnancy is followed by such serious changes in an organism of future child, physicians appoint ultrasonography as soon as possible to reveal various pathologies. By means of the device sensor doctors look how the kid looks, define compliance of his parameters with the average standard values. If ultrasonography is carried out on the 13th week, mummy can receive pleasant “bonus” during inspection — to know a sex of the kid which is easy for identifying, under a condition if the child turn a face to a forward wall of a uterus,

Allocations on the 3 months pregnant

Vaginal allocations at the end of the third month can amplify slightly. It is considered norm if they have a transparent or dairy shade, without impurity of unpleasant smells. If allocations cause an itch or burning, have a curdled consistence — that is an occasion to address to the doctor, the milkwoman demanding immediate treatment isn’t excluded.

Serious pathology is considered if on 9-13 week at the pregnant woman the bleeding similar to the monthly began. This sign can testify to threat of an abortion and demands urgent intervention in the gynecologist’s situation.

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At you blood went, but pain isn’t present — these bloody allocations can have hormonal character when the organism can’t be reconstructed correctly in a new way. In such cases consultation of the doctor who after clarification of the exact reason of bleeding, will appoint hormonal preparations for pregnancy preservation is all the same necessary. If bloody allocations have the smeared consistence and a brown shade, it is a signal to that there could be a fruit dying down.

Abortion on the 3rd month

Till 12 weeks threat of an abortion has high rates. A set of factors can become the reasons of this trouble, some of which can’t be prevented. Self-abortion in the first trimester arises at many women therefore doctors and insist on the full “pregnant” mode from the moment of conception.


The reasons of an abortion can become:

  1. Hormonal violations in mother’s organism
  2. Genetic deviations at a fruit
  3. Immunological diseases and infections
  4. Uncontrollable reception of medicines
  5. Stresses and unhealthy way of life
  6. Inaccurate sexual intercourse and heavy lifting
  7. Abortions in the anamnesis

Interruption of pregnancy on the third month can be carried out and at the request of the woman. For abortion 12 weeks are considered as the maximum term.

Sex on the third month of pregnancy


At the majority of couples which are going to become parents at the end of the third month the sexual relations come to life. It is connected with that at women toxicosis starts receding gradually, the emotional state is stabilized, the pursuing drowsiness and constant feeling fatigue disappears. But not all spouses, even at mutual desire, decide on intimate proximity, being afraid to do much harm to the kid.

In medical practice of a categorical ban on sex isn’t present, but gynecologists allow to make love only to those women who have no complications connected with threat of an abortion. Having received “green light” on sexual proximity at the doctor, don’t forget that sexual intercourse has to take place without sharp movements, pressure upon a stomach and deep penetrations.

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