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Some women’s councils how to get acquainted with the Korean, are simple for understanding. Others not really. And when business reaches acquaintance to Koreans, prove not only gender distinctions, but also cultural. If you the girl also want to get acquainted with the Korean, I recommend to be aware of those changes which you have to make over yourself even if you communicate through a dating site with Koreans, after all sooner or later you will meet offline.

If you want to change to get acquainted with the Korean and to construct the ideal relations, you fell into good hands! Some of these councils can seem to you disputable but if you look for that works, that, having applied these councils, you will be happy!

Advice for women No. 1. Change a pastime place for dating to Koreans

If you really want to get acquainted with the Korean, time came that to change something in the life. The first, and the simplest that you can change, this place for acquaintance to Koreans where you usually spend time with the friends and girlfriends. For example, instead of a campaign in snackbar with vegetable dishes, I recommend to go to the Korean restaurant where the Korean guys spend time.

For dating to Koreans, start being going to cafe to which guys go also to sit in the company of friends. Take beer with girlfriends in the bar or in “Hof” (bar in the Korean style). Surround yourself with the Korean guys more often and you will soon find the guy who will be as you and who will be pleasant to you (below).

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Advice for women No. 2. Keep fit


Standards of the typical Korean guy on external appeal really are high. It makes sense because the Korean women work much looking good. I recommend to do the same. If you seriously want to get dating with the Korean, it is better for you to bring the weapon number 1 to perfection is and your body and appearance in general. Very many western women come to Korea, are frightened the competition and give up. This time to be overcome, you so don’t think?

You too want to get acquainted with the Korean, the lovely guy, and you will make everything that is necessary to catch one of them, isn’t it? Therefore I recommend to go regularly to the sports hall and to have patience until your body begins to look it better.

“How I will understand, what I already in a good form?” 

You will understand it when the Korean guys, begin a thicket to look at you. Or when you will notice that your friends (guys) will start paying you compliments or to find for you more than the time. Who knows? Can to you will have the luck to get acquainted with the Korean, the guy of your dream, in a gym? And of course, your photos will draw attention if you communicate through a dating site with Koreans.

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Advice for women No. 3. Be womanly


When I recommend to be womanly, I don’t mean to be obedient. Too many western women, apparently, are afraid to be womanly and don’t understand force and beauty of feminity. To be womanly, in my opinion, means to accept and to treat quietly that the man will be a leader. Allow the Korean to make decisions and accept that fact that you can have on them impact only “passively”.

The main complaint which I receive from my Korean friends consists that they are afraid of the western women! I don’t mean that they don’t find them attractive externally. I speak about communication. Allow it to direct conversation and simply expect him a management. Dare to show also the feminity in behavior. “You carry with yourself” more modest “little girl” so that he will be able to feel that he knows the role – a role of the careful and strong man.

Advice for women No. 4. Learn language for korean dating

Whether it is necessary to speak about it? If you want to make your relations simple and convenient for your ideal Korean guy, I recommend to learn his native language. Take lessons and make priority a task to learn Korean and to spend time with the Korean women. They can acquaint you with some lovely Korean guys! The easier you will make communication with you, the earlier you will be together with the surprising Korean guy!

Advice for women No. 5. Give to him a reason to start talking to you

It is the highest degree of skill. How you can force it to start talking to you and not to make impression of easily available woman? At the same time, how you can force it to feel as though he exorcized it to you that he could satisfy the Ego? I recommend to give to him a reason for communication with you as it is socially acceptable for dating to Koreans. For example, in cafe you can sit down at a little table near him, with the book on Korean, and ask him that means a certain word.

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He most likely will help you. Be convinced that thanked him, and if he became interested also rather courageous, he will continue communication. You will make to him courtesy, giving him the chance to feel the savior, and you satisfy him with the Ego. You also showed the “female” lines and gave to him a reason to start talking to you. If you communicate through a dating site with Koreans, you will be helped by ready phrases assistants to start conversation.

It is even more advice for Korean dating. Follow an example of the Korean women!

Look as they put on, on a shape of their body and, the most important as they behave. I know, you don’t want to feel that you betray yourself to meet the Korean. It is not about treachery, it is about flexibly to disguise themselves to correspond to that he wants to receive. If you found the excellent Korean guy, he too will start changing to correspond to that is pleasant to you in the guy. Anyway, to you it will be good when you find and get acquainted with the ideal Korean!

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