Wolf Tattoo


Someone names this animal the loner soldier, someone considers packs of wolves as one of the collectives which are most rallied in the world. One emphasize wolf aggression, others call them the most exemplary family men. Anyway, any of the people which had close communication with wolves didn’t avoid in the legends of this fine and surprising predator.


Image symbolics

At a number of cultures the wolf acted as a symbol of the leader of a fighting team or spirit of military campaigns: wolves of the god of war of Mars, the Greek Apollo, the Supreme god of the Scandinavian mythology Odin surrounded. To see a wolf on the eve of fight was considered as a good omen. The animal was famous not only bravery, but also fidelity (to the principles, a she-wolf and pack), a blagorodnost, independence.


The most different nationalities had a similar holiday with vestments in a wolf skin. The plot about the leader raised by a she-wolf repeats in many cultures also: well-known founders of Rome Ram and Romul, ancestors tyurok and Mongols.

Ancient Egyptian god conductor Upuat was represented in an appearance of a wolf and symbolized bravery. Indian tribes concerned to a wolf ambiguously: one of them considered a predator a totemic animal, others – the patron of a kingdom of the dead. For this reason the animal is esteemed often as the conductor in the other world: the wolf as a night animal destroys borders between real and unreal.


It is interesting. The Indo-European people sacrificed to the military deities of wolves, dogs or wolf men who as it appears, weren’t werewolves at all. Ancient people considered that the one who commits serious crime, turns into a wolf, that is, stops being for them the person and the tribesman.

But not all people of the world treated this predator so favourably. The Middle Ages looked at this animal as on a fiend and the satellite of the Satan. In China the wild colleague of a dog was an embodiment of lust and debauchery. Other nationalities add to symbolics of a wolf such qualities as avidity, insidiousness, stupid appetite, ferocity and rage.

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One of Ancient Greek tsars dared to give to Zeus on a table a human flesh dish, for what was turned by the Thunderer in a gray predator. One more well-known negative mythological character – a terrible wolf Fenrir who with arrival of a doomsday will swallow the Sun.

Negative qualities of wolves are reflected and in belief of many people in werewolves, vervolf and volkodlak – the people capable to accept an appearance of a dangerous animal. And in the Russian national fairy tales he often plays a role of the robber.

Though there are exceptions: we will remember the wolf helping Ivan Tsarevitch, and the gray predator which obeyed to Saint Francis Assizcy. It is possible to assume that the proud animal will obey and will provide the abilities only to that person who is stronger and more brave than him.


Who chooses a wolf tattoo?

  • The courageous persons opposing themselves to other society.
  • Courageous and brave fighters confident in the forces.
  • Independent and purposeful people.
  • The persons appreciating freedom.
  • The people faithful any idea ready to fight for it up to the end.
  • People, sure that their family and friends deserve true love and devotion.
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Versions of the image

It is thought that the symbolics of a wolf tattoo will be transferred in full only at a choice of the concrete sketch. What you represent this predator, such it also will be.


  • The gray animal howling on the full moon. It is a tattoo a wolf which value lies on a surface, – loneliness, self-sufficiency and independence.
  • The white wolf is chosen usually by the singles seeking to pay attention to the originality.
  • The predator in a jump will tell that the owner aims and goes to her, despite of all obstacles.
  • The running wolf personifies thirst of changes and risk, aspiration to wanderings.
  • The predator in pack emphasizes leadership skills of the carrier of a tattoo.
  • The wolf in a fiery aura designates demonic and dark sides.
  • The grin of a wolf indicates aggression and rage.
  • The skull of a predator embodies idea about caducity of life and fearlessness before death.
  • To Buanz, red wolf. This rare predator unites in itself wolf nobility, insidiousness of a fox and care of a jackal.
  • Celtic pattern with a wolf. At Celts this being was the lord of night, devouring the sun every evening and preserving wood spirits. Drawing symbolics in unshakable natural power.
  • The wolf at the time of transformation says that the person seeks to suppress the dark form.
  • The she-wolf is represented by those people who want to declare the devotion and fidelity.
  • Wolf cub. Such sketch is extremely rare and generally jams with the purpose to declare the eccentricity and loneliness.
  • Wolf eyes indicate ability of the carrier to begin to see clearly an essence of things.
  • Traces of wolf paws represent desire to move forward.
  • The wolf claw symbolizes domination and the power.
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The noble predator practically always settles down on a back, a breast or a shoulder. However unrealistic drawings, the animated and stylized sketches can meet and on other parts of a body. Girls use as a cloth for this animal also shovels, wrists and a waist. In general, the tattoo a wolf which photo you will meet in article, settles down in the most various areas.


In respect of a color embodiment this one of the most conservative images – most often it is carried out in monochrome black color or with addition of separate elements, red, gray, blue for underlining.

Wolf Tattoo

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