Sunflower Tattoo


The sunflower tattoo which value is described below, can become excellent ornament for your body. Besides, the sunflower — is a multiple-valued symbol which can become an embodiment of your ideas.

Meaning of a tattoo


Sunflower — a flower which is associated with summer, light of the sun, carefree days filled with pleasure and happiness. The sunflower tattoo which sketches are presented in article, can be filled with various meanings:

  • Optimistic view on life. Such the tattoo sometimes designates that the person prefers to see the sun even behind clouds and always thinks that everything will end well just as the sunflower is always turned to the sun;
  • Love to summer. A sunflower — a symbol of summer which, as we know, is the most beloved season for many people;
  • Admiration of beauty and harmony of the nature. The sunflower can be a symbol of solar energy which gives life to all beings occupying the planet.

At last, can simply seem to the person that a sunflower — it is beautiful! You shouldn’t choose a tattoo on its value. Today practically nobody gives to such decoration of a deep meaning. A tattoo or expresses your ideas, or simply it seems attractive!


Advice! If you strongly are afraid of pain during drawing a tattoo, ask that the master applied soothing ointment on your skin. However, such means are used not in each salon: some fans of a tattoo art believe that pain — obligatory “seasoning” to process.

In what style the tattoo can be made?


The sunflower tattoo which photo is in article, can be carried out in a set of styles:

  • Realism. The realistic sunflower will look simply fantastically. Such tattoos always draw the mass of attention and force to admire skill to the Tat master;
  • Old-cheekbones and New cheekbones. These styles differ with the used symbols, however have much in common. They are united by brightness, a polysemy and deep value the image;
  • Tresh-Polish. The sunflower in this style can become the real philosophical symbol. The main thing — is correct to choose additional elements, for example, of an inscription and graphic a pattern. Tresh-polka it is usually carried out in black-red shades, however it is possible to ask that the master diversified a palette;
  • Graphic style. This direction wins the increasing popularity. You can gather inspiration for a tattoo, having studied botanical atlases and drawings of old masters of an engraving and graphics. Of course, engraving style doesn’t assume existence of color, however to emphasize sunflower brightness you can ask that the master decorated the image with color stains of green, yellow and orange color.
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Sunflower Tattoo

Interesting ideas

If you want a sunflower tattoo, but you don’t know, what idea to choose for future decoration of your body, you can pay attention to the following options:

  • sunflowers from classical cloths. Study Van Gogh’s works: his unusual sunflowers can to article fine idea both for small work, and for the whole sleeve;
  • sunflowers in which center the image “is entered”: a landscape, a portrait or the stylized inscription;
  • the sunflower — is one of Sun symbols. Therefore he can be added with the stylized images of planets: such idea will be actual for people who are keen on science. It will be interesting to look such work in graphic style;
  • that a tattoo I was more dynamic, it is possible to ask the master that near a sunflower he “represented” a butterfly or a bee.
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Decided to do a tattoo with a sunflower? It is very interesting and unusual idea. It was necessary only to find a tattoo salon which master I will be able adequately to realize your plan!

Sunflower Tattoo 1

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