Snake Tattoo


Flexible graceful body, unwinking magical gaze, the doubled sensitive language … A lot of things can tell the image of a snake about the person who decided to become related with him. It is a mythological symbol. Remembering myths of the different people, you every time face this animal.


The snake often changes shape depending on the country, religions, cultures. The very first mentions of these beings in bible literature — a dragon tempter, a cunning way wised up people to propagate. Thanks to him of course big, thanks to him it is possible to tell with confidence and accuracy — a symbol of the image of these reptiles it is possible to call a temptation and fertility.

Good or evil?

The snake twisting a bowl not for nothing became a symbol of medicine and healing. Historical roots of this image will take away us to Ancient Greece where the patroness of doctoring Izida is represented by the twisted snake. In the Greek legends it is said that god of medicine Asclepius saw a snake on the staff, killed in anything not guilty animal. But suddenly there was another, she brought a magic grass in a mouth and revived the dead fellow tribeswoman. Asclepius used this grass to revive the young prince, the son of the local tsar. The main character – the seafarer from the ancient Egyptian fairy tale by miracle escapes after ship-wreck and gets on the most beautiful tropical island.


Huge dragon – the first living being who it saw, having opened eyes. I presented with everything the traveler: health, food, riches. And after time – I returned home, to the wife and children. Abyssinian legends are mentioned too a huge snake. The part of the keeper of a home was also assigned to this reptile. Excavation Pompeii helped to find out images of snakes on walls of houses that by all means had to present rest and health to inhabitants of the house. We will remember that they annually dump old skin. For this reason she is also considered as a symbol of revival and eternal youth.


Myths and legends warn about bad manifestations of snake character. Head Meduzy-Gorgony it was topped by the snakes which were bringing destruction and angrily. The tsar of snakes the Basilisk in Slavic mythology also didn’t possess appeasable temper. All a known Chimera — the being, whose parents were anybody others, as Typhon — a monster with a set of the snake heads and the Echidna — the female snake.

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Snake with flower tattoo

Each to their own

Thus, selecting the snake tattoo which in the future can decorate your body, think of what semantic loading will bear her image. About what will speak to the tattoos surrounding this on your skin?

Snake tattop which value the power and force — is most often connected with the image of a cobra. The cobra dumping skin will tell about readiness for revival and changes for you. The graceful snake which is based upon your shoulder or a waist can tell about your sexuality.


Snakes from the adder family, such as poloza, already, of a dinodona aren’t poisonous, but possess very bright colourings. They can symbolize beauty, brightness, revival without impurity of aggression or rage. Powerful infantile pythons and boas whom we got used to see in circuses and zoos, symbolize wisdom and tranquillity, but despite it after all remain snakes therefore warn that danger can always be behind external tranquillity.

The image of an anaconda shouts of danger, suddenness, ability to adapt to changes in life with the best advantage for itself.


Danger and caution at communication with you is an image of the snake who is widely opening a mouth with the flicked out tongue language. There is an option of this being devouring own tail forming a wheel or horizontally located eight symbolizes infinity. Loving couples often use such idea for creation of pair tattoos, in hope that time and life won’t bring misfortune to their relations which will last eternally or slightly more long.

Your choice

Snake – excellent object for decoration of any part of your body. You want to decorate a hand or a foot with the twisting drawing? To warm a small snake on a breast or a shovel? Or to represent mighty with a bright look on a shoulder? It is important that the body of the snake can be bent and change depending on your imagination and creativity of the master. Snake scales can be painted in various tone and give mysteriousness to your shape, show identity.

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Snake Tattoo

Sketch choice

Many people worry concerning search of the good sketch, seeking to find the worthy artist for creation of the image of future tattoo. After all it is much more pleasant to understand that your a tattoo it is unique. But if for you the question of uniqueness isn’t basic, it is possible to find the sketch by means of the Internet. What will be your tattoo of a dragon? The photo of tattoos, ready sketches, sketches and sketches of snakes are widespread on the Internet rather widely. Many tattooers are glad to help the clients in search of the sketch. A choice only for you.

Snake Tattoo Sketches

So, we will sum up the results. There are some ways of obtaining the sketch for your ideal tattoo.

  1. To take the ready sketch of a snake from the Internet.
  2. To take the ready sketch and on his basis to think up the.
  3. To use the photo of a snake which you would like to see as a tattoo as the sketch.
  4. To address to the artist that he drew to you the sketch.
  5. To address to the tattooer. Most often tattooers remarkably draw and help clients with selection of sketches.

Important! A large number of people can have a tattoo of a dragon which sketch is chosen on the Internet. That such didn’t occur, it is better to take care of that the sketch for your tattoo was unique.

Localization of a tattoo

Where it is better to make a tattoo, on a hand or a shin, a neck or a back? Whether the tattoo will bring good luck if to make her not on the hair dryer Shuya? The accurate instruction isn’t present, but scientists proved long ago that a way of self-belief — one of the most effective in psychology. In other words — if you want that the tattoo introduced in your life something new, it is simple to trust in it enough.

Snake Tattoo1

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