Owl Tattoo


Today, tattoos have become one of the most common forms of body art, and the objects used as inspiration for creating a sketch can range from religious symbols to natural themes such as flowers, plants, birds, and animals. Some of them are owls, which have become the subject of constant interest among people and have gained immense popularity in tattoo art. In addition to its attractive appearance, the owl has a deep meaning, which became the main reason for its use in tattoos.

Owl Tattoo

The role of the owl in history and culture

Owl tattoos mean wisdom, knowledge, life experience and judgment . Different nations treat these birds differently. For example, the Japanese consider the owl a harbinger of misfortune, and the Chinese associate it with the symbol “Yang.” In the past, in Europe, owls were associated with witches and witchcraft, and from the caught birds they made stuffed animals that were supposed to frighten off evil in the future.

Owl Tattoo

But there are those who treat the owls positively. The ancient Greeks considered this bird the companion of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. And the American Indians made a mask of owl feathers and used it as a talisman. In ancient Egypt, owls were treated with great respect and even mummified some of them.

Popular owl tattoo meanings

To better understand what the owl tattoo means, it is enough to understand the features of this bird. By nature, most owls are nocturnal. Their keen hearing, delicate vision and hunting instinct make it easy to navigate in complete darkness and overtake their goal where other birds would be powerless. Her frightening cry and the ability to fly silently causes many to feel fear. These and other qualities formed the basis of meaning for many owl tattoos.

Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo means the ability of a person to find his way in life, like a bird finding prey in the darkness of the night. Also, a owl tattoo says that no matter how gloomy things are – there is always a way out, you only need to see it.

An owl with spread wings embodies freedom, like many other birds capable of flying. Due to the fact that these birds live for a very long time, they are a symbol of longevity. Often, owls are tattooed by nocturnal people.
Owl Tattoo

The final meaning of the owl tattoo will depend on the selected sketch and additional characters included in the drawing.

  • Owl with the moon. Tattoo symbolizes intuition, mystery and cyclical nature of time.
  • Dreamcatcher with an owl. The main meaning of the dream catcher is to protect a person from nightmares, and the owl guides the sleeper in his dreams.
  • Owl with a clock. The image indicates the value of time and the desire to use every minute wisely.
  • Owl with a key. Known as the keeper of secrets, a tattoo owl with a key means the discovery of new knowledge and wisdom. Also, the picture can talk about the desire to hide some secrets.
Best Owl Tattoo for Women

Choosing a place and style for owl tattoo

Owl tattoos are quite versatile, allowing men and girls to choose the right sketch for themselves. Large owls with open wings or as part of another composition should be placed on the back or chest. Often they are performed in the traditional style, especially men. Medium-sized tattoos placed on the hip, shoulder, or forearm are often drawn in the style of geometry, graphics, watercolor, or realism.

Owl Tattoo

For the image of small owls, it is better to choose a style with clear lines, so that over time the picture does not blur in an indistinguishable spot. Such tattoos are often applied on the fingers, neck or behind the ear, and often they have a funny look.

Owl Tattoo

The owl tattoo has a lot of meanings ​​and it is not always possible to determine them immediately. Sometimes only the owner of the picture knows the meaning of it. It also happens that there is no symbolism in it and it performs only an aesthetic function.

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