Octopus Tattoo


Octopuses not so often appear in tattoos. Originally their image was actively used by the seamen, pirates and people connected with the seas and oceans. The octopus is the mysterious inhabitant of water elements living in the very bottom. Thanks to his unusual structure consisting of feelers and the head it is loved by the excentric persons who are proud of the uniqueness.


Octopuses. Who are these creatures?

Octopuses treat family of cephalopods of mollusks. Can reach 4 meters. However the smallest copies on only 1-2 cm. Live in depths of the seas and oceans. Octopuses prefer to lodge in crevices or underwater caves. Average life expectancy of this type of mollusks makes 3 years. The maximum age known for the scientist – 5 years. As food octopuses treat predators. At capture of the victim they inject the beak poison into a food body. Other mollusks, fish, Crustacea are considered as the main source of food of octopuses.

Octopus Tattoo

Distinctive feature of octopuses – existence of three hearts. Blood at this being of blue color. The octopus tattoo which photo can be found in the Internet, differs in a large number of feelers, namely eight copies. On each of branches there are special suckers. Octopuses are considered as night animals as in the afternoon their activity is considerably reduced.

History of emergence of a octopus tattoo

The image of this strange inhabitant of the seas it was actively used by seafarers. Earlier among seamen was considered that to have such tattoo means to secure the ship and command from attack of sea monsters and pirates. Also superstitious captains applied such images on a forearm that their ship didn’t crash.

Octopus Tattoo

Did you know? Octopuses are considered as the cleverest mollusks. They give in to training, can distinguish the geometrical figures and possess excellent memory. The octopus tattoo which meaning is described below, gives to her owner the importance. It is caused by that this species of mollusks can program the brain activity under a specific objective.

Meaning of a octopus tattoo

Meaning of this tattoo can vary from positive, to the negative. It depends directly on the represented octopus. If the tattoo represents the mollusk which caught the victim or similar to a sea monster, and value will be connected with aggression, with cruelty. Such images are preferred by people who don’t want to be arranged under the standard norms and rules. Also such image underlines tendency to a sadism and intimidation of other people.

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Octopus Tattoo

Positive meaning of a octopus tattoo which sketches rather kind and soft, it is much more:

  • hope for immortality. As it is known the octopus possesses three hearts and the increased ability to regeneration. From this also the first meaning follows. Such image is put by people who seek to prolong the life, or emphasize that they are immortal;
  • the twisted feelers of an octopus symbolize recurrence of time. Such tattoo is filled by people who want to return to the past, or emphasize the relation to a tide of life;
  • the tattoo about the image of this unusual mollusk can also designate ability of the owner to change the decision. It is known that the octopus is some kind of chameleon. He changes the coloring from mood or from an environment. And the person who decided on such drawing, maybe kind, and cruel. His decision and behavior can change from circumstances.

Octopus Tattoo

Place of an octopus tattoo drawing

Such type of a tattoo well looks on the big square. Therefore preferable places for drawing the image of an octopus it:

  • Forearm. In that case the octopus is represented vertically. Effectively the image at which the mollusk covers the feelers a hand looks;
  • Back. In this case the tattoo can borrow both all area of a back, and part. The image turns out developed and detailed;
  • Breast. There are sketches which will well look both on man’s, and on a female breast. The octopus can be represented as alone, and with the victim. Juicy it is considered drawing in which the octopus entangles the feelers a female breast.
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Octopus Tattoo on the Body

Octopus in mythology and culture

The octopus long time mistakenly was considered as very dangerous being. There is an opinion that his appearance led to that Victor Hugo in one of the novels equated this mollusk to the universal evil. Also the name “octopus” it is accepted to designate the criminal organizations which are engaged in wrecking. Confirmation to that series “Octopus”.

Octopus Tattoo on the Hand

It is interesting. The famous god who found reflection in an octopus is the Internet star. It is about Ktulkhu. This deity has specific appearance. It is considered that Ktulkhu it is capable to get into reason of the person, to inspire the thoughts. It is caused by that the head of an octopus much more his feelers.

Octopuses after the invention of an aqualung were rehabilitated. When scientists had an opportunity to recognize sea inhabitants closer, they recognized that octopuses – not such beings, dangerous and terrible for the person. At the same time, Jacques-Yves Cousteau described their lives, completely refuting all the rumors about octopuses.

Octopus Tattoo on the Leg

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