Mountain Tattoo


The tattoo always reckoned with the image of miracles of the nature as interesting option. Mountains – are magnificent therefore many do them by part of the sketch. Not all know that the such tattoo bears in itself the most ancient sense. In spite of the fact that major importance of an image of the mountain in a tattoo this aspiration to the power, exists a set of options of treatment of this symbol.

Mountain Tattoo

Such tattoos are preferred by persons sure, probably, sharp in judgments. Certainly, mountains couldn’t but appear in myths or legends which also introduced the contribution to an explanation of this image in a tattoo.

Than attract mountains?

In spite of the fact that the mountain it is simple distortion of a relief, it always drew attention of travelers, contemplators. Poets and writers glorified this miracle of the nature in the works. Artists-landscape writers didn’t forget about this magnificence. It is considered to be the highest mountain Everest (the second name – Chomolungma). Its height makes more than 8000 meters. She is located in the Himalayas.

Mountain Tattoo

Climbers regularly try to subdue Everest. Perhaps, not one mountain can’t brag of that on it makes rise about two months. In spite of the fact that conquest of top very dangerous adventure at which there are injuries and death of climbers, Everest still enjoys wide popularity. A mountain tattoo, which photo it is possible to find in the Internet, can also speak about commitment.

Did you know? From the moment of the first climbing Chomolungma more than 200 people were lost. But annually more than 500 people try to conquer this peak. And about a half of those who made ascension, come back later repeatedly. A mountain tattoo, which value it is described below, can define the inveterate climber also.

Mountain Tattoo

Meaning of a mountain tattoo

There are some meanings of this image. The mountain tattoo which sketches are various, can designate:

  • Aspiration to something. The mountain, and any plan, it is a sure sign of that the owner of a tattoo of people purposeful, he has the dreams which are always carried out. And in life such people always try to adhere to plans;
  • Suddenness. This value the return previous. Mountains – a place restless. Therefore in ascension it is possible to face a set of surprises. And the person who chooses the such sketch, can be full of surprises;
  • Power, force. Allocated with this symbol mountains long since. Was considered that the image of mountains helps the person with the course of life chosen by him;
  • Hopelessness. This meaning is accepted by the tattoo executed in gloomy, laconic style. There is an opinion that such images are a sending to Golgotha. It is known that at top of this mountain Jesus therefore for many Christians this image is symbolical was crucified. Such tattoo emphasizes gloomy thoughts of the owner. For example, he can consider that altruism isn’t appreciated among people;
  • Cheerfulness. The tattoo on which mountains are represented in color which in itself bears positive emotions, speaks about love of the person to world around. Such persons often smiling, good-natured;
  • Relation to the nature. The people pinning landscapes most often treat fans of the nature. It is quite probable that they fight for protection of the environment surrounding us;
  • Love to ascensions. Sometimes put a tattoo with image of the mountain which already subdued or on which top are only going to get.
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Mountain Tattoo

Symbols of mountains at residents of Japan

Japanese often do a mountain tattoo of Fuji. It not only a sign of patriotism, is connected with this height many legends. In fact, it is an active volcano. Residents of Japan believe that he was born on fire therefore can be lost too only from him. Also it is considered that this place is the bridge between people and the Founder.

Mountain Tattoo

Places of drawing tattoo, sketch choice

Such tattoos well look both on the big square, and on small sites of skin. For example, small mountain peaks like to represent standing, a forearm. The option at which drawing is applied on two hands or feet is also interesting. And, the sketch can be independent, but at connection of tattoos receive the new image.

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Mountain Tattoo

Did you know? It isn’t a lot of masters of a tattoo who can make qualitative landscape option. Thus, in America there are associations of artists which are positioned on landscapes, engravings, and carefully transfer images to skin.

The sketch choice directly depends on temperament and character of the person. For example, people of a gloomy warehouse I choose not the bright, and slightly muffled colors for drawing. However not always this rule works. So, the person cheerful can choose the aggressive sketch which reflects his internal force, his desire to answer all that he really thinks.

Mountain Tattoo 1

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