Moon Tattoo


Moon Tattoo – is one of the most charming and bright symbols in a tattoo art. Since ancient times the Moon attracted to itself attention with mysteriousness, light brightness in night, influence on Earth and the person novel up to the end. This night heavenly star is the most satellite, close to the Sun, the second for luminescence brightness object in a visible sky.

Moon Tattoo

Thanks to influence of lunar cycles on natural processes on Earth to it treated as a deity, allocating her influence on terrestrial life with magic properties. The image of the moon was imprinted on a body of the person and immortalized rock paintings.

Symbol history

All people of the Earth worshipped to a deity of the Moon, seeing her influence on the nature and the person, asked for help, protection, health and the mercy relation. On lunar phases the calendar which the modern world uses presently paid off.

Moon Tattoo

Christians celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after approach of a full moon, but after approach of Passover. Archeological excavations in the territory of a Hebrew kingdom showed that Jews at the beginning of emergence of the religion worshipped to a half moon which image became then a symbol of Islam.

Myths of Ancient Greece tell about the lunar goddess Artemis, Romans — Diana, Egyptians — Iside. It is possible to list also other lunar deities — Ishtar, Hator, Hecate, Selena etc.

Moon Tattoo

The cultural heritage of China will read the moon of stronger than the sun as the lunar disk is capable to close a sunlight. The image since ancient times belonged to sacral signs, was considered that drawing will protect from influence of dirty spirits and will give protection.

Meaning of a moon tattoo

The sign shows independence and the imperial power which symbolizes the also following:

  • maternal love, fertility, feminity;
  • tranquillity, unity, harmony;
  • mysticism, mysteriousness, mystery;
  • wellbeing, beauty, softness, tenderness;
  • intuition, the hidden force, sensuality;
  • ability to find the way and to follow on it.
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Often such the moon tattoo are also chosen by the people with reserved character loving a privacy and regularity. Popular drawing among creative persons who want to allocate the creativity, identity and originality.

Moon Tattoo

Value of a half moon tattoo in combination with a five-pointed star indicates belonging of the person to Moslem and speaks about a just course of life of the owner.

For China the Moon a symbol cold and the powers of darkness corresponding to energy of the yin, characterizing a weak half of mankind.

Moon Tattoo

Astrological meaning of the moon tattoo — maternal love, heat, care, tenderness which will be persistent with the owner of drawing.

Tattoo arrangement

The sign doesn’t become attached to any certain place, it can settle down on any part of a body. For example, a monochrome picture of the wolf howling on the moon ideal option of drawing the image on a male back.

Though drawings small on the area most often meet. The tattoo is applied on a nape, a neck, a shoulder, a forearm, a breast, hands, fingers, feet, feet. A small moon tattoo tattoo is applied on a wrist, on an anklebone, behind an ear, on an ear lobe.

Moon Tattoo

Color scale, styles

Color of future headdress with the Moon depends on a choice of the person and on the sketch of a sign — on monotonous and pale shine till bright not realistic flowers. Also the used additional symbols have impact on a coloring.

For drawing the sketch on a body most often use styles animated, Celtic, graphic, also apply I ornamentat, dotwork, linework.

Moon Tattoo

Meaning of a symbol for girls

For girls the symbolics and sense of a moon tattoo is as follows:

  • focuses attention on her mysteriousness;
  • will point to aspiration to harmony in life;
  • will tell about heat and caress which mother gives to the child;
  • symbol of tenderness and feminity;
  • will open romanticism of character;
  • will cause idea of the girl as about mystical and magic nature.

Symbol combination with other images

The moon tattoo is well combined with other symbols, some of them:

  • the combination of the moon and sun, speaks about association of man’s and female energiya;
  • the cat against a month will point to mysteriousness of nature and grace;
  • the smiling sign, depending on the enclosed sense can indicate gloating or on trust in miracles;
  • the added night birds and animals will point to mystery and a nocturnalism of the person;
  • the moon shining through clouds has mystical value which will suit the mysterious person;
  • moon in an environment of stars will tell about love to close people, desire to be demanded.
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Moon Tattoo 2


Listen to yourself before making a final decision because to remove the pinned drawing not absolutely simply. It has to be the decoration of a physical body opening the internal contents. Listen and choose the sketch of the moon which will suit you and will light with the presence your further course of life.

Moon Tattoo 1

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