Lion Tattoo


The predatory animal, the king of beasts a lion symbolizes force, boundless courage, grace, commitment and an insight. He is familiar to the person since childhood according to fairy tales therefore absolutely no wonder that the tattoo of a lion attracts many people irrespective of a floor. In essence this animal – the leader.

It explains that, as girls don’t want to miss such opportunity how to come nearer to signs of power, forces and authoritativenesses.

That symbolizes a lion tattoo

Still for a long time the lion tattoo was associated with his force, huge energy and power which he gives to the owner. Hunters and soldiers considered it as honor to have on the body the beaten-out drawing with this stately animal.


Egyptians believed that the lions sitting a back the friend to a circle brought in their life spiritual balance and balance, harmony with the inner self and world around, light stream in their life.

I was a symbol of wisdom and humility, the lion tattoo caused respect in people, On a body of men a tattoo carefully traced, emphasizing stateliness and endurance of a wild animal. Value of the beaten-out lioness at women was associated with the maternal force and ability to protect the children.

The lion tattoo and is considered today one of the most popular. Most often she is chosen for themselves by the imperious men seeking to emphasize every time the power, invincible force and will. Astrologers as lions are patronized by the Sun also speak about greatness of this animal, emphasizing his vital force.

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It is one of sign tattoos. Therefore the person who chose her – won’t be mistaken. Being considered as a symbol of the power of the Sun, value of this tattoo symbolizes such qualities as the power, a victory, courage, force and nobility. It is considered that her owner will be able to personify these qualities, she will protect and protect him.


There is a lot of plots for a tattoo with the image of a lion. They can be chosen from the catalog which is offered by the master or to find suitable option on pages of the Internet. This stately animal can appear on your body in all the stately beauty with the mane developing downwind. It can be the image on which the king of beasts is based upon the hill.

What place to choose for a tattoo

The tattoo of a lion can be done practically in any zone of a human body. Special recommendations about this occasion don’t exist. Therefore it is better to choose the area which is most displaying sense of a tattoo.


Women often choose a place for a lion tattoo on a shovel. The master can embody female dreams in this place in full. Sometimes ladies prefer to beat out a tattoo in a clavicle or in a wrist zone. Also in these places looks very good wolf tattoo.

The animal looks tiny and very stylishly. For giving of confidence fragile girls place a tattoo of a lioness in the middle of a back. Especially effectively the predator executed in flickering coal tones looks, placing emphasis on power and dexterity of this animal. Sexually the image of the king of beasts in a zone of edges under a breast looks, warning the owner against undesirable amorous encroachments.

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Imaginations of representatives of a fine half of mankind aren’t tired to strike with the refinement. They beat out drawing in a forefinger zone. For the master it is rather scrupulous work. But she costs these efforts as it is simple ornament, and the business card of the female predator.

That the lion tattoo means for women

  • Representing on the body a lion tattoo, women want to emphasize force, grace of this animal, hoping that these qualities will be transferred to them.
  • Having a tattoo in a neck zone, the girl emphasizes the vulnerability, tenderness.
  • Drawing of the small animal located in an ear is suitable for young charms, emphasizing their playfulness. The image will be added by the long earrings executed in ethnic style.
  • Very seldom women select the images of a lioness with a grin and a furious look. But if they chose such drawing, its value is considered a symbol of the power which the lady wants to show. She also shows that is always ready to argue the point of view.
  • Sometimes women choose a lion tattoo in combination with other animal. If a small animal quiet it means that the person dreams to live in harmony and the world with people around. The image of other strong animal specifies that the woman is ready to fight for the ideas.
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In whatever zone of a body the tattoo settled down, she always personifies wisdom. This quality is inherent in the people who were born under zodiac sign of this surprising, beautiful predatory animal.

Lion Tattoo

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