Hourglass Tattoo


“Everything passes – will pass also it”. Today we will talk about a symbol which bears in itself philosophical meaning. Tattoos put hourglasses as the message to themselves and the world that time rapidly and to you it isn’t necessary to waste it.

To a choice to do such a tattoo approach very seriously though drawing doesn’t bear in itself any hidden symbols and implication. Unless at prisoners in prison hourglasses treat meaning of a tattoo as calculation of days before release. In that case, nearby write date.

Hourglass Tattoo

For the rest, such picture says that her owner appreciates time and understands that life can be rapid. In other cultures hourglasses mean moderation: carrier of such image quiet, balanced person.

If hours are represented, standing directly, it is a sign of a continuous tide of life. In a case when they are inclined or lie on one side, read it as desire to stop a moment.

Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglasses in art

In painting hourglasses meet often and similar sense. Some plots of pictures can even be taken as a drawing basis for you. Let’s say Hachatryan Meruzhan’s picture filled in the technician Akvarel will become ornament for the girl. And the idea of a picture of Pyotr Belov will suit a man’s half. On her instead of sand in hours skulls that speaks to us about inevitable death are represented.

Hourglass Tattoo

Fans of abstract thinking will like idea of a picture of Liza Ray “The water-melon eaten in time”. Here so the author connected a deep meaning of the phrase “nothing eternally” to fragility of a matter as which the water-melon loved by all of us acted.

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What does the hourglass tattoo mean for women?

Unlike other images, designation of a hourglass tattoo about the lost time regardless of the fact that near them it is represented. It is one of symbols which is difficult for misunderstanding.

Hourglass Tattoo

Similar headdresses on a female body are treated, as well as at men, however the reasons of drawing are more often covered in sentimentality and fear of an old age. For women it is a tattoo means time which doesn’t spare their beauty, and also, the prevention not to spend life for those to whom we are indifferent. Appreciate youth! Don’t spend it for grief and fight. Enjoy life!

Hourglass Tattoo

The image of a hourglass tattoo with heart is treated, how the lost love. One more occasion to fill such drawing – a memorial. Innocence loss, we will allow. Happens also such. Anyway, the headdress on a body is a way of easy acquaintance.

Hourglass Tattoo

It is simpler to start talking to the girl on an abstract subject and a question that the tattoo means hourglasses on her body, will be very opportunely.

Hourglass Tattoo for Women

Where to fill a tattoo and in what style?

The oblong form of drawing means that the tattoo hourglasses on a hand looks better.

Hourglass Tattoo

There are compositions which are executed on a breast or a back. Then designation of a hourglasses tattoo accepts even more personal character and speaks to us, something the disappointment in linear time is too deep, or the person strives for harmony. Women will like such headdress in Baroque style or newschool.

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It is one of the few symbols which perfectly look in monochrome execution as well as geometric tattoos. The less than flowers, the better. On time such the tattoo is carried out of three hours to two sessions for 5 hours. Depends on complexity, you understand.

Hourglass Tattoo for Women 1

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