Geometric Tattoo


The geometry – one of unique and original styles of an art tattoo who appeared not so long ago, but quickly enough progresses. Some people don’t understand the tattoos executed in geometrical style as it seems to them that various lines and drawings are absolutely uninteresting that in them there is no beauty and a flight of fancy. This very wrong opinion, the real skilled master, from simple geometrical lines can create the whole work of art.


Which will surprise all the lines surrounding with the unique game, fiction and the master’s accuracy. In such images also there is a subject line which consists of usual figures of geometry (lines – as straight lines and broken lines, cones, spheres, triangles, polygons, cubes and so on). One of the most popular plots is the linear ornament (meander), but it can be carried to simple options.


Specialists tattoos can represent any image by means of geometrical style, it can be and the image of a flower, or the girl’s silhouette. The highly qualified specialist can execute work of any complexity, beginning from an insect, and finishing with a scale representation of the multystoried building. Geometric tattoo are in wide demand both for men and for women, thus restrictions in a place choice for drawing drawing are absolutely not present. Geometrical tattoos can be large-scale works and different complexity, everything depends on the client’s wishes.


Features of geometrical tattoos

This style considerably differs from other styles of execution of tattoos, his most main features it:

  • any usual subject can be turned into the original image of a geometrical outline;
  •  two-dimensional space of images;
  •  combination of geometrical figures to various elements (patterns, ornaments).

At first sight can seem that it is quite simple to represent tattoos in this style that is wrong opinion, after all geometrical tattoos demand meticulousness. At execution of such tattoos very important in accuracy to observe proportions, not to allow distortion, thus it is successful to place a pattern, for creation of a certain plot.

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Tattoos in geometrical style usually are chosen by creative persons, they give the preference to extraordinary patterns, for example various flowers, fiery signs, symbols which are executed by means of geometrical figures. Tattoos in geometrical style are very popular at what around the world, after all by means of a fantasy interlacing of lines, unique drawing gathers, is allocated with sense and an unusual plot.


It is worth noticing that the symbolics of many secret societies comprises geometrical figures therefore many connect geometrical images with something mysterious, sacral. Because of the hidden semantic character, many are also attracted by geometrical images.

Besides such works are always very attractive, extraordinary and very original. Often in tattoos the image of a triangle which has semantic treatment of a family, of security and vital balance, and also a flame, fire and mathematical number – 3 meets.

Geometrical style doesn’t stand still, and constantly develops, surprising people with the novelties, originality and eccentricity. This style remarkably suits people who seek to self-express, show the I to society. Also the preference to such tattoos is given by people creative, creative which like to learn all new.

Geometric Animal Tattoos

Meaning of the geometric tattoos

Fantasy interweaving of simple lines, assembled into a single semantic pattern – a favorite theme of tattoo artists. Geometric sketches are one of the most popular in the world. Since ancient times, they have the value of sacredness and mystery, it is worth remembering at least the symbolism of secret societies.

Geometric Fox Tattoos

Any element: a symbol, a pentagram, a rune, an artist who creates such tattoos is able to turn into a geometric pattern full of meaning and fantasy.

The great popularity of body-work patterns in a geometric style is explained not so much by external attractiveness, but to a greater degree, by their hidden semantic meaning. All of these items are fraught with subtext. Even, it would seem, the most ordinary figures are endowed with meaning, and absolutely unexpected.

Geometric Cat Tattoos

For example, the well-known triangle has several interpretations:

  • Family marriage
  • Fire flame
  • Number three
  • Balance of life
  • Security
Geometric Tattoo Hand
Geometric Flower Tattoo
Geometric Owl Tattoos

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