Elephant Tattoo


Most of people had an impression about an elephant, as a sluggish, slow and heavy animal. Mistakenly comparing him to a turtle and believing that the elephant is slow, very many in the European and Asian countries don’t consider a tattoo of an elephant for drawing on the body.

These opinions on an elephant are extremely not objective. What to change idea of this beautiful animal, it is enough to learn opinion of people who work with them or live nearby. For example, in India the legend that elephants in the ancient time, as well as birds, were able to fly goes. However for love of freedom and unwillingness will obey, they were damned by the old eremite, having forever deprived of elephants of this gift.


The elephant tattoo gained the greatest distribution in the African countries and in some regions of Asia, especially in her central part. At these people it is considered to be an elephant a symbol of fidelity, moderation, peacefulness and devoted friendship. They honor him for the unusual force and endurance. And Buddhists consider an elephant as a symbol of spiritual knowledge and constancy.


In the European countries, in the Middle Ages, the elephant was perceived, as a symbol of chastity and asceticism. It was connected with that the incubation period a female of a fruit makes 18 months, and all this time she abstains from sexual contacts with males. The image of an elephant for residents of ancient Rome, and after falling of the empire was a symbol of a victory and wisdom, the Christianity started it perceiving as a symbol of a victory over the evil, representing an elephant crushing a snake.

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Elephant Tattoo on the Back

What the elephant tattoo means?

If to consider mythology and religion of the different people, the greatest the elephant stands high in esteem in India as Ganesh who is represented with the head of an elephant personifies god. This deity helps people to find happiness, great wisdom and to cope with human passions. In other east countries he is associated with cerebration, tranquility and with self-respect.

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And in such countries as Cambodia, Burma and Thailand of an elephant consider as the patron of a rain and a good harvest. Buddhists tell a legend that the queen Maya learned about the pregnancy by future Buddha from a dream in which the little white elephant entered her.

Elephant Tatoo on the Leg

If to give a general characteristic to a tattoo with the image of an elephant, it is possible to allocate some highlights:

  • Bears only merits;
  • It is considered a man’s tattoo;
  • Increases the personal strength of the person;
  • Harmonizes external and internal processes;
  • Gives self-confidence.
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Summing up the result it is possible to advise the tattoo symbolizing an elephant, to people courageous, active, strong-willed and self-assured. She will emphasize and will increase mental capacities, self-respect and prudence, supplementing all this with greatness of spirit.

If you decided to choose an image of an elephant for drawing on a body, you remember that the elephant is a symbol of great wisdom, by a sacred animal and is ranked as divine sushchnost.

Elephant Tattoo on the Hand

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