Anchor Tattoo


In ancient times the tattoo on a body of people served not only ornament, but also mascots, charms which had to help the owner to cope with the difficulties and adversities expecting him on a course of life. In this article we learn about one and such symbols, we will open value of a anchor tattoo and we will find out the attitude towards her in modern culture.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Historical and cultural roots

It is simple to guess that symbolism of an anchor is inseparably linked with navigation and sea subject in general.


However the centuries-old history of this ship attribute testifies that people allocated it with much more important and deep value, even for those who has no relation neither to the ships, nor to travel by the seas and oceans.

Person and world

Before receiving the modern form, the anchor passed through a set of metamorphoses. As a shipload people used the packs sheathed by metal, bags with sand, baskets with heavy stones. One of legends narrates that this irreplaceable part of the vessel with an ulterior motive looks exactly as we got used to see it now.


The top part — this embodiment of the person who upraises hands to the sky and stars, lower — this symbolical image of all material world, the earth which accepts a body of the dead, and in too time generates new life.

Antiquity shrine

In antique times the anchor got reputation of a sacred symbol which was minted on coins practically of all seaports, such as Antiokhiya and Alexandria, and served as a sign of gods: Poseidon — god of the sea, Amfitrita — the patroness of seamen at Greeks, Varun — the Indian god storing souls of the dead in the sea.

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Meaning of an anchor in the modern art of a tattoo

Presently the image of an anchor can be met not only at the strong and desperate seaman tempered in wanderings and adventures as it happened earlier. Now this symbol is widespread both among men, and among women. Males quite often choose more reserved, often monochrome sketches.


Girls, using all the creative potential, can give preference to the bright, bright and effective picture therefore value of a tattoo girls can have very various anchor. The sunflower and elephant tattoo is great for a girl too.


How work is performed, what colors and the accompanying drawings are used in a plot, often and depends that the tattoo in the form of an anchor will mean. Let’s learn about it in more detail.


  • Fidelity, devotion, reliability. First of all, the image of an anchor means that her owner is hardly inclined to treachery and deception, he can trust, without being afraid of sad consequences.
  • For girls the anchor tattoo on a hand will become a symbol of care, patience and tranquillity and will be able to save from daredevil acts and rash decisions.
  • Some girls choose for themselves the small picture of an anchor on a neck which symbolizes hope and belief in light and kind.
  • The small anchor represented on a finger or on a wrist, most likely, testifies that before you the person anyway connected with the sea or shipbuilding who respects the profession, but nevertheless, always wants to return to the house where he is loved and wait.
  • Value of a tattoo an anchor with roses — is honor and sacrifice for love. Such plot possesses special power, after all roses which act as a background for an anchor, often consider not only a sign of sensuality and passion, and and a symbol of blood which the person is ready to spill for the sake of wellbeing of people close and dear to heart.
  • In composition with image of a snake, the tattoo an anchor at the girl means, strangely enough, the world, safety, fertility and vital energy of the Sun. Such symbolism proceeds not so much from functions, how many from a form of this ship adaptation.
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From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that value of a tattoo an anchor very multilaterally. But choosing the sketch which pleased you even if you decide to fill an anchor on a face, only you have the right to decide that will mean this drawing, and what role it will play in your life.

Anchor Tattoo Sketch

Design and stylistic decisions

Very interestingly also the anchor with flowers executed in style a water color will extraordinary look. Such tattoo perfectly will suit the girl, and can settle down practically on any part of a body.

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Easy, almost imperceptible contours, smooth color transitions and half tone will allow to transfer all tenderness and romanticism of maiden nature, without breaking thus integrity of a plot, and negligent dabs and chaotic bright splashes will make impression that the picture is indeed drawn with water color paints.

This direction is so appreciated because of attractive romanticism, lightness and beauty of the works created by the master. Professional to the Tat artist, working in this style, will be able to represent a unique illustration which will cause very long delight in all people around on skin and, certainly, to please the owner.

Anchor Tattoo

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