Surface Piercing


Surface piercing (implantation piercing) is one of innovations in the sphere of bodimodifikation which essence consists in implantation of jewelry on equal and flat parts of a body where there are no the natural acting skin folds. Accessories for plane piercing are bars, various by the size, the bananas and brackets reminding usual brackets with which sew notebooks. Unlike mikrodermal, brackets have two pins acting on 1-1,5 mm on which decorative price markups are established.


One of main advantage of implantation that ornament can be implanted practically in any place on a body. The most popular zones – between clavicles, on a nape (prior to the beginning of vertebras of chest department), in the field of a decollete (over a breast). Theoretically restrictions aren’t present, but masters recommend to choose places, the least subject to mechanical influence (not adjoining to clothes, linen, etc.).


Why surface piercing is popular?

The main goal of any piercing – to decorate a body. Many consider that the bodies acting over a surface brilliant crystals, balls, pastes it is beautiful. With their help emphasize appearance advantages: pale or suntanned skin, seductive bends of a neck. At slender or even thin girls and women the pierced clavicles look gracefully since draw attention to thin skin and smooth lines of shoulders. In a nape emphasizes a long neck and a beautiful form of the arch of a skull.

How surface piercing is carried out?

Unlike traditional equipment of a puncture of ears piercing, a nose piercing, a navel piercing, a lip piercing, etc. for surface piercing two types of the tool – panch (the tool with the semicircular cutting edge) and an elevator are used at once. The first is intended for openings, the second – for peeling of fabric and creation of the channel at implantation. It is longer and rather painful procedure since it is necessary to suffer until the master executes two cuts on bracket width, makes the tunnel by means of the sharp tool and will insert an accessory in fabric, and then will establish price markups.
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In house conditions such procedure can’t be executed. Even in the presence of tools without medical education similar manipulations independently can’t be done – fabric can infect, strongly to injure them, and as a result of manipulation there will be an ugly scar. Therefore it is recommended to address to a professional pirser in a tattoo salon or to the surgeon. That has to understand that it is not about the mikrodermalakh, namely about implantation of a bracket. It is desirable that in a track record of the master there were some procedures with the subsequent successful healing.

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Nuances and shortcomings

Surface piercing is considered less reliable in comparison with others. In practice so-called migration of ornament when the carrier organism itself pushes out him outside then there is a small hem is very often observed. But so occurs only at part of people whereas at others the alien subject remains in a body forever.

Other nuance of a surface puncture is longer healing and the increased predisposition to traumatism and infections. Skin after implantation of 6-9 months heals. During this time it is necessary to treat responsibly the health, trying not to allow hits of particles of dust, water, sweat to the beginning to live canal since it can provoke an infection.


The third feature of implantation of a metal accessory is an impossibility to remove it independently. If an ear ring from an ear or an eyebrow it is possible at desire to remove, after implantation of a bracket it is almost impossible to move away her without assistance. If necessary it is necessary to address to the surgeon or the dermatologist who will take ornament by means of the sterile medical tool.

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How to choose jewelry?

As well as for other types of a puncture, it is recommended to choose accessories from the materials differing in good biocompatibility and shipping from an organism. The best option – the titan, medical steel, teflon, alloys on the basis of zirconium, biopolymer materials.


Important! For surface piercing it is possible to use only special flat brackets or bars. Rings and other types of accessories which are established in other parts of a body on natural folds, aren’t suitable for implantation.

Choosing a bracket, it is desirable to stop on a product with flat price markups. The acting parts will constantly contact to clothes and to injure the channel, increasing the term of healing and increasing risk of complications.


Choice of salon and procedure of a puncture

Key value for successful implantation of a bracket – qualification of a pirser. It is desirable that it was the specialized salon or a tattoo office where skilled masters work. It is very important that in an institution adhered to sanitary and hygienic norms:

  • worked only with disposable tools;
  • performed work in latex gloves;
  • used special means for disinfection.

If for any reason you don’t like the salon/master, it is better to look for another even if offer you the smaller price for service. Eventually, health on which it is impossible to save is about yours.


If you already elected the master, procedure of a puncture will be approximately such:

  1. You choose and you buy ornament, you bring it in salon.
  2. The expert disinfects a place of an estimated puncture.
  3. The master does by a marker marks on accessory width.
  4. The expert pierces with the sterile tool skin in two places corresponding to an arrangement of pins.
  5. Having made the channel by means of an elevator, the master places a bracket, establishes price markups.
  6. After repeated processing by an anti-septic tank ornament is stuck with an adhesive plaster.
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Prior to formation of the channel it is necessary to process daily puncture area antiseptics without content of alcohol (Furacilin, hlorgeksidins, hydrogen peroxide). Within the first or second week after procedure the area of influence can look swelled and reddened, from a wound colourless yellowish liquid – a lymph will be emitted. Controlled inflammatory reaction is a normal phenomenon. But has to cause concern emergence of purulent allocations, the expressed giperemiya and the increasing morbidity – symptoms of an infection of soft fabrics.


After ornament is implanted under an epidermis layer, it is necessary to adhere to rules of hygiene during all term of healing. At first it is necessary to avoid water hit. During the first 2-3 days it is desirable to exclude completely water procedures, then it is possible to take a shower, previously having stuck a puncture place with a plaster. The pool or a bath is allowed to be visited in 4-6 weeks after procedure, also sticking with a plaster a puncture zone. In the river, the lake or the sea and other natural reservoirs it is undesirable to bathe.


Surface or implantation piercing is rather new type of a bodimodifikation at which metal ornament in the form of a bracket gets used to epidermis. Popular places for implantation of a bracket — in a face, a thorax, and also hands, feet, a stomach, a back. Procedure needs to be done only in special salon, having addressed to a professional pirser. As an accessory the bracket gets out of the titan, medical steel, teflon with price markups to 4 mm in the diameter. Healing process rather long also takes about 6-12 months.

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