Smiley Piercing


Bodimodifikation of this look represents wearing ornament on the bridle which is in a mouth in an upper lip. Such type of piercing rather new, but already enjoys wide popularity. He is in especially wide demand among youth.

Smiley Piercing is visible only at a smile of the person. Accurate small ornament which looks out is inserted into a bridle when the person starts smiling. Proceeding from it, this type of piercing also got such name – a smile. It is also worth noticing that many carry this look to punctures of intimate character because the smile is shown not all, and only certain people.

Smiley Piercing

Wide demand of this type of modification we will explain it with special location. He suits all people, even at whom the profession doesn’t allow to carry on a body of a tattoo and an earring.


As well as any other type of a bodimodifikation, implementation of a smile it is forbidden at such diseases:

  • mouth diseases;
  • too thin bridle;
  • structure of jaws at which this type of a puncture can be unsafe;
  • mental disorders;
  • hepatitis, AIDS and HIV viruses;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • insulinozavisimost;
  • SARS.
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Also the puncture of a bridle is contraindicated at other infectious diseases.

Smiley Piercing


Though many also claim that the smile can be executed easily in house conditions independently, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences it is best of all to address to professional salon. The qualified master will expedite procedure of a puncture of a bridle and is qualitative.

Smiley Piercing

1. Jewelry choice. The master provides recommendations concerning an earring choice, or together with the client selects ornament among existence them in salon.

2. The tools and ornament are placed in a sterilizer.

3. The master provides contraindications to procedure, and also to the recommendation about further care of piercing.

4. The mouth is disinfected with the help antiseptics, the bridle is disinfected.

5. By means of nippers the master clamps and delays a lip.

6. By means of a disposable needle the puncture is carried out.

7. Without taking out a needle, the earring takes root into an opening and is fixed.

8. On the termination the master carries out repeated sterilization of a wound and a mouth.

When leaving it isn’t recommended to use peroxide of hydrogen or alcohol because there is a high probability of a burn of the mucous for processing of a wound. After each meal a mouth it is necessary to rinse and process a puncture place.

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Smiley Piercing


Smiley Piercing doesn’t demand anesthesia, procedure takes place very quickly, without being followed by strong pain. On duration the session takes about two minutes. Anesthesia is applied only in case of strongly dense bridle and at a low pain threshold of the client. In this case external antiseptic preparations in the form of sprays are applied: “Lidocaine”, “Novocaine” and others.

Smiley Piercing

It is also worth noticing that anesthesia application also demands from the client of the reference from the doctor that the client has no allergy to the applied preparations. If allergic reaction is possible – at the request of the client procedure to be carried out without anesthesia.


Smiley very widespread type of modification of a body, but despite popularity, he can cause the following consequences:

  • at the wrong puncture the earring can be displaced;
  • on a bridle inflammatory processes can begin;
  • the organism can tear away ornament;
  • there is a risk of damage of tooth enamel;
  • at a thin bridle ornament can will fall and to cause discomfort.

The most important it is competent and correct to pick up ornament for a smile then the period of healing will pass quite rapidly. Masters of piercing recommend small earrings because larger jewelry can cause painful feelings and long discomfort. Besides, the large earring can seriously do much harm enamels.

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Smiley Piercing

At a choice of the first ornament, it is best of all to stop attention on banana, a ring or the circular. Tips of an earring can be color, in the form of a ball or a cone. Main that ornament was reliably fixed and didn’t injure the channel.

Smiley Piercing

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