Septum Piercing


Piercing under the name septum — is the puncture which is carried out in the central nasal partition located between nostrils. In most cases is punctured septum in the top part, in the field of connection of two cartilages. It allows to minimize their injury. Ornament is visible from nostrils, it settles down over an upper lip. Various accessories — rings, curved half rings, bars meet.


What is also features of septum piercing

The puncture septum is carried out on the minimum site of skin that considerably influences procedure for formation of an opening and the rehabilitation period.

The puncture has deep historical roots. For the first time it was applied for one and a half thousand years before emergence of our era. Residents of India used him in commission of rituals. Huge sacral value was put in piercing of a nasal partition. In those days girls did an opening, believing in his help at childbirth and easy education of the child.

Septum Piercing

Often the ring was supplemented with the various suspension brackets having big weight. Later time septum piercing got accustomed in other countries and the people. In the territory of Australia there lived natives who by means of heavy jewelry did a nose flat that in their opinion, it was attractive. Asian women still do a puncture before a wedding to look more beautiful and desired for the elect.

Septum Piercing

Today the young guy or the man at the age of 30-35 years decides on this type of openings in a nose more often. Generally it is representatives of rock culture. Women prefer to do a puncture on a wing. The punched nostril looks accurately and sexually, unlike a bar or a ring on the edge of a nose.

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Septum Piercing

As passes a puncture

That operation of piercing of soft tissues of nose took place successfully, it is necessary to trust only her master with the corresponding qualification and wide practical experience. Address to salons with good reputation where rules of an asepsis are followed and the opening is correctly formed.

As piercing of a nose in the field of a septum becomes:

  1. The master and the client I discuss diameter of future channel and select ornament.
  2. Reusable tools and earring are located in the special device for disinfection.
  3. While there is a preparation of tools, the expert advises what consequences are, contraindications and how to look after a fresh wound.
  4. The master puts on sterile gloves and takes a disposable needle from individual packing.
  5. Nippers take and delayed a skin site, the marking and disinfecting becomes.
  6. The fast movement enters a needle and the nose puncture becomes. Operation is performed only in soft fabrics, the partition isn’t mentioned.
  7. Without pulling out a needle, the tip is cut off and the earring is entered into hollow part, dragged in an opening. The earring is fixed.
  8. Fresh piercing is processed by an anti-septic tank.

Septum Piercing

If procedure is carried out correctly, the patient feels pain of 1-2 minutes and further healing depends only on observance of rules. Anesthesia isn’t carried out.

Whether it is possible to do in house conditions

We recommend strongly to carry out low-invasive procedures in the conditions of salon where service is provided by the professional master. House conditions promote development of complications. But if decided to prick independently, you remember that operation has to take place by rules.

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Septum Piercing

  1. Surely carry out disinfection of an earring. For this purpose boil it, put for 20 minutes in hydrogen peroxide.
  2. To prick only a special needle! Is on sale in a drugstore. Keep its sterility prior to work, don’t get from individual packing.
  3. Process a puncture place septum an anti-septic tank.
  4. Make a markup according to an instruction photo. If take a small fold of skin, there will be a fusion of fabrics and rejection of ornament. Capture of a big site threatens with injury of a cartilage.
  5. For equal adventure of a needle use special nippers. They are on sale in specialized shops and medical accessories.
  6. Make capture, delay skin and a fast confident movement make a puncture.
  7. Without taking out a needle, insert into her hollow part or into a catheter part of a design of an earring, pass through an opening until the bar or a ring completely enter the canal, close a fastener.
  8. When operation is ended, process a wound an anti-septic tank.

Septum Piercing

Before procedure you should have no symptoms of a SARS of a disease, body temperature in norm. It is contraindicated to do piercing at rhinitis or a pollinoza, differently the inflammation will develop and complications pus, pain, an infection will begin.

The most dangerous and terrifying consequence of a septum – removal of a nasal partition.

Septum Piercing

Jewelry choice

The following kinds of ear rings are suitable for a septum:

  • rings of a classical look;
  • bananas and bars;
  • half rings (horseshoe).

Septum Piercing

For an exception of development of allergic reaction all jewelry inserted into a fresh wound has to be made of the following hypoallergenic materials:

  • biolayer;
  • gold of the highest 750th test;
  • titan.

The gold standard of safety and quality the titan is considered. It is material isn’t oxidized, doesn’t contain dangerous inclusions, promotes fast healing.

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Diameter of primary ornament makes 1-2 mm. Length for men is recommended within 10-12,5 mm, for women – 8-10 mm.

The price markup can be changed in 2-4 weeks on condition of good healing. If the channel was created and doesn’t hurt, a month later it is possible to make replacement by other type of products.

Septum Piercing

How to hide septum before an important event where it is supposed strict dresscode? Use tiny jewelry with small clamps at the edges. The best option – bananas or bars.

After healing replacement by earrings test silver 925 silt, gold 585 of test, a tree, platinum, a bone is possible.

Care of a wound and possible consequences

How many the period of healing of a septum lasts? If everything passes without complications and inflammations, the wound is tightened in 6-8 weeks. For successful rehabilitation it is necessary to carry out regular leaving.

Septum Piercing

  • The puncture can’t be touched, not to pass an earring.
  • The wound is processed by the wadded tampon impregnated with an anti-septic tank or solution with salt.
  • For healing internal mucous a nose it is recommended to carry out an instillation drops with the content of sea salt.
  • It is impossible to tear off crusts not to bring an infection.
  • Not to use the voice-frequency masking cream and other cosmetics.

Septum Piercing

Septum looks beautifully and provocatively, but for his implementation low-invasive operation that threatens with development of complications is performed. If decided on piercing, consider all nuances and follow rules of leaving. Negligence to a puncture threatens with an inflammation, rejection and destruction of a nasal partition. Be attentive and carefully you watch healing process

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