Philtrum Piercing


Philtrum Piercing (Medusa Piercing) represents a puncture of the fillet located over an upper lip. This one of the most beautiful kinds of piercings and, judging by a photo, most often becomes girls. This way of decoration of the person is considered the most harmless and painless as in a pole there are no nervous terminations and blood vessels near by, so completely there is no risk of paralysis and bleedings. But, despite these factors, it is better to carry out procedure in the conditions of beauty shop or at a professional pirser. For formation of a beautiful opening certain skills and a tool kit are required.


What is the philtrum piercing and his features

The fashion on piercing appeared rather recently, but already every second young man has ornament on a body. It not only part of a fashionable image, but also an original, courageous way to be allocated from crowd. Practically all beauty shops provide this service and offer a wide choice of decorative products for punctures.


The piercing of a lip called the Medusa for the first time was made in Canada in 1990. It is considered to be his primogenitor the fashion designer and the hairdresser in combination Kerrick who lived and I created in the territory of Toronto. In his head the thought of a puncture of an upper lip which quickly won popularity among all groups of the population including at adult successful men arose.

Piercing received the name at the expense of an unusual arrangement – in a depression in the ground over a lip. Sometimes it is done around a lower lip, but it is dangerous as one incorrect movement is capable to damage the whole texture of the nervous terminations and to spoil the person. Only true professionals are capable to execute such puncture accurately and without complications.

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Whether painfully to do procedure

On all procedure some minutes leave, beginning from initial processing and finishing with introduction by ornament. Whether painfully to do the puncture depends on a threshold of sensitivity of the person. The master won’t refuse to you desire to use local anesthesia.

The classical philtrum piercing over a lip doesn’t cause strong pain and is often carried out without application of the anesthetizing preparations. There are no blood vessels and nerves which would answer with pain damages. During pass of a needle only the discomfort is felt.

When carrying out the lower philtrum piercing anesthesia is obligatory. As it is the center of a texture of nerves and vessels and procedure in this zone it is rather painful. Before visit of an office of the master it is necessary to visit the allergist for an exception of negative reactions to anesthesia. You shouldn’t be skeptical about this recommendation as many application preparations are capable to provoke hypostasis, an itch and rash that can lead to serious complications.


Pain after procedure will be as soon as action of medicines ends.

As carry out punctures of the lower and upper lip

In salons experts work strictly in sterile gloves and the processed tools in order to avoid blood poisoning and entering of an infection.

Main stages of procedure:

  1. Felt-tip pen the mark of future opening becomes.
  2. Anesthesia is carried out.
  3. Special clip the master seizes the bay that allows to reduce a little sensitivity and gives a guarantee of a through puncture, but not superficial. The tool is selected individually taking into account the size and diameter.
  4. Special needle the hole becomes, clips are removed and the earring is inserted.
  5. Processing of a wound is carried out by antibacterial solutions.

Philtrum Piercing

At a puncture of lips two ways are used:

  • the vertical;
  • the horizontal.
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For the medusa the first look is used. The needle passes strictly vertically and through.

At the lower puncture there can be a large amount of blood and severe pain. Time of healing makes 3-4 weeks.

Leaving and consequences at the wrong actions

Punctures in a mouth demand careful leaving and observance of rules of hygiene. At first, until the body gets used to changes, problems with diction and can be observed meal.


After a puncture in the first 3-4 hours it is forbidden to eat, accept alcohol and to smoke.

During healing:

  • To adhere to a strict diet without sour, cold, sharply, hot, firm;
  • It is better to abstain from smoking and acceptance of alcoholic drinks;
  • Regularly to rinse a mouth antiseptics to prevent infection of a wound;
  • For reduction of a swelling in a place of damage it is recommended to suck sugar candies from a sore throat;
  • It is forbidden to kiss;
  • For acceleration of process of regeneration it is desirable to accept vitamins of group B;
  • It is impossible to change ornament, to pass through it or to pull out as it painfully and can slow down healing.

Experts don’t advise to take out an earring during 1 year. And on the expiration of this period you shouldn’t go without product more long than one day. Wounds in the bottom of and at the top of a lip are quickly tightened.


If not to implement the recommendation of the master, the risk of development of the following complications increases:

  • long healing;
  • injury of gums and tooth enamel;
  • suppuration;
  • rejection of an earring.

At the appeal to the unskilled pirser working in house conditions it is possible to catch HIV, infectious diseases of blood or hepatitis. The puncture a medusa under a lower lip has to be carried out only by the professional, differently the risk of damage of nervous textures is high.

All manipulations have to be carried out only by sterile tools and disposable needles!

If you observe long hypostasis, a redness or yellowing of area round ornament, immediately ask for medical care as these symptoms often testify to infection.

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Choice of jewelry

What decorative product to choose to decorate piercing of a lip? On a photo it is possible to see the huge range of ear rings, but all of them share on some main categories as a fastener:

  • Microbananas. Have an appearance of small curved bars which in a classical look are decorated from above with multi-colored balls.


  • Labreta. One of the most popular products for decoration of lips. Have a flat surface inside and a decorative top outside. It is possible to put on pastes and even diamonds the top part.


Regardless of a form of ornament it is important that it was made or materials, biocompatible to skin of the person. Treat safe types:

  • PTFE – a special kind of hypoallergenic plastic. He suits all people and is often applied at rejection of products from other materials. Doctors recommend to replace with him jewelry during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Steel implantation – has serious difference from medical due to absence in it nickel alloys;
  • Gold of the highest test, since the 750th test;
  • The titan – the most known and available material. Differs in ease and hypoallergenicity.
Doesn’t establish gold jewelry 585 of test as at their structure there are alloys capable to be oxidized and cause negative consequences in the field of piercing.

Piercing of lips is considered one of the most frequent types of piercing. Jewelry on a face generally loves girls as small pebbles and figures give them an unusual type of the feminity intertwining with impudence and mysteriousness. It is difficult to decide on a similar way of self-expression also not everyone will be able to take such step, generally it is interesting and extraordinary persons.

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