Navel Piercing


It is difficult to call navel piercing something extraordinary or exotic, after all the huge number of representatives of the fair sex uses this type of decoration of a body. Nevertheless round this procedure a large number of questions, doubts and myths soars. In this article we will try to open this subject on in more detail.


Many people consider piercing of a navel as a look bodi-an art, than that new, others on the contrary claim that navel piercing is done already by thousands of years. So who is right? It is for certain difficult to designate date or an era when people started piercing a navel, but it is for certain known that else ancient Egyptians actively practiced this procedure. The truth they did it not with the esthetic purpose, for them it was the distinctive sign showing special situation, but in any way not a subject of ornament. Began to pierce a navel for appearance in large quantities after introduction to fashion of women’s bikini.


Moral customs began to allow women will become bare more, than and many popular actresses, singers and models used. Naturally their fans picked up “novelty” and navel piercing became a fashionable and popular trend. Today piercing of a navel isn’t any more, than that shocking or unique, in popularity he will concede unless to a puncture of ears. So it is possible to declare safely that began to pierce a navel fashionable for underlining of beauty or allocation from crowd – rather young phenomenon. Though to the procedure tens of thousands of years.


Procedure of navel piercing though is simple, but is very responsible since demands sufficient knowledge, skill, the sterile room, the special tool and approval of the doctor. After all instead of a beautiful and sexual navel, you can receive serious problems with health. We unambiguously don’t recommend to conduct piercing independently or to trust the body and health to girlfriends or acquaintances.

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A navel puncture rather budgetary service, so, what very silly to put itself at risk. Entrust the body only to the professional master who knows a subject, has experience and customer reviews. Even in this case it is important to remember that any master of piercing though possesses certain medical knowledge, but isn’t the doctor and especially, doesn’t possess information regarding specifically your health.


So the first that you have to make – to consult with the doctor and having only got his approval – carefully to choose where and at whom the navel puncture will be made. Forget about a stomach puncture, if you the owner of the following diseases:

  • hepatitis
  • pancreatitis
  • HIV
  • gastritis in an aggravation phase
  • rheumatism
  • diabetes
  • blood poisoning or violation of its coagulability
  • chronic skin diseases

It not all list, but only list of widespread problems. So if to you not to spit on the health – previously consult with the doctor.


Certainly everyone will have a friend or the acquaintance who is ready to puncture for symbolical remuneration to you not only ears and a navel, and and any other part of a body. Even if such acquaintance isn’t present, the Internet simply dazzles with a huge number of manuals – “How free of charge to makenavel piercing of the house independently”. So with a puncture of a navel of problems shouldn’t arise, isn’t it? Of course provided that you have no contraindications of the doctor, differently consequences can be up to lethal.

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Well, and if of course the room and the tool completely sterile and you catch nothing. And the puncture at you from the first will turn out equal and beautiful and it isn’t necessary to spend then a lot of time and money for correction of a situation. And you are ready to suffer pain (seldom procedure is painless at not the professional) and to spend enough time for development of theoretical knowledge. But you will be able to save a money. Service not so expensive is a little of course, after all. If you agree with written above, we recommend not to read further, as we categorically against such approach.


Piercing should be carried out only at the qualified specialist in specially equipped and organized place. Piercing – salons, a tattoo – salons, beauty shops – here where it is worth addressing, behind this service. Then it will very important be convinced that the chosen place answers all important criteria – it sterile pure, equipped, all expendables disposable and qualitative, the master works in a mask and gloves, has the experience, recommendations and customer reviews proving his professionalism.


To avoid problems with health and to please surrounding men with the beauty, it isn’t enough to make piercing at the professional master. It only business floor. The second and not less important part – to follow all necessary rules during healing, differently everything can be spoiled.


Healing terms all different, in some cases can have it even some months. But if it is correctly to do everything, most often it is month. Leaving procedure not difficult also consists of three main points:

  • Observance of personal hygiene. Besides elementary rules on personal care, try to exclude a bathroom for 2-3 weeks. Only a warm shower. From detergents, only antibacterial soap. To touch a navel or ornament only in sterile gloves or the special solutions which are previously processed by hands. It is necessary to keep ornament always clean.
  • Processing of a wound. The master has to explain you rules of leaving in detail, advise reliable tools for leaving and issue the special brochure with all recommendations in case you that forgot that.
  • Correct clothes. Clothes has to be pure, easy and free, it shouldn’t press or rub on mending area. The preference is given to natural fabrics.
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Some representatives of the fair sex sometimes face unpleasant consequences of a navel piercing. Even if well looked after a navel during healing, and the puncture was carried out by the best master in the city. Unfortunately from it nobody is insured.

The most widespread are unpleasant or pain in a navel zone, both at contact of ornament with a body, and in a quiet state. There is it because the even begun to live wound at first rather sensitive. Over time the channel of a puncture will coarsen and unpleasant feelings will be gone if of course they aren’t connected with pollution and an inflammation.


Strong inflammation. Here it is worth finding at once a mistake – problems with health, lack of hygiene, the wrong ornament or procedure of a puncture it is carried out with gross blunders.

Where rejection meets less often. Such happens most often from the wrong choice of ornament – insufficiently deep puncture, bad quality of a product or its material or an improper form and the size.

We want to pay attention that such occurs extremely seldom, but from it nobody is insured. If you had problems, surely consult with the expert and reveal a problem – it isn’t necessary to wait when passes.

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