Lip Piercing


It is considered the safest of all types of lip piercing as there are no nervous terminations and large blood vessels which can be damaged. Many young men and girls choose him also because he looks gracefully and unusually, focusing attention on the most seductive part of the face.

Perhaps, there are so much puncture options, how many offer the master on this site, isn’t present neither on eyebrows, nor in a nose, somewhere in other place. Therefore within already many decades demand for this service doesn’t fall.



There are different types of lip piercing, and each of them differs in the features. At a choice it is necessary to be guided by appearance (whether such arrangement of an ear ring will go to you), how many punctures you are ready to make, how painful this or that site and where the risk of a travmatization is less.



Piercing over an upper lip at the left in the form of a small round birthmark. Marilyn Monroe had such front sight and is at Cindi Crawford — the well-known beauties actresses.



The puncture similar previous, only on the right, like Madonna’s front sight — the American singer. Both technicians are rather painful in comparison with all others. Besides here it is just possible to touch a facial nerve.



Piercing of a nosogubny fillet — one of the most beautiful and painless. On this site there are no nervous terminations, blood vessels settle down far from a surface, so, there is no risk of their traumatizing, bleedings and paralysis.

The vertical labret


The most popular of all versions — piercing of a lower lip when 2 punctures — from below and in the center vertically become. Differs in fast healing as doesn’t touch the nervous terminations and blood vessels.

The horizontal labret


Becomes in two horizontal points in the middle of a lower lip from left to right. He very deep, is followed by strong pain and has to be carried out only by the professional in order to avoid complications.



The simplified option previous two — a simple single puncture under a lower lip.



Analog of a vertical labret — only for an upper lip. And there can already be both painful feelings, and complications as it is possible to touch the nervous terminations or blood vessels.

Dahlia bites


Holes are punctured symmetrically each other in mouth corners. Looks it is very womanly and it is lovely.

Angel bites


If to connect piercings of Monroe and Madonna, the Sting of an angel will turn out. This bilateral symmetric piercing over an upper lip from the different parties.

Cyber bites


2 punctures — under a lower lip strictly on the center and symmetrically from above — in a nosogubny fillet are made.

Canine bites


More difficult technique since assumes the whole 4 punctures: the first 2 — Monroe and Madonna, the second couple — it is symmetric to them under a lower lip.

Spider bites


The pair punctures located in any place (above or below), the main thing — that together and sideways.

Shark bites


Openings become on couple from each party under a lower lip.

Snake bites


The punctures similar previous, only if to leave from each party on one opening.

Dolphin bites


The piercing similar on previous, but horizontal punctures become much more closely to each other and to the center of a chin.

Predatior bites


Three openings which form a stylish symmetric triangle round a mouth are made. Represents a combination of the Sting of a snake and Jellyfish.



Analog of the Medusa, only from below. One of the most painful, with a set of complications and side effects.



It is piercing of a bridle of an upper lip. Ornament is found only at a smile (from here and the name). Procedure is considered minimum painful as the master knows points on a bridle which are less sensitive to a puncture. However minus this equipment that the ear ring very much disturbs at meal, a kiss and can strongly injure a gum and foreteeth.


Puncture of the lower bridle of a mouth. Ornament is found extremely seldom — only at an sticking out of a lower lip. Minuses of this equipment just the same, as well as at the Smile.


Externally you can like this or that type of piercing. But it not the only criterion by which it is worth being guided. First of all you have to consult to the master, learn all nuances of the attracted technology of piercing, weigh everything pros and cons and only then make the decision.

From life of stars. Piercing of a lip can be seen at such celebrities as Christina Aguilera, Chester Bennington, Shura of Bi-2, Kara Delevin, Amy Winehouse.

Choice of jewelry

It is necessary to choose not only a type of piercing, but also ornament. In the modern market they are presented by different forms and materials.

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  • The ring core, from the ends closed on a ball, is used most often for a lower lip and a bridle.
  • Labreta — the jewelry consisting of several parts: a flat surface for mucous, a bar and a decorative top with diamonds or pastes, are ideal for such options as Monroe, Labret, Madonna, the Medusa, Jestrum.
  • Microbananas — the curved bars decorated with multi-colored balls.
  • Horseshoe — the semicircle which is coming to an end with strelochka (it is good for a bridle and a lower lip).
  • Segment ring, dividend on parts (segments).
  • Twist — a hybrid of a spiral and a half of a ring with balls on tips (it is put on a lower lip).
  • Circulars — jewelry in the form of ear rings of a different form (a snake, for example) with threaded connections at edges.
  • The bar — is a half of a labret: the short straight line or a curved tube with a single ball on the end, is irreplaceable for all types of Labret.


The first ornament which is inserted into an opening right after a puncture, has to be made of biolayer. It is the material which isn’t causing an allergy, it is similar to silicone. His only shortcoming — high price. At his absence the surgical titan or hypoallergenic plastic are allowed high-standard gold (not lower than 585).


After healing of a wound it is possible to use any other materials, except for medical steel (she contains very strong allergen — nickel):

  • acryle;
  • tree;
  • niobium;
  • silver;
  • ivory;
  • teflon;
  • surgical steel;
  • zircon.

Undoubtedly, gold piercing not only looks nobly, but also is more preferable from the point of view of safety. With him the wound begins to live quicker and subsequently doesn’t bring trouble. However and the cost of the most unpretentious labret from this precious metal begins with $25 whereas biolayer, the titan and other material costs around $6-8. Surely consider this moment.

For reference. Niobium — one of the most inexpensive metals for the piercing of jewelry. His obvious advantage that he absolutely hypoallergenic.


Not everyone is able to afford lip piercing in respect of health as this procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • allergy to metal and the anesthetizing preparations;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • high temperature;
  • herpes;
  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, red wolf cub, dermatitis, etc.;
  • periods;
  • reception of hormonal preparations;
  • problems with coagulability of blood;
  • cold, flu, quinsy, SARS;
  • serious diseases like renal or heart failure, hepatitis, etc.;
  • tendency to formation keloid of hems;
  • epilepsy.

The master usually is interested in health of the patient, but examination in such cases isn’t conducted therefore in this case all responsibility lays down on you. Be extremely honest and don’t hide the available diseases.


The success of action and a further condition of a puncture will depend on it.

Procedure course

It is interesting to all as do piercing of a lip therefore we suggest you to get acquainted with the main course of procedure which in different salons will differ only in insignificant nuances. Especially cool can watch video as it everything occurs.


  1. It is best of all to do piercing in the winter when soon you aren’t going neither to sunbathe, nor to swim in the sea.
  2. In a week to cease to accept coagulants.
  3. Girls have to pick up time for a puncture somewhere in the middle of a menstrual cycle, but not some days before him and especially not in “such” days. It will reduce risk of strong bleeding and puffiness.
  4. Before procedure not to drink some alcoholic drinks as they disperse blood, and bleeding will be difficult to be stopped then, and it will increase risk of infection.
  5. Hour is for 3 nothing, and before a campaign in salon to clean teeth and properly to rinse a mouth.


In salon

  1. Disinfection of the tool.
  2. Designation of a place of a puncture a surgical marker taking into account the patient’s wishes.
  3. Disinfection of a lip.
  4. Lip clip surgical nippers.
  5. Piercing of skin a special needle with a catheter.
  6. The needle is taken, and the catheter remains.
  7. In the turned-out opening through a catheter ornament is dragged.

On 1 puncture no more than a minute leaves.

In house conditions

For a puncture it is necessary to get the special tool (a kateterny needle) and not to use the usual at all — for sewing. It is better to choose from jewelry labrt as in house conditions simplest to insert it and it gets accustomed quickly. If aren’t sure of the accuracy of the actions, it is possible to buy in addition special clamps clips which will allow to make a puncture in the right place.

    1. Hands before procedure need to be washed up with soap and to wipe medical alcohol.
    2. To disinfect the tool and ornament right after extraction from packing.
    3. To put wadded tampons under cheeks from the inside to avoid a plentiful salivation.
    4. To wipe a place of future opening the pure fabric moistened in the hlorgeksidena.
    5. To calm down and not to be nervous that hands didn’t shiver, differently you won’t be able to make everything correctly.
    6. To begin from the inside of a lip.
    7. The puncture is made by two jog movements: the first breaks off muscular tissue, the second — skin.
    8. To pass ornament throughout the turned-out opening.
    9. To wipe the blood.
    10. To rinse a mouth the miramistiny.
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Doctors and masters of piercing don’t recommend strongly to carry out similar procedure in house conditions. The appeal to salon — a guarantee of success and minimization of all risks.


The rehabilitation period after lip piercing is considered time of full healing of fabrics. Each person has an ability to regeneration different therefore he can last from 2 weeks to 2 months. Here what restrictions after procedure need to be observed:

    • within 4 hours isn’t, not to drink, not to smoke;
    • within 2 days not to wash and not to allow hit of water on piercing;
    • within 1 week not to steam out a face (under a ban there are steam trays, saunas, baths, hot bathtubs);
    • within 2 weeks not to eat anything hot, peresolyonny, sour, sharp, alcoholic, aerated;
    • not to delete the formed crusts;
    • not to touch ornament without need and if there was such need, at first to disinfect hands medical alcohol;
    • not to take off ornament more than for days and not to change an ear ring before full healing of fabrics;
    • not to kiss and not to have oral sex;
    • not to use lipstick and gloss, and in the field of a puncture over or under a lip not to apply foundation.

To accelerate healing of fabrics and to reduce the rehabilitation period, it is possible to use the following recipes:

  1. It is slightly less half of a tea spoon of table salt to part in a glass of warm water. To rinse a mouth to 4 times a day.
  2. Daily to rinse a mouth pharmaceutical antiseptics — the same miramistin, for example.

Besides these restrictions, behind piercing of a lip special leaving, and not only during the rehabilitation period, but also in all the time until you carry him is required.

Here his basic rules:

  1. Regularly accept vitamins of group B.
  2. Include in a diet as much as possible fruit (except a citrus), vegetables, meat, wholegrain porridges.
  3. Try to chew food, to kiss and put on clothes through the head as it is possible more accurately, without touching ornament.
  4. You don’t finger and don’t pull an ear ring.
  5. If there were unpleasant feelings, ask for the help the master or the dermatologist.
  6. Avoid mechanical injuries.
  7. Decided to remove piercing forever? Take out ornament from a puncture and wait until the opening grows.


Many are frightened by piercing consequences: stories about the suppurating and swelled wounds force to refuse a seductive Medusa or a stylish Shark bites. Therefore it is necessary to foreknow, what side effects are temporary and don’t pose threat, and what complications — result of nonprofessionalism of the master or the wrong leaving — will bring a lot of trouble.


Scars after lip piercing

Possible side effects:

  • insignificant bleeding;
  • puffiness;
  • giperemiya;
  • morbidity;
  • indistinct diction.

They are temporary and usually pass within a week.

Possible complications as a result of inexperience of the master or insufficient care of a puncture place:

  • growing of jewelry from the inside of lips;
  • entering of an infection that causes inflammatory process and leaves scars after recovery;
  • infection with viral hepatitis and HIV infection;
  • keloidny hems;
  • formation of fistula;
  • rejection of jewelry;
  • injury of teeth, inflammation of gums, periodontitis;
  • hit of an infection in a brain can lead to encephalitis or meningitis;
  • sepsis;
  • strong bleeding;
  • traumatizing a facial nerve, which consequence can be shown only in some years;
  • endocarditis.

Such terrible complications as sepsis, endocarditis or meningitis, are diagnosed extremely seldom. But you have to know that such cases took place to be. Recently HIV infection  is even more often noted.

The main reason — lip piercing in house conditions, without appropriate hygiene, or at “masters” – self-educated persons. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to choose good, authoritative salon and not to spare expense for the professional.

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To what minuses of lip piercing you should be ready in advance:

  • it is a lot of contraindications;
  • saloon procedure is inaccessible till 18 years though it is possible and with 16, but only at presence and with the permission of parents;
  • very dangerous consequences of infection (HIV, sepsis, meningitis etc.);
  • decrease in sensitivity of lips;
  • diction is broken;
  • after healing there is a scar, and it is impossible to do again a puncture in the same place already;
  • inconveniences and discomfort at the use of food and kisses;
  • not all companies, on a dresscode, allow to wear to the employees such extreme ornament;
  • the relation of the majority of people around to the pierced lips — very negative.

Not you should face all these troubles but if to read responses, these shortcomings — one of the most frequent.

Block of questions and answers

If any doubts concerning lip piercing were left in the basket of our discussion, we suggest to see answers of experts to the most widespread questions.


Whether painfully to do?

It depends on many factors: a pain threshold of the patient, a place of a puncture, application of the anesthetizing preparations, professionalism and experience of the master. For example, piercing of an upper lip or chin — the most unpleasant also demand 100% use of lidocaine or any other analgetic. If you are very sensitive to pain, surely in advance warn about it the master and ask to apply local anesthesia.

How to remove?

  1. If the opening inflamed or suppurates, before removal of ornament drink the anesthetizing.
  2. To rinse a mouth any anti-septic tank.
  3. To wash up and dry hands.
  4. In the presence of crusts on a puncture to put to it the wadded disk moistened in strong salt solution (a tablespoon — on a glass of warm water).
  5. Teeth to bite ornament to record it on one place.
  6. To turn off a tip. To unclench teeth.
  7. Carefully to take out an ear ring, trying not to scroll it, from the inside of a lip. If she got stuck, drip on her oil tocopherol or prokipyachyonny olive oil. Vaseline for such purposes can’t be used.
  8. Repeatedly to rinse a mouth antiseptic solution.

How to clean a hole from piercing?

If you decided that piercing isn’t necessary to you any more, follow recommendations of professionals:

  1. Take out jewelry.
  2. Twice a day grease a puncture with Kontratubeks and wipe lotion with salicylic acid.
  3. Twice a week prepare a srub from fat sour cream and sea salt for this site.
  4. Once a week do massage, using oil extract of tocopherol instead of cream.
  5. If within half a year the puncture didn’t grow, the hole should be eliminated by means of plastic surgery. After microdermabrasion the cosmetologist will sew up an opening.

How many heals?

From 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the speed of regeneration of fabrics (each person has her different) and care of a puncture place.

Than to process?

It is possible to process a wound:

  • rather weak salt solution;
  • hlorgeksidiny;
  • miramistiny;
  • boric alcohol;
  • salicylic alcohol;
  • calendula tincture;
  • propolis tincture.

Hydrogen peroxide isn’t recommended to use for such purposes because there is an opinion what exactly it causes formation of scars further recently.

What to do if lip piercing inflamed and suppurates?

Possible reasons of suppuration: low-quality jewelry, lack of care of a puncture, wrong size. What to do if the inflammation only began also yet not the strong:

  1. To take off ornament. To investigate him on existence: an occasional empty seat about 2 mm in each party, polishing (her the test stamp can impair a little). If necessary to replace an ear ring.
  2. To impose on a puncture a wadded disk with Vishnevsky’s ointment on half an hour.
  3. To wash out an opening with soap. To dry up a tissue.
  4. To dig in a puncture miramistine. To moisten with him ornament and to return him into place.
  5. To put Aktovegin (Solkoseril, Baneotsin or Kontraktubeks) with a thin layer.
  6. Bandages aren’t necessary.
  7. Daily to wash out Furacilin solution: 1 tablet — on 100 ml of warm water. To gather in a syringe and to inject into a puncture.

If the situation started a wound very strongly suppurates, ornament can’t be taken off. It is necessary to gather in a syringe of warm boiled water and to pass it through an opening. To spit out, rinse a mouth antibacterial lotion. To address to the doctor. Most likely, antibiotics will be appointed.

Lip Piercing — it, no doubt, very stylishly, is modern and it is seductive. But in a pursuit of spirits of the times and constantly escaping fashion it isn’t necessary to forget about the health. Before procedure weigh all pros and cons then to avoid bitter disappointment because of the appearance spoiled by hems.

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