Labret Piercing


Labret Piercing is a puncture which lower than a level of a gum for minimization of injuries of teeth and gums becomes in a lower lip. Labreta (labret) – jewelry, consisting of a bar, a hat and price markups under a carving. Standard length of a bar is from 5 to 20 mm, and thickness of a core is 1-1.5 mm. It is one of the most popular ways to decorate the person.

Labret Piercing

In a mouth few blood vessels, the nervous terminations therefore the risk of heavy complications in the form of a distortion and a paralysis is practically absent. Procedure differs in relative painlessness in comparison with punctures in other places. The main thing to carry out the correct care of damage until his full healing.

What is the labret piercing

In translation from Latin of Labret it is “lips”. This word it is possible to designate any puncture made in a mouth, but experts prefer to give such name only of one kind of piercing, made in the middle under a lower lip. Association with the ornament which is used for this place — labrety (has a bar appearance with balls at the edges). At the request of the client the master can leave visible only one ball or both.

Labret Piercing

This kind of a puncture enjoyed popularity in ancient times. Openings became during religious practices. It gained special distribution among males. The earring in an opening testified to belonging to a certain social step or to a tribe, and also it did for the purpose of demonstration to people around of the greatness, courage, will power.

Time of healing of a wound makes 1-2 months. At first the person can have serious problems with meal and diction as hypostasis is observed. Within several days it is recommended to adhere to a diet – it is impossible to accept spicy, hot, sour, cold, firm food, and also alcohol is completely excluded.

Piercing of a lip an earring labrt becomes in such place that metal on a minimum touched teeth and injured them. Despite it, there are some more risks. There can be a fistula through which the saliva will follow.

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Labret Piercing

The oral cavity contains a large number of bacteria therefore danger of development of an inflammation and suppuration is high. In ears and on bodies, unlike a mouth, the risk is much lower. It is important to provide the correct care of a wound in house conditions throughout all term of healing.


The puncture of a lower lip can be carried out in two ways. What the client after consultation with the doctor decides to choose from them.
  • The vertical labret. One of the most popular techniques of creation of an opening below under a lip. It is connected with that procedure practically doesn’t cause painful feelings and doesn’t conceal in itself the hidden dangers. There are no nervous terminations and blood vessels which damage can cause serious complications. Traditionally the opening becomes exactly on the center – the earring settles down from the lower bound of a lip to the center in the top point. If the master carries out work correctly, damage will quickly begin to live.

Labret Piercing

  • The horizontal labret. Beginners in piercing seldom choose this type of piercing. As a rule, the real judges of this type of ancient art give him preference. The technique assumes creation of a deep opening which is put parallel to a lip. Most often it is done from below in the direction from left to right. During procedure the client feels strong painful feelings.

Labret Piercing

Making a choice for one or other look, estimate all advantages and risks. The deep puncture of a lip begins to live long and is in most cases infected.

Differences of procedure in salon and in house conditions

The puncture of a lower lip, just as ears, is simple procedure which can be conducted independently in house conditions. To make it it is correct, it is necessary to know how procedure is done by experts.

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The main stages of creation of piercing in professional salon:

  • Consultation about possible consequences, rules of leaving is held, the master asks on contraindications to procedure.
  • The chosen ornament and working tools are processed in the autoclave.
  • The master puts on sterile gloves, prepares a disposable needle for a puncture.
  • With the help the antiseptics processes a lip with external and inside.
  • Special pancha capture of skin that helps to kill pain becomes and to make exactly a hole.
  • Ornament is entered into an opening.
  • The subsequent processing by the disinfector is carried out.
  • In case of need the wound is stuck with a plaster.

After visit of an office of a pirser important within the next 4 hours not to drink, isn’t and not to smoke. Further to adhere to a diet and regularly to rinse a mouth in the morning, in the evening and after each meal.

Labret Piercing

How to make homemade labret piercing:

  1. Place the bought ornament and a needle from a catheter in alcohol for 20 minutes then they need to be boiled in small capacity and to spread out on a sterile matter.
  2. To wash up hands antibacterial soap and to wipe alcohol.
  3. To clean teeth, to rinse a mouth hydrochloric solution, to process an internal and external surface of a lip disinfecting solution Miramistin or Hlorgeksidin or simply alcohol.
  4. Note a marker a place of future puncture chosen by means of a photo.
  5. Well clamp and delay a working site fingers, calm down and by means of a needle surely do an opening. To move from the inside of a mouth outside. That the tip of a needle left in the right place, it is necessary to observe a corner of passing of the tool of equal 90 degrees.
  6. Insert an earring into a hollow catheter and place it in a hole, fix.
  7. Process a wound an anti-septic tank.

After procedure hypostasis and a redness which will descend 3 days later will be observed. For the fastest healing it is necessary to do rinsings, to grease with the regenerating ointment – Levomekol, Bepanten.

During mending try not to touch ornament tongue. During putting on of clothes to cover it with a hand or as much as possible to delay a collar.

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Labret Piercing

The product is forbidden to be pulled out from an opening before full healing as the channel in a lip has property to be narrowed and quickly to be tightened.

How to choose jewelry and its types

In beauty shops where offer piercing service, the wide range of decorative products is always presented. The master who will do a puncture will help to make a choice. But if decided to get independently in advance an earring, it is necessary to know, what look is suitable for yours a kind of piercing.

Labreta – the main kind of ear rings for decoration of a puncture in a lower lip.

Labret Piercing

They consist of a bar and a ball. The size is selected in strict accordance with lip thickness. If the bar is too long, metal will constantly touch teeth and to destroy enamel. Also it threatens with long healing.

Too short bar can provoke growing of a ball into skin.

The ringlet is ideally suited for a place of a puncture. The main objective — it is correct to place an ear ring that she didn’t get to an interval between teeth.

Labret Piercing

Products are suitable for a horizontal deep puncture only from the titan or neallergichny plastic. After full healing it is possible to insert jewelry of biocompatible material into a vertical opening – gold of the highest test, the titan, silicone, plastic.

Labret Piercing

Piercing of a lip is especially popular among youth in recent years. According to physicians and pirser a lower lip one of the safest places for formation of an opening, but you shouldn’t carry out procedure the hands. Despite simplicity of procedure nevertheless it is better to entrust it to the professional who follows all rules, has necessary tools and has no fear of introduction of a needle to skin. Independent creation of piercing can leave unpleasant impressions, pain and at a mistake – scars. Can pierce for a start to you an ear?

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