Helix Piercing


Helix Piercing is a kind of a puncture of a curl of a sink of an ear in the top half. The successful arrangement allows to carry any jewelry, beginning from ear rings, bars to tacks and kaff. Ears – the most widespread part for piercing. The tradition goes since ancient times and today it is considered regularity when to the girl at early age pass ear rings in lobes. With age ladies look for new ways of modification of and often their choice stops on Helix.

Helix Piercing

What is the Helix piercing and its meaning

Helix piercing is meant as the opening created in the top part of an ear in his curl. For modification often use combinations with other kinds of punctures, but special popularity as addition I received Industrial. These types are similar among themselves, but the last requires two holes connected by one ornament.

Helix Piercing

Healing of the damaged fabrics lasts some weeks or months because of small blood circulation in this part of a body.

Whether painfully to do Helix? In a cartilage there are no nervous terminations therefore many with ease transfer procedure. But there are responses in which it is told about severe pain that, most likely, is caused by nonprofessionalism of the master.

Before working process the expert is obliged to find out, what types of jewelry will rush. If the product of big diameter is supposed, the opening means has to correspond to him as cartilaginous tissue doesn’t give in to stretching.

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Helix Piercing

There is one more kind of piercing – the Forward Helix. Settles down on forward part of an ear curl, is a little higher, than a trestle. Often fans of piercing unite two specified look, creating own unique compositions.

Whether there is a secret meaning? No, in the modern world piercing became usual hobby and one of categories of a bodimodifikation. Punctures become for the sake of experiments and self-expression though in far ancient times they bore the information and reported to people around about the status of the owner, his achievements, belongings to a nationality.

Helix Piercing

As procedure is carried out

Despite a minimum level of pain at execution of piercing of an ear Helix and lack of the blood, nervous terminations in a cartilage, experts don’t advise to carry out procedure independently in house conditions. Process difficult, demands a certain knowledge of an auricle structure.

Carefully select salon, the master to avoid risk of infection with hepatitis, HIV, AIDS and other infections. In an office sanitary standards have to be respected.

Helix Piercing

As passes an ear cartilage puncture:

  1. The client under the leadership of the master chooses ornament.
  2. Tools and earring are exposed to disinfection in the specialized device – the autoclave.
  3. At the level of a curl processing is carried out by an anti-septic tank and the marking is put.
  4. When tools are ready process begins – the sterile needle is entered into a cartilage from outer side of an ear and passes through. At commission of manipulations probably small bleeding which resulted from damage of small capillaries and blood vessels.
  5. After a needle the earring is entered into an opening. It is simpler to insert a product with a direct pin into a fresh wound.
  6. Damage is processed by an anti-septic tank, in case of need closed by an adhesive plaster.
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Helix Piercing

You watch closely actions of the master. At extraction of a needle from packing be convinced that it is the new tool which is stored in sterile conditions. No anguishes on a wrapper should be.

Care of a puncture and healing period

For acceleration of regeneration and restoration of the damaged cartilaginous tissue, leaving which consists in observance of the following rules and recommendations is necessary for piercing:

  1. In the first month fresh wounds on an ear before washing of the head are closed by a thick layer of the regenerating cream with fat structure. Optimum applications of the Rescuer or ichthyol oil.
  2. Twice a day to wash out piercing by disinfecting solution, regularly to scroll earrings in a cartilage opening, in order to avoid their growing.
  3. For prevention of development of ear diseases in an ear it is necessary to drip otitis medicine.
  4. If after healing round ornament consolidation was created, wash out a hole hydrogen peroxide. Inside particles of dirt and skin which need to be cleaned and disinfected got.

Helix Piercing

After a puncture of solid tissue of ear different consequences and complications can begin. Puffiness is often observed. She doesn’t demand acceptance of special measures and at normal healing passes next day. If it didn’t occur, so in a wound inflammatory process began and there was a pus.

Helix Piercing

How to stop:

  1. To process a puncture antiseptic solution.
  2. Accurately to knead the damaged fabrics clean hands.
  3. Not to sleep on the party where fresh Helix piercing is made.
  4. To remove purulent allocations by means of compresses from leaves of an aloe or ichthyol oil.
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If the specified measures don’t help, rejection of an earring by immune system of an organism probably began. Often this process is followed by pain, temperature increase of a body and purulent allocations. Replacement of ornament by a product from precious metal will help to stop him. If measures were useless, it is necessary to refuse piercing.

Helix Piercing

At favorable combination of circumstances healing comes 6 months later.

Selection of jewelry

The choice of ear rings for Helix is huge, all kinds of decorative jewelry approach here. But for fast healing in a cavity of a fresh wound experts advise to establish a bar of the small size or carnations.

Helix Piercing

Then it is already possible to insert a small ring with suspension brackets into a puncture, labreta and bars with decorative elements. Originally and sexually on a female ear kaffa look. On a photo in the catalog of jewelry stores it is possible to make a selection of different products.

Helix Piercing

For acceleration of regeneration of tissues of the master advise to use earrings from hypoallergenic materials – the titan, silicone, gold 750 of test, platinum, silver. After overgrowing of a wound it is authorized to do replacement by any products, the main thing that they didn’t cause an allergy and an inflammation.

Helix Piercing

Helix is a stylish ornament for an ear. Girls like to wear earrings and if there is an opportunity to do it originally, you shouldn’t miss her. Placement of jewelry on all area of an auricle will surely draw attention of people around, and in particular representatives of an opposite sex.

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