Frenulum Piercing


Piercing of a bridle of tongue is a kind of oral punctures. The opening becomes in a fold to the skin located under tongue. For demonstration of ornament the person should do the special movements. This way of transformation of appearance suits scandalous and exclusively extraordinary people. Procedure is painless, becomes in a few minutes.


Features of a Frenulum Piercing

Procedure doesn’t represent complexity, but it is desirable to carry out the master having the special equipment and skills. As well as other small surgery, a bridle puncture under tongue demands sterility and care. At violation of equipment or infection in operating time rejection of an earring and serious problems with health is possible.


Even at successfully carried out frenulum piercing there is a risk of the following complications:

  • inflammation of gums;
  • enamel chips at friction of ornament about tooth;
  • long healing.

Doctors against any punctures in a mouth as damages are entrance gate for dangerous infections.

As there is a frenulum piercing in salon and at home

The master carries out procedure at ideal lighting. In an arsenal there is a special needle with a catheter and a clip for tongue. For processing of a wound peroxide of hydrogen or solutions of anti-septic tanks are used. Ornament is subject to obligatory disinfection in the autoclave. Before work rinse a mouth the disinfecting means and to check health of a cavity.

Frenulum piercing take place in salon according to the following scheme:

  1. The master defines a place of future opening by means of a special marker.
  2. The special clip fixes a tip of tongue and rises up.
  3. The fast movement enters a needle with a catheter.
  4. By means of a catheter the earring is inserted into a puncture.
  5. The needle is taken, the product is fixed by means of locks.
  6. Frenulum piercing is processed by an anti-septic tank by means of rinsing.
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Having addressed to salon with good reputation, you will secure yourself against complications. Cosmetologists or pirser know how it is correct to define a place for a puncture and will quickly carry out manipulations without harm for health.


At impossibility to address to the master, it is possible to carry out procedure in house conditions. For this purpose get a language holder (a type of a clip or nippers), a sterile needle with a catheter, antiseptics or hydrogen peroxide, a big and convenient mirror.

Stages of frenulum piercing procedure:

  1. Carry out disinfection of tools and surely rinse a mouth 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen (for his preparation it is necessary to dilute antiseptics with clear water in the ratio 1:1). Rinsing time – 5 minutes.
  2. To lower an earring in alcohol or antiseptics for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Raise tongue, put a reference point for a needle entrance which settles down in proportion to the average line of the bridle located across.
  4. Clamp tongue, direct it towards the top sky and the fast movement enter a needle catheter. The direction the movement – from right to left.
  5. Enter an earring into a hollow tube and insert into an opening.
  6. After a puncture of a bridle carry out repeated rinsing of a mouth hydrogen peroxide solution.
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By the same method to be carried out piercing a smile in a bridle of an upper lip. The main thing during procedure to meet sanitary conditions and not to work dirty hands.


Care of a frenulum piercing

The bridle begins to live quickly. The channel tightening on average requires about 5 days, for a complete recovery of 2-4 weeks. That process took place without complications follow rules:

  • rinsing antiseptics in the morning, in the evening and after each meal;
  • don’t touch an earring not to injure a wound;
  • exclude alcohol intake and smoking in the first days.


Right after procedure it is forbidden to drink and use food. 4 hours later it is possible to calm a stomach the ice cream or juice drunk through a tubule.

Contraindications and possible consequences

Before a puncture frenulum the bridle length assessment is surely carried out, in certain cases anatomic features of a structure of body don’t allow to carry out manipulation.


Contraindications frenulum piercing:

  • diabetes;
  • impossibility to watch hygiene of a mouth and regularly to carry out rinsings;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • allergic reactions to antibiotics.

Possible consequences at an unsuccessful puncture it is an unnatural shade of body and mucous membranes, long puffiness. The most dangerous this infection which can be distinguished on the following symptoms:

  • the redness or greenish shade formed in a zone round an opening;
  • unpleasant smell from a mouth;
  • burning and pain which can’t be born;
  • increase of local temperature (at measurement by the thermometer, the indicator can be 3-5 degrees higher, than at measurements in an axillary hollow);
  • the pus following from a wound.
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For healing the course of special rinsings and reception of antibiotics is appointed. The scheme of treatment is developed by the doctor-surgeon.

As it is correct to pick up jewelry

On a photo with a puncture of a bridle it is visible that the most widespread ornament for frenulum piercing is the bar, banana which are fixed by means of two balls. It is important that ornament didn’t injure, differently the wound will long heal and as a result to inflame.


For a fresh puncture use products from hypoallergenic metal, the best the titan is considered.

When there comes full healing of the channel, it is possible to make replacement by an ear ring from precious metal.

Oral piercing — it is fascinating and unusual, but such beauty demands special care in leaving and a sock. That in a mouth rejection of ornament didn’t begin, accurately follow all rules registered by the master. If aren’t ready to watch a wound, regularly to do rinsings, refuse an idea better and experiment with other methods of ornament and transformation of a body.

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