Eyebrow Piercing


You want to make beautiful eyebrow piercing? Learn how procedure is carried out, what types of punctures exist (vertical, horizontal, etc.) as it is better to choose jewelry how to look after an eyebrow after piercing. We will tell all truth about contraindications, complications and side effects.

The second place in popularity after ear rings in ears is taken by eyebrow piercing by means of which it is possible to be allocated from crowd and to emphasize the identity. Making up the mind to such step, it is necessary to realize about possible consequences.


Such action has enough minuses, they need to be studied carefully. If you work in serious firm, whether you are sure, what your administration will approve such innovation in your appearance? Even if now you are in free swimming, then it will be rather difficult to make good career with a trace from piercing in an eyebrow. Think over all these questions in advance — weigh all pros and cons not to make an annoying mistake.

Types of eyebrow piercing

As there are different types of eyebrow piercing, it is necessary to solve for a start what of them will suit you.

eyebrow_piercing_typeEach of them is characterized by the features. The equipment and a place of a puncture can always be changed — state only the wishes to the master.

  • The vertical

Despite all danger which he represents, vertical eyebrow piercing is very popular and demanded because of the originality. Punctures do closer to an external corner — from above and from below, the friend under the friend. Looks very beautifully, but thus it is necessary to understand that ornament rather strongly will stick out outside. Respectively, it can be hooked for clothes or for hair that will create a certain discomfort. If you are ready to suffer such inconveniences — you can choose vertical piercing of an eyebrow.


  • Diagonal/at an angle

Sometimes piercing of an eyebrow is referred at an angle to kinds of the vertical. But if the classics assumes punctures directly the friend under the friend, here they become under a certain inclination. Looks too very originally, but all dangers of the previous type of piercing remain.


  • The horizontal

Not such dangerous, horizontal piercing of an eyebrow represents punctures on one line. Most often they become over an external corner of an eyebrow. He looks not so provocatively, as vertical. Besides ornament not so strongly sticks out outside — respectively, for what won’t cling. However with him there will be difficulties at the master as slightly more difficult to do such punctures, than at vertical piercing. And jewelry will need to be selected more competently.


  • Anti-eyebrow

The interesting technology of piercing belongs to an eyebrow though actually it is reflected only in the name — “anti-eyebrow”. Punctures do under an eye, as if creating illusion of the second, lower brovny arch. They are made in cheek top at a small angle — the top part of piercing is closer to an ear.

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  • Bridge

Punctures become from two parties of a nose bridge — slightly lower than eyes or directly between eyebrows.


  • The combined

If there is a wish for something absolutely original, it is possible to find together with the master and other places of a puncture, combining the mentioned types of eyebrow piercing.


Any piercing, including eyebrows — this creativity of the master answering to inquiries of the client. Before procedure they have to discuss together all nuances of that will turn out at the exit. It will allow all to be glad to results, but not to be disappointed in them. It is possible to find initially the photo of tricks which you want to make — it will allow to simulate something similar and on your face. Also don’t forget to find out, than piercing of an eyebrow is dangerous.

Eyebrows Piercing shortcomings

You have to realize all minuses of eyebrow piercing to a campaign in salon, and there discuss them together with the master. The risk of consequences hazardous to health and side effects is how great? How often the person who will carry out this procedure, did him? Surely consider all these nuances that it was the real ornament, but didn’t turn back for you a real nightmare.


Treat shortcomings:

  • too big risk to touch an optic nerve that will have an adverse effect on sight;
  • piercing on an eyebrow easily and often is touched at a make-up or combing that constantly injures fabrics and stirs them to healing;
  • entering of an infection is fraught with inflammatory process;
  • piercing of an eyebrow can’t be hidden from foreign eyes that won’t always positively affect the attitude towards you from people around: even if you take off ornament, the trace remains on a face for the rest of life;
  • morbidity;
  • a large number of contraindications for carrying out procedure.

If to speak more specifically about that, it is harmful or not eyebrow piercing, experts will answer this question positively. Such cardinal measures in a face are too undesirable, risks of infection and traumatizing sight are very great. But it doesn’t mean at all that it will concern you. If you competently pick up salon and the master who will have enough experience in this case, all these troubles can be avoided easily. It is very important not to ignore contraindications thus.

Be careful! Cases when teenagers did piercing in house conditions are known, brought an infection and died. Carry out procedure only in salon in order to avoid complications!


Considering all shortcomings of eyebrow piercing, for carrying out this procedure there is a number of contraindications:

  • the weakened immunity: it is impossible to do piercing of an eyebrow in time or right after an illness;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • chronic skin diseases: dermatitis, psoriasis, teenage or premenstrual acne;
  • age till 15 years as the children’s organism is subject to long healing and scarring;
  • pregnancy: the stress and pain can cause an abortion, provoke physical and intellectual deviations at a fruit;
  • periods;
  • lactation;
  • renal failure;
  • heart disease;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • oncology;
  • any inflammatory processes.

Even if it seems that the disease isn’t connected with eyebrow area in any way, it is necessary to be kept, because piercing — it practically always a stress for an organism — the strengthened development of hormones — impact on immune system.

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Respectively, at any failure in work of some body this procedure can cause serious complications. If at you with health everything is all right, it is possible to select jewelry.

How to pick up jewelry for piercing

Independently it isn’t recommended to choose jewelry for eyebrow piercing. You can buy that very much will be pleasant to you, but they will be rejected by the master.


These products have to correspond to some criteria, and it will be useful for you to learn about them in advance.

  1. Talk to the master. He will tell, what type of jewelry can be bought for that type of piercing of an eyebrow which you chose.
  2. It will be at first necessary to carry surely a bar from medical steel which will accelerate healing and will exclude risk of infection.
  3. After that ornament can be replaced with ear rings or a ring. But the most optimum for an eyebrow after all remain a bar, it can be diversified with a cone or banana.
  4. Material has to be from precious metals which don’t cause an allergy: titan, gold, rhodium, platinum, silver, teflon.
  5. The tips in the form of beads which are wound on a bar allow to change constantly an image as they can be executed in different style.

Today for eyebrow piercing it is possible to choose a set of the most different jewelry, but to treat purchase it is necessary competently, intelligently, having coordinated it with the master. Then procedure won’t cause any problems.


From history. There was a piercing on Polynesian islands 10 000 years ago. Jewelry on a body testified to the status, age, marital status of the person. He attributed the protective and preserving functions.

Procedure course

Better in advance to know as do eyebrow piercing then not to be frightened terrible tools and not to pull constantly the master silly questions of that, and that now occurs. The course of procedure is approximately identical in all salons.

  1. Sterilization of ornament, hands, needles, skin round eyes.
  2. Skin in a place of an estimated puncture is delayed.
  3. There the catheter in the direction is entered up (or on a corner). The catheter gets out so that his size corresponded to the bar size.
  4. Ornament at once is inserted into the formed opening.
  5. The place of a puncture is once again disinfected.

The professional master seeks to make piercing of an eyebrow as soon as possible. In an ideal procedure has to take no more than 1 minute. It will deliver a minimum of discomfort and pain. The instant puncture without tightening of time will reduce probability of bleeding.


After everything ends, to you have to give detailed consultation how to look after the injured site of the person to avoid side effects.

Keep in mind. Despite odes in honor of piercing gun, many experts oppose his use for the following reasons: sterilization of his plastic case is impossible + it forms not a puncture, but a gap which torn edges begin to live much more long.

Care of an eyebrow after piercing

Having decided to diversify the appearance with such extraordinary ornament, you have to know how to look after eyebrow piercing that it didn’t do much harm to your health. Observance of several rules will secure you against various complications and undesirable consequences.

  1. The crusts which are formed in places of punctures need to be moistened by means of weak hydrochloric solution (a small pinch on a glass).
  2. Use only a cotton napkin.
  3. To drip daily in places having punctured lavandovy oil which accelerates healing.
  4. It is impossible to scroll the inserted bar because such movements will disturb healing.
  5. To contain a face and hair in ideal purity.
  6. Ornament can be replaced only after full healing of a wound.
  7. Within 2 months it isn’t necessary to use decorative cosmetics for eyebrows.
  8. To drink vitamins from group B.
  9. To avoid within 2 months of saunas, baths, pools.
  10. There are inconsistent data on that, eyebrow piercing how many begins to live: call terms from 3 weeks to 2 months.
  11. To exclude traumatizing this place: be especially careful at disguise unintentionally not to touch ornament.
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If it is thoughtless to treat care of punctures in this part of the face, consequences of eyebrowe piercing can be the most sad.


The master has to warn you about it in advance.

Opinion of the expert. It is possible to find councils to wash out a piercing puncture hydrogen peroxide, but it can play in this case a role of an aggressive factor, constantly irritating skin receptors and disturbing fast healing of a wound.

Complications and side effects

That eyebrows after piercing healed as soon as possible, the corresponding care of them is required. At non-compliance with the above rules, or at nonprofessionalism of the master (incorrectly I made a puncture), or when ignoring contraindications of complications not to avoid:

  • deterioration and even loss of sight at a trauma of an optic nerve;
  • suppurations that can lead to conjunctivitis, a blefarit and loss of hairs from an eyebrow;
  • if not to wear ornament long time, punctures will grow, but the scar after piercing of an eyebrow remains for the rest of life;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • sepsis.

However complications need to be distinguished from side effects which are considered as norm and shouldn’t cause in you a panic:

  • small bleeding — 2 days;
  • giperemiya — 4 days;
  • hypersensibility — 2 weeks;
  • allocation of an ichor — 2 weeks.

Undoubtedly, piercing of an eyebrow — an excellent way to be allocated from crowd, to declare the identity, to become not similar to others.


But thus it is necessary to understand all responsibility of such step. It, of course, not a tattoo, and an ear ring from a puncture it is always possible to pull out, but the trace remains anyway. Whether such witness of your bright youth is necessary to you in the future? Reflect. If it, of course, essentially, and there is a strong wish — unostentatious, modest ornament can make actually you even more attractively. — everything to make the main thing competently not to do much harm to own health.

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